Business with NOX

Today, your day is chopped up by incessant phone calls and reservations ...So much time wasted juggling between priorities and necessities.

So you could spend this time on what really matters:
- offer a unique experience to your customers and,
- develop the identity of your business.

What NOX Agency can offer you

Better visibility

We are constantly improving our SEO to allow you to increase your reach. Articles, recommendations or sharing… gain visibility!

New customers

A quality clientele is a guarantee of sustainability. Our marketing and editorial teams therefore work every day in order to reach new prospects, your future customers.

Simple booking

Nobody want to worry too much about going out, especially when it comes to parties. We offer the latest party selection to our clients and provide a simple and efficient booking.

Premium Service

Because your brand image is important, we make quality our top priority. We offer a concierge service to each of our customers, to guide them from the desire to go out to the party.

The benefits of working with us

Increase your revenues

As a daily business provider, we allow you to increase your visibility and your income at the lowest costs.

Indeed, we are constantly looking for new customers matching your venue.

Save Time

Alleviate your booking thanks to a simple and efficient process.

Our agents are available every day to manage reservations.

Risk Free

Without initial fees or duration commitments, our offer is unbeatable! We offer you a commission on the turnover brought to your venue.