The Best Nightclubs Open on Thursday in Cannes (2021 Edition)

Baoli Cannes

Baoli Cannes

Cannes is a beautiful place to experience the French Riviera and all of the best nightlife that it has to offer. From parties on yachts to exclusive nightclubs, there are many ways to spend your Thursday evening in Cannes. This blog post will explore some of the top options for you so that you can make an informed decision about where you want to go.

1. L'ARC

L'Arc Paris

The most popular club in Paris transits to the Côte d'Azur for one of the most important events of the cinema.

Located just a few meters from the Palais des Festivals, L'Arc Cannes will be bringing the atmosphere of the Croisette to the sound of the best DJs for memorable parties. During two weeks, the place will make vibrate 7th art and art of the night with finesse, from 11:30 pm till 5 am.

L'ARC Paris is known for its original programming - between cutting-edge artists and the art of French entertaining. From dusk to dawn, the luxurious and festive setting oscillates between festive and elegant house music, happy and mastered electro or energetic and soaring hip-hop. Eclectic and daring, but always tasteful and well-advised: it is the must for the night owls of this year.

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2. Palm Club

Palm Club Cannes

One of the most talked-about clubs in Cannes, Palm Club is a perfect blend of sophistication and immense fun. The club remains open almost every day and night with later hours during weekends. If you want to have an experience that's worth visiting for while partying on your vacation, this nightclub will be it!

The Palm Club in Cannes has a variety of bottle services, including top-shelf spirits and champagnes to meet the needs of their guests. They also host special events almost every day for different occasions such as parties or corporate meetings that people can look forward to attending!

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3. Baoli

Baoli Cannes

Baoli is one of the most famous nightclubs in Cannes and this luxurious beach club will take your breath away with its amazing view of crystal-clear waters, dense palms trees, and an impeccable selection. The Baoli nightlife venue has what you need for a better life: private gardens to cater to all clients’ needs. This upscale space features white leather & velvet seating that's been arranged into plush silk canopies against their beautiful surroundings - breathtaking!

Baoli is not only a restaurant but also an incredible nightclub. The atmosphere, the music, and the light show make Baoli one of Cannes' famous hotspots for nightlife entertainment. If you're looking to spend your evening in good company with some equally interesting celebrities as well then head on over!

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4. Medusa

Medusa Cannes

The Medusa nightclub in Cannes is home to the most creative and intense clubbing experience that has ever been seen. The variety of entertainment on offer at this venue will surely delight a diverse range of customers, with everything from top-class dinner experiences to magical representations of Cannes itself being offered for their pleasure. Whether you're looking for an intimate evening or something rowdy and wild, the Medusa nightclub is there waiting---a haven where guests can disappear into another world all together!

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Final word

f you’re looking for the best Cannes has to offer, we hope that this post was helpful.

You should be able to find a nightlife experience in Cannes that fits your needs and budget by considering which of these options would work well with what you want out of your evening. So if it's a good time that is important to you, then take some time today and pick one of these places so that next Thursday will be an amazing experience!