The Best Nightclubs Open on Friday in Copenhagen (2021 Edition)

Arch Copenhagen

Arch Copenhagen

If you are looking for the best nightclubs open on Friday in Copenhagen, then this list is for you. The list includes reviews of each club including its location and whether or not it's worth the visit. Some of these clubs have a cover charge but others are free to get into. If you're traveling to Denmark and want to find out what nightlife options are available, be sure to check out this article!


Arch Copenhagen

ARCH is a nightclub that's changing the game in Copenhagen. It has an innovative design and great vibes, which makes it one of the best places to go for an evening out. ARCH always stays on top by making sure they do their due diligence - something I'm confident will never change!

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HIVE Copenhagen

At HIVE, you'll experience luxury at its finest. You can expect to be greeted by our friendly and professional staff the moment that you walk in! Our VIP tables are more than just a room; they come equipped with everything from fine china to plush seats for your comfortability throughout the night - no detail will go unnoticed here!

HIVE is an award-winning bar and lounge that redefines the concept of customer service. HIVE's bartenders are not just master mixologists; they're also professional athletes, musicians, dancers...and even champions with awards like "Bartender Of The Year!" In addition to a wide range of drinks (such as Grey Goose or Patron tequila), patrons enjoy live music every night downstairs from popular artists--all while being surrounded by luxurious decor in upscale surroundings.

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3. Museo

Museo Club Copenhagen

Museo Club is a new nightlife club in Copenhagen that specializes in high-class food and drink. An art installation greets you as soon as you walk into the venue, along with an exquisite menu of dishes and drinks to choose from. Dance all through the night while drinking cocktails crafted by their master mixologist, who also creates international music mixes for guests’ enjoyment!

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4. Chateau Motel

Chateau Motel Copenhagen

Chateau Motel is a new hotspot for late-night adventures in Copenhagen, catering to the audacious souls of all backgrounds. It provides patrons with different spaces, music genres and ambiances while they explore their own human communalities and variances during nocturnal searches for joyful experiences that make them into artists of the night (in any shape or size required). The venue offers solace from being whoever people wish at that moment - it's an inclusive environment where one can find approval.

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Final word

It's time to get out and explore the nightlife scene in Copenhagen! Here is a list of some of the best clubs that you can find on any given Friday. Whether it's for a club with an amazing dance floor, or one that offers great live music, this article should have something for everyone.

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