The Best Nightclubs Open on Thursday in Cannes (2021 Edition)

Baoli Cannes

Baoli Cannes

Cannes is a beautiful place to experience the French Riviera and all of the best nightlife that it has to offer. From parties on yachts to exclusive nightclubs, there are many ways to spend your Thursday evening in Cannes. This blog post will explore some of the top options for you so that you can make an informed decision about where you want to go.

1. Baoli

Baoli Cannes

Baoli is one of the most famous nightclubs in Cannes, and it’s a clubbing haven for rich & famous crowds. The Baoli nightclub overlooks crystal-clear waters with lush green palms trees that create an amazing view to enjoy while relaxing from life's hustle & bustle. And if you're looking for some extra luxury, this place has a private garden area filled with white leather chairs arranged neatly in silk canopies created by velvet fabric.

You would also be intrigued by the renowned DJs and captivating light shows that keep this venue lively all night. The Baoli nightclub cum restaurant is famous for throwing some of the best parties, DJ nights, and high-end events in Cannes. It often hosts celebrities from around the world such as leading actors, models, VIPs etc

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2. Medusa

Medusa Cannes

Palm Beach is transforming into the must-see place that has seduced the international jet-set since its creation. The restaurant Medusa Cannes will bring people from all over who want memorable nights filled with high-end entertainment or unforgettable parties! It's an experience like no other and offers a chance for guests to enjoy culinary experiences, live music, mixology, artistic performances in one venue.

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f you’re looking for the best Cannes has to offer, we hope that this post was helpful.

You should be able to find a nightlife experience in Cannes that fits your needs and budget by considering which of these options would work well with what you want out of your evening. So if it's a good time that is important to you, then take some time today and pick one of these places so that next Thursday will be an amazing experience!