The Best Nightclubs Open on Thursday in Copenhagen (2021 Edition)

Arch Copenhagen

Arch Copenhagen

Watching the clock tick past midnight on a Thursday night is always difficult. It's not that you're sad to see the weekend go, but it feels like there should be something for you to do in between now and when work starts again tomorrow morning. The good news is that Copenhagen has plenty of nightclubs open late on Thursdays! Here are some of our favorites.


HIVE Copenhagen

At HIVE, you'll experience luxury at its finest. You can expect to be greeted by our friendly and professional staff the moment that you walk in! Our VIP tables are more than just a room; they come equipped with everything from fine china to plush seats for your comfortability throughout the night - no detail will go unnoticed here!

HIVE is an award-winning bar and lounge that redefines the concept of customer service. HIVE's bartenders are not just master mixologists; they're also professional athletes, musicians, dancers...and even champions with awards like "Bartender Of The Year!" In addition to a wide range of drinks (such as Grey Goose or Patron tequila), patrons enjoy live music every night downstairs from popular artists--all while being surrounded by luxurious decor in upscale surroundings.

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The best nightclubs in Copenhagen are those that offer a variety of different sounds, music genres and club vibes. You'll find an amazing mix of people from all walks of life- but don't worry about the nightlife scene being too busy! We've found five clubs that fit this description perfectly. Get out there tonight with your friends or go solo for a fun time at one of these great places!