Los mejores clubes nocturnos de Dubai en 2021

Sensation Dubai

Sensation Dubai

No es ningún secreto que Dubai cuenta con algunas de las mejores discotecas del mundo. Con sus lujosos hoteles, sus exuberantes playas y su vibrante vida nocturna, hay algo para todos en esta ciudad junto al mar. Si está buscando un club nocturno de primera línea para salir de fiesta, no busque más. He aquí algunos de los mejores clubes de Dubai que le harán bailar hasta que salga el sol.

1. Cavalli

Cavalli Dubai

If you're looking for a decadent and exclusive lifestyle, Cavalli Dubai is your dream come true. Every detail has been carefully crafted in the most luxurious way possible to ensure that nothing less than perfection will do when it comes to living at this high-end club. The best DJs in Dubai are waiting for you at Cavalli Club. For a night of fun and unforgettable cocktails, come to our club where we will play music that's sure to excite every taste bud imaginable!

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2. Armani

Armani Dubai

Armani Privé is the chicest venue in Dubai, maybe also one of a kind. It's for those who want to enjoy an exclusive nightlife experience- with elegance and excellence at its core. In this new luxurious clubbing concept by fashion icon Giorgio Armani you'll find electronic music as well as hip hop mixes while listening up to some current hits from resident DJs or international talent on stage! Armani Privé is the place to be if you're looking for a night of excitement and glamour. You'll dance with celebrities under red lights in one of coolest venues on earth, all while surrounded by luxury fixtures that can only be found at Armani Prive!

3. 1 OAK

1 Oak Dubai

One of the most anticipated nightlife events in Dubai is back for another year with a line-up that promises to be just as exciting and luxurious. Hosted by 1 OAK nightclub, this event will feature some local artists alongside international ones from around the globe! The 1 OAK is revolutionizing Dubai's nightlife scene with its global expansion. This new, yet classy venue has been specially created for those who want to be at an elite social event or party in UAE- and it maintains high standards of hospitality as well!

4. Mahiki

Mahiki Dubai

The nightlife in Dubai is not just about luxury and privacy, it's also where you can find some of the best parties on earth. And nothing beats a good time at Mahiki - which has been called "the ultimate party destination". The London-based dynamic team transported their winning formula for success when they brought this awesome concept into town bringing an already internationally successful establishment to new heights! If you are looking for a fun and exciting night out, then don't miss Mahiki. With its tropical flowers, tiki décor and mouth watering fresh fruit cocktails - one would feel transported to Honolulu Hawaii as soon as they enter the venue!

5. Billionaire Mansion

Billionaire Mansion Dubai

The businessman, entrepreneur and Formula One boss Flavio Briatore has finally given clubbers in Dubai what they have been waiting for. Billionaire's Mansion is set to make your nightlife experience something special with five different venues including a Japanese restaurant which will offer elegant cuisine from around the world as well as Italian Grill & Bar where you can enjoy some delicious food paired perfectly by our professional staff; Shisha Terrace provides cool atmosphere while indulging yourself into one of many terraces available on site and the karaoke lounge to complete all your singing needs! Join Millionaires and billionaires in the Billionaire Mansion Club to live a luxurious life of parties, concerts with top International DJs & artists. The place is buzzing on weekends because it's where elite jet-setters come for fun!

6. Toy Room

Toy Room Dubai

The Toy Room Dubai is a high-end club that has been attracting people in London and elsewhere. The brand’s experience with their guests was exceptional, so we expected nothing less than excellence for future visitors to the venue! If you’re looking for the best and freshest sounds in hip hop, then Toy Room is just right. The venue brings together some of Dubai's most talented musicians to provide a lively experience with fun!

7. Vii

Vii Dubai

Join Vii Dubai, enjoy its signature experience starting from the moment you step inside. Start your journey at one of a kind lounges with everything green and radiant! The views that this venue offers are unparalleled in beauty as they provide not only an exquisite place to spend time but also shelter! The Vii Club is one of Dubai's hottest nightlife spots. It has an atmosphere that makes you feel like Alice in Wonderland, and the staff are ready to make your experience as luxurious or minimalist as you want it! Book now before they sell out - there isn't another place like this around town!

8. Blu

Blu Dubai

Step into the world of Blu Lounge and Club. A stunning view, an unlimited selection for cocktails including "High Heel" - their signature drink - all this awaits you in Dubai's newest hotspot! Blu Lounge and Club is poised to take the club scene by storm. This hip venue offers a breathtaking view of Dubai, with its RnB or House beats that are sure to make your night unforgettable! The best part? You can enjoy an unlimited selection in spirits & cocktails including "High Heel" - which was created specifically for Blu Dubai's guests and only available at this bar! There really isn't anything like it anywhere else around so don't miss out on what promises to be one helluva good time!

9. Club Boudoir

Club Boudoir Dubai

One of the top five clubs in Dubai is Club Boudoir. It's an elegant and classy bar that has hosted celebrities from around the world, including Hollywood stars to bollywood singers as well rap artists & musicians alike. Club Boudoir Dubai is one of the top 5 clubs in Dubai. The elegant and classy bar boasts an impressive array of state-of-the art sound systems, as well as featuring celebrities from across various fields such as hip hop artists or Hollywood actors alike! It hosted over 200 celebrities ranging from Hollywood to Bollywood stars so there's always something for everyone here at Club Boudoir!

10. Sensation

Sensation Dubai

If you are looking for something to do on Monday night, look no further than Sensation Dubai. The venue has been known for years as one of the best nightclubs in Dubai and will offer outstanding lineups from some of today's most sought after DJs who want nothing more but your satisfaction! Sensation Night Club is a superior destination for the best nightlife experience. With R&B and hip hop nights every Monday, Dime Tuesdays with salsa tunes on Wednesdays to Desi Nation Nights that specialize in Bollywood music with an Indian flavor from Thursday through Saturday evening - Sensation has it all!

11. Sho Cho

Sho Cho Dubai

Sho Cho Dubai has taken the club scene by storm with its modern, minimalist design. This hip and trendy restaurant offers patrons an atmosphere that is both Japanese in style as well as low-ceiling pod structure reminiscent of a submersible world beneath water's surface while they enjoy exquisite seafood here at Sho Cho! The Sho Cho is one of Dubai's best kept secrets. The decks offer patrons a spectacular view of the gulf coast, and they are able to enjoy specially prepared cocktails while listening to live music mixed by top DJs that span every genre imaginable - from lounge & house classics - you'll never get bored here!

12. White Club

White Club Dubai

White Club Dubai, the first outdoor rooftop nightclub in Dubai and one of its most reputable nightlife destinations for elite clubbers. This 300-spectator capacity venue offers an unmatched 360 degree view from any point within it as well as a high tech lighting & sound system that promises to provide guests with a night full of energy where they can enjoy tasteful music while experiencing what some say is like nothing else on earth! Having the distinction of being one of Dubai's first outdoor rooftop nightclubs, White Club has a sleek and modern design for its elite guests. With 360-degree views around town as well as high tech lighting and sound systems that promise an energetic night full with tasteful music to give you an experience like no other!

13. XL

Xl Dubai

The philosophy that big things come in small packages is not applicable to XL Dubai because this luxurious beach venue requires something more. With a huge courtyard lined up with plush sofas and private cabanas, the elite clubbers who visit will surely be impressed by what they find here! It's no surprise that the biggest and most luxurious venues in Dubai are also some of its fanciest. Huge palaces, gated compounds with private beaches - nothing beats a place like XL Dubai for those looking to party without boundaries or cravings! To ensure you have an amazing time at XL Dubai Beach Club, book one of our exclusive cabanas now, before they’re sold out!

14. Drai’s

Drai’S Dubai

Imagine a place where you can enjoy the perfect fit of music for any mood and variety in food. That is exactly what Drai’s Beach Club has to offer! From chill evenings, to super nice parties - this five star oasis will take care of all your needs as well. So come experience Dubai at its finest from sunset next door by poolside or continue onto nightlife that never ends! At the famous Dubai beach club, you’ll find a never-ending supply of top music artists and DJs to keep your night going. Every day is party time!

15. BASE

Base Dubai

BASE Dubai is your ticket to an exciting nightlife experience in one of the cities that never sleeps. You can enjoy a great bar and an impressive open-air scene with stars from all around the world, including some very famous ones! The huge venue in Dubai is a one stop shop for all your party needs. From the best sound system, lights and pyrotechnic system to an entertaining range of events before summer break starts - there will be something here that suits everyone's taste!

16. Cirque le Soir

Cirque Le Soir Dubai

Cirque le Soir Dubai is known as "The UAE's most scandalous nightclub." The whole thing, from the clowns to contortionists, stilt walkers, sword swallowers, fire eaters and mixologists will wow you with their performances. The Cirque le Soir is one of the most popular nightclubs in Dubai, with a fun and surprising atmosphere. The venue has quickly become home to celebrities who love its unique style! Whether you're looking for an evening out on the town or want some drinks after hours - this club will not disappoint.

17. Gotha

Gotha Dubai

The highly anticipated super club that Dubai night-rockers had been waiting for has finally arrived in the form of Gotha Club. The world famous venue is hosting an exclusive event to showcase some major talent and provide VIP services, giving 1000 people access each time it opens its doors! Gotha Club is a must-visit spot in Dubai for any club goer! If you are looking to experience the best of what this city has to offer, from exclusive theme nights and celebrity performances that will make your night unforgettable then look no further! With Gotha- you’ll surely have a fun night out!


Si quiere ser el alma de la fiesta y bailar hasta que llegue la hora de irse a la cama, le recomendamos que visite las mejores discotecas de Dubai. Los asistentes a los clubes nocturnos pueden disfrutar de todo, desde una experiencia de club a la vieja usanza con un DJ internacional que toca todas sus canciones favoritas o artistas principales que actúan en vivo en el escenario, hasta mesas de servicio de botellas VIP que ofrecen algunas de las mejores bebidas, así como vistas inolvidables. Con tantas opciones disponibles, ¡hay algo en cada nivel para todos!