The Best Nightclubs Open on Thursday in Hong-kong (2023 Edition)

Play Hong-Kong

Play Hong-Kong

Are you looking for the best nightclubs in Hong Kong to party on Thursday night? Look no further! We've got the inside scoop on the hottest clubs that will be open and ready to blast your night away. Whether you're looking for a high-energy nightclub or a more chill lounge, we've got you covered. So go ahead and start planning your Thursday night out – these clubs are guaranteed to provide a good time!

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1. Levels

Levels Hong-Kong

Spread across an impressive area of around 8000 square feet, the club Level Hong Kong is a high-end destination in the city. The sound system and interior designs are state of art for delivering a bespoke experience unlike any other place you have been before. Inspired by contemporary themes such as Solid & Liquid these areas offer something new every time to make sure there's always something fresh! When you're in need of a night that feels like it could only come from an alternate dimension, look no further than the mystical and enchanting Levels Hong Kong. The high-end clubbing destination is known for its top class sound system which delivers bespoke experiences tailored just for your tastes! Whether with friends or on dates - this venue will be sure to keep both parties satisfied all night long!

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2. Volar

Volar Hong-Kong

Volar is one of the most popular clubs in Hong Kong for those who want to party. The location, which offers easy access and proximity to hotels as well other amenities like restaurants or cafes makes it very convenient indeed! The interiors of Volar are impressive and feature the presence of attractive LED light strips all across. The club also features two separate main clubbing rooms, each perfect for hosting your next big event or celebration!

3. Ignis

Ignis Hong-Kong

Ignis by Lynx is the newest, most luxurious club in Hong Kong. This venue has been at the heart of Lan Kwai Fong since opening and offers an exquisite experience with fine contemporary dining to match--the perfect place for all your needs! The tables of the Ignis club are set for a perfect night out. The upstairs area has an intimate lounging space that is highlighted by LED lights all around and next to it, there's your exclusive bar where guests can enjoy some amazing cocktails!

4. Ophelia

Ophelia Hong-Kong

Ophelia is the place to be if you want a night of pure entertainment. This clubbing destination has established itself as one of Hong Kong's top clubs, and it doesn't stop at good performances, they also provide an amazing experience for their clients! The Ophelia Club is a place where club-lovers can go to enjoy their favorite tunes. The interior architecture of this establishment has been designed with care and attention, making it one of the best clubs in town!

5. Ozone

Ozone Hong-Kong

Ozone – also known as the Ozone Bar, is situated on the 118th floor of the International Commerce Center in Hong Kong. The bar has one-of-a kind bespoke interiors and offers guests exciting cocktails made from exotic ingredients! Ozone is a bar on the 118th floor of an international commerce center in Hong Kong. The interior design has been carefully crafted to provide guests with an experience like no other, as they can enjoy drinks from around the world and see their favorite cityscape views up close!

6. Play

Play Hong-Kong

The perfect night out starts with a great party. For those looking for some good times, Play nightclub in Hong Kong has everything you need: state-of the art sound system and interiors that will keep your feet moving all night long! With DJ nights every Saturday evening along with fun parties hosted by top fashion designers on Wednesdays--there's always something new waiting around every corner here at this stylish lounge spot Clubbing in Hong Kong is an experience like no other! You can find the party vibe at Play, where they boast a sprawling club area that draws hundreds of visitors from all over. The venue also has state-of-the art interiors and advanced sound system for delivering you with great music to dance too!

7. Dragon I

Dragon I Hong-Kong

A perfect place to socialize and dance the night away, Dragon I is one of Hong Kong's most exclusive clubs. The venue has been providing visitors with a bespoke nighttime experience since its inception in 1967. The entryway to the club is a beautiful mix of conventional Chinese and contemporary touches, with its impressive sound system. You can also look forward to grooving around here & there while listening to your favorite music among other popular tunes!

8. Tazmania

Tazmania Hong-Kong

Tazmania is a leading destination for party-lovers, with its distinctive look and feel. The venue has managed to retain the reputation it gained since opening in 2002 as an all time favorite among visitors looking for quality nightlife experiences Tear down these walls - Tazmania's got what you need! Tazmania Ballroom is a sibling venue of the all-time famous ultra-modern nighttime destinations including Dragon I & Cassio in Hong Kong. The club was designed by Gilbert Yeung, one of the world's most celebrated interior designers and serves as an upscale party destination for those looking to dance their heart out under beautiful chandeliers or enjoy fine food from different cuisines!

9. Drop

Drop Hong-Kong

Drop in Hong Kong is a hot spot for those looking to party with locals and enjoy the best-in-class clubbing experience. They have been known as one of Asia's top nightlife destinations, which means you are guaranteed not only good music but also unforgettable memories! The Drop club is a must-go for those looking to get their dance on and enjoy some drinks. With its 24/7 concierge services, this place has everything you need in one spot from exotic cocktails or fresh martinis to table reservations available with VIP table bookings all at affordable rates too!


If you have a group of friends who are looking for the best nightclubs to visit in Hong Kong, we hope this list will help. We’ve researched and compiled all the great places that open on Thursday nights so you don't need to worry about finding one! Whether it is your birthday or Thursday night after work, there's always something happening at these clubs. There are plenty of options no matter what kind of evening you're looking for! From high-energy clubs with great music and dancing, to more intimate bars with live jazz bands playing tunes from across the world, there is something for everyone at one of these fantastic locations!

Descubre los lugares de moda para salir cada mes

Obtenga nuestra selección mensual de los mejores lugares para salir en hong-kong.

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