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The Best Mainstream Nightclubs in Las-vegas in 2021

Omnia Las-Vegas

Omnia Las-Vegas

Las Vegas is a city known for its extravagance and over-the-top nightlife. If you're looking to party like a celebrity, then you'll definitely want to check out some of the best mainstream nightclubs in Las Vegas. These venues are popular with A-list celebrities and offer an unforgettable nightlife experience. Whether you're looking for lavish VIP treatment or want to dance your night away on the club's renowned dance floor, these clubs have it all. So, what are you waiting for? Here are some of the best mainstream nightclubs in Las Vegas in 2021.

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Clara, 21/8/2022

1. Tao

Tao Las-Vegas

Tao Las Vegas is a nightclub, restaurant and pool party lounge - take your pick! Tao has something for everyone. You can explore the venue's many different areas or enjoy an all-out rave with some of the hottest go go dancers in town! At Tao Las Vegas, you’ll find the best of both worlds. There are two main rooms that can hold up to 2,500 people each so it's like having an extra party for your guests! Plus there is also an outside terrace as well as their own private beach. This venue offers something unique in every corner - from world-class DJs during weekend nights on top floors with amazing views down below, asian cuisine at restaurants paired perfectly with cocktails or tea by lounge music all year round . It really does have something everyone will love!

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2. Rehab Beach Club

Rehab Beach Club Las-Vegas

Rehab Beach Club Las Vegas is not some relaxing place, but rather one that you can expect lots of loud music and endless drinks. The big attraction to the club are their sprawling swimming pools where visitors stand around with other people or groups while taking in all-you need for just one day! Rehab Beach Club in Las Vegas is the perfect place to relax and enjoy an incredible poolside experience. This luxurious beach club offers amazing views, spacious cabanas with all of your favorite amenities including a 42 inch plasma HDTV! Offering adults only entertainment from our DJ or live bands during dinner time on Fridays & Saturdays night - it’s no wonder why Rehab was selected as "The Top 10 Pools" by Travel Channel!!

3. Daylight Beach Club

Daylight Beach Club Las-Vegas

Daylight Beach Club in Las Vegas is a high-end daylife clubbing destination that offers guests an ultimate experience of pool parties. The venue is conveniently situated right off the famous Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino which means you don't need to go through their casino when arriving at this fabulous spot for events! If you're looking for a day party in Las Vegas, look no further than Daylight Beach Club! This exclusive venue has been hosting some of the most happening events this side of town. With 25 private cabanas and 70 Daybeds that can be reserved by guests, we offer more space to socialize than anywhere else around--and with live DJs playing every hour - there's always something new going down here until sunrise!

4. On The Record

On The Record Las-Vegas

On The Record Nightclub Las Vegas is one of the best clubs in all of Las Vegas. This hip nightclub has three rooms, with both indoor and outdoor spaces available for you to enjoy as well! Join the madness at On The Record nightclub by booking your tables in advance! This loud and fun-filled clubbing experience makes for a highly intimate nightlife vibe.

5. AYU Day & Night Club

Ayu Day & Night Club Las-Vegas

When you want to feel like a true islander, head over to the Ayu Day and Night Club. This tropical paradise will entice with its outdoor pool that has an Asian theme and is designed for fun by day or night. The riverside venue features everything from waterfalls At sunset into darkness – it's never been easier than now! AYU Club is more than just an entertainment venue. It's a place for you to shine and be seen! Book your next event at AYUClub so we can help make it unforgettable with our world-class performers, natural elements that enclose the stage in style plus state of art technology all under one roof!

6. Omnia

Omnia Las-Vegas

This is not just any old nightclub. The Omnia Las Vegas has been featured on TV and in magazines as one of the most beautiful clubs around! From its enchanting entryway with amazing lighting, to incredibly talented DJs that will keep you enthralled all night long - there's no other place like it in town! The Omnia multi-level venue tends to encompass an impressive lounge, the high energy primary room & mezzanine along with a breathtaking view from their terrace area offering you panoramic Las Vegas nightlife scene.

7. Foundation Room

Foundation Room Las-Vegas

The Foundation Room Las Vegas nightclub in the city offers a unique décor and spectacular views of the amazing Las Vegas strip. Adding Indian & Asian fusion to itself, this club is highly sought-after by those who want an eventful experience on their visit! Foundation Room is the perfect place to party in Las Vegas. If you are looking for an eventful experience while visiting this city, it might be worth checking out Foundation room's wide range of music genres and high-class celebrities that cross your path on any given night!

8. Troy Liquor Bar

Troy Liquor Bar Las-Vegas

Want to find the most happening nightlife in Las Vegas? Visit Troy Liquor Bar, and you'll be on your way! The famous clubbing destination for some of today's hottest music trends. Located at Fremont Street downtown, this hotspot is becoming more popular with every passing day--so get down here while we still have space left!! The Troy Liquor Bar is a great place for those who love clubbing. The extravagance of the dance floors and DJ rotation make this an unforgettable experience, while also having VIP tables will ensure your table doesn't stay empty all night long! The best part about going out here? You get to enjoy some loud music with friends or meet new ones at our all-night party vibe!

9. Drai’s Club

Drai’S Club Las-Vegas

Drai's Club Las Vegas is considered the hotel’s one and only crown jewel, with an amazing view of all that surrounds it. Party in this incredible 65,000 square foot venue for a night you'll never forget! The best way to have an excellent experience is by being surrounded with the latest in technology that will take your senses on a journey. Enjoy all of this and more when you come into Drai’s Club Las Vegas, where we'll provide you with your needs!

10. Surrender

Surrender Las-Vegas

Step inside Surrender to experience a unique nightlife destination with all the amenities you need. You will be greeted by an 120-foot long serpent that welcomes and entices guests for more exploration of what this venue has in store! Surrender Las Vegas features VIP booths along the dance floor, stripper poles for gorgeous go-go dancers, three fully stocked bars and day beds near a pool. What’s great about this club is that guests have an option of both enjoying indoors or outdoors with cabanas surrounding them while DJs play EDM!

11. Stadium Swim

Stadium Swim Las-Vegas

Stadium Swim Las Vegas is a brand-new, record breaking mega stadium with an 80 foot tall screen that can be seen from 40 feet away. It's the first ever casino in Sin City and features all sports related activities as well as entertainment for everyone who loves to play or just watch! The stadium swim in Las Vegas is known to be an experience like no other. The mega LED screen at the venue serves as backdrop for all of your entertainment needs, and it's never difficult to find a spot that suits what you're looking for; whether it's relaxing in one lounge or watching some sport event while taking advantage of our daybeds available nearby!

12. Bare

Bare Las-Vegas

As you walk through the jungle oasis, lush greenery and beautiful palm trees surround your intimate pool area. The daybeds are perfect for lounging at one of Bare's many pools or soaking up some rays on their cabanas! The day pool club of Bare is famous for offering the guests an escape from their daily hustle and bustle. This luxurious location features a tropical atmosphere with its lush cabanas by your side as you sip on some delicious cocktails while taking in all that it has to offer at one time or another!

13. Chateau

Chateau Las-Vegas

Chateau Las Vegas provides a high-energy party experience with an opulent Parisian vibe. Aside from boasting the stunning view of Bellagio’s Fountains, this venue is lush and green, reminiscent of Versailles' lavish garden! Chateau is a two-story building located just below the Eiffel Tower in Paris Las Vegas. The nightclub on its second floor has modern French designs with VIP seating areas near the dance floor that promise partygoers an incredible nightlife experience!

14. Light

Light Las-Vegas

Walk through the gates of Light, a nightlife like no other. Your senses will be engaged as you enter into this world where cirque performances are combined with cutting edge technology to create an otherworldly experience that's hard to find anywhere else! Be taken aback by the enormous LED screens, a huge wall that houses all of our main performance platforms and DJs who play EDM. The DJ booth is on top amidst this wonderland of light up to create an unforgettable show for you!

15. Wet Republic

Wet Republic Las-Vegas

After a day of exploring the city, why not head to one of Las Vegas's most luxurious pools? The super wet beach club at Wet Republic will offer you and your friends an experience like no other. With six different saltwater swimming zones including a wave pool with underwater windows overlooking Red Rock Canyon Park as well as two treacherous waterfalls - this venue has everything any visitor could ask for! The best way to keep cool in Las Vegas is by being at one of the long, fresh bars on offer within The Wet Republic Beach Club. And if you happen not only be staying at a cabana or VIP bungalow but also enjoy some additional mojitos and summer drinks as well then we highly recommend checking out this club's impressive sound system with massive LED DJ light setup! When inside don't forget about all that action which will rock your overall experience from start-to finish

16. The Bank

The Bank Las-Vegas

Situated in the Bellagio, The Bank Las Vegas is a luxurious hotel conveniently located next door to many of this city's top attractions. It offers guests essential amenities such as two full service bars and VIP rooms that can host up to 75 people - making it perfect for events or just catching up with friends over drinks! The Bank Las Vegas is where Avril Lavigne has chosen to celebrate her 30th birthday last 2014, a clear proof of the club’s popularity owing to its high energy atmosphere and ability to accommodate 1 thousand party enthusiasts.

17. XS

Xs Las-Vegas

XS is one of the world's most luxurious venues. With over 10,000 floor lamps in rich gold and black as well as chandeliers for dramatic effect this venue will amaze you with its beauty! XS Las Vegas took the first place in Nightclub and Bar Top 100 during its year of operations. One of hottest spots for nightlife, expect crowds on Fridays & Saturdays. Dance to EDM or house music that DJs play through mirrored mosaics with embossed booths - an experience you'll never forget!

18. Liquid Pool

Liquid Pool Las-Vegas

The Liquid Pool at The Aria in Las Vegas is the only adults' pool club. It's spread out across an area of 1600 square feet and features private cabanas with a fridge, TV screens up to 40 inches-perfect for relaxing on your vacation! If you are looking for a place to escape the heat in Las Vegas, then this pool is perfect. You can enjoy two luxury pools that offer refreshing water with great music by world-famous DJs playing throughout it!

19. Drai’s Beach Club

Drai’S Beach Club Las-Vegas

The beach club, Drais is a luxury destination located at The Cromwell. It features awesome pool parties during the day and transforms into an exclusive nightspot after sunset with its luxurious amenities! Looking for a great spot to unwind? Check out the day club. You'll be surrounded by stunning scenery as you enjoy your drinks and view this incredible city from above! The pool here is beautifully decorated with palm trees, making it feel like home away from sunny skies!

20. Hyde Bellagio

Hyde Bellagio Las-Vegas

One of the most beautiful places in Las Vegas is also home to some mystery. The Fountains at Bellagio are an expression of romance and grandiose, but what about partying here overlooking these fountains? You can have those special memories if you party with us! Hyde Bellagio is an Italian villa that once upon a time was home to a renowned artist before it became known as one of the most glamorous nightclubs in Las Vegas. Known for its lavish chandeliers, lofty glass doors and otherworldly treasures; you will be enthralled when walking through these hallowed grounds!

21. Hakkasan

Hakkasan Las-Vegas

The Hakkasan nightclub in Las Vegas is considered to be the crown jewel. Located within MGM Grand, this venue offers a sprawling 80k square feet area that includes five different levels containing majestic dance floors and top-class restaurants as well as elite lounges! The exclusive dance floors of the Hakkasan nightclub in Las Vegas are surrounded by lavish VIP tables that face an open DJ booth. Every table here gets a spectacular view as they enjoy listening and watching world-class performers, intense light shows from giant LED screens – all while seated at their own luxurious seats! With amazing music available for everyone who walks through those doors- this is definitely one club worth checking out if you're looking to party hard!

22. Encore

Encore Las-Vegas

Encore Las Vegas is the luxurious beach club of choice for those looking to spend their days by the pool or exploring all that the city has to offer. With amenities like air conditioning units, sprawling bungalows featuring private bathrooms and gorgeous views outside your window; it's clear why so many people are drawn here! The Encore Beach Club is a Vegas hot spot and the envy of other pool scenes. With plenty of dancing happening around it, this outdoor club at Las Vegas becomes an even more incredible place to be when you're visiting!

23. Jewel

Jewel Las-Vegas

Jewel Las Vegas brings the best nightlife experience to party lovers in the city. Over 24,000 square feet of intricately designed space houses this popular nightclub that offers high end DJs & performers for your dancing pleasure! The venue has an inviting yet traditional style with rare conventional settings making it one-of-a kind among other clubs throughout town! If you're looking for a place to get your night started, the Jewel nightclub in Las Vegas is just what you need. With 5 VIP suites that offer customized amenities and stunning sound/light effects from all around them, this is just like a dream come true!

24. EBC at Night

Ebc At Night Las-Vegas

EBC at Night is the best nightclub in Las Vegas to experience live music by famous artists. As soon as you walk through its impressive doors, it's clear that this place has something for everyone--from DJs and pop culture enthusiasts alike! You won't be disappointed with their array of drinks or fun-filled atmosphere! There are so many different areas where people can dance all night long too! The EBC Nightclub at Las Vegas will have you covered no matter what your party preference. Daybeds, cabanas by the pool area for lounging with friends or dancers are just a few of its features to make it one awesome place!

25. Marquee Day Club

Marquee Day Club Las-Vegas

Marquee Day Club is a sprawling complex situated in the ultimate party city of North America. Marquee Day Club Las Vegas has been one of the major architects behind dance music's revolution, and it remains an opulent sun-blazed poolside area throughout springtime! Marquee Day Clubs are one of the most sought-after clubs in America, with their cutting edge sound system and state of the art stage. The venue also offers 32000 watts worth subwoofers for your music experience!


Las Vegas is known for its world-class nightlife. Whether you're looking for a mainstream club to dance the night away or a more intimate spot to sip cocktails and enjoy live music, the city has something to offer everyone. We hope we've given you enough information about where to go that will suit all your needs! You won't want to miss out on these hotspots!

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Obtenga nuestra selección mensual de los mejores lugares para salir en las-vegas.

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He leído todos los números. He probado muchos de ellos y todos son maravillosos.

Clara, 21/8/2022