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The Best Mainstream Nightclubs in Los-angeles in 2022

Ohm Nightclub Los-Angeles

Ohm Nightclub Los-Angeles

If you're looking for a great time out on the town, Los Angeles has some amazing mainstream nightclubs that are sure to entertain. Whether you're looking for a place to dance the night away or just want to relax and enjoy the company of friends, these clubs have something for everyone. Here is a list of the best mainstream clubs in LA for 2022, so be sure to check them out!

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Clara, 21/8/2022

1. OHM Nightclub

Ohm Nightclub Los-Angeles

After years of trying, LA party impresarios finally achieved it with the opening of OHM Nightclub Los Angeles. A sprawling 20k sq ft venue that redefines club architecture and has an interior design fit for any starry night! With 150 LED panels projecting their light into this elegantly decorated space as well as several spacious dance rooms to enjoy your favorite tunes; guests will be left feeling like stars themselves after visiting this one-of-a-kind spot in downtown LOS ANGELES !!! OHM Nightclub is a place where you can find anything from Hip Hop, Open format or even Electronic Dance Music. You will have the opportunity to dance under different lights while immersed in artful mirrors on every wall of this sophisticated venue!

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2. Altitude Pool

Altitude Pool Los-Angeles

Luxurious and well-staffed, the Altitude Pool at SLS Beverly Hills provides a one of a kind experience for any guest. With on demand videos from world renowned Chef Jose Andres as well luxurious towels to dry off in between dips into your private luxury poolside cabana there is no better place than here! Relax yourself on the custom teak furniture, private cabanas or chaise lounges as you are surrounded by whimsical forms of art. There is a pool at every corner and two jewel-like fresh pools that beckon for welcoming swims in this elegant environment.

3. Poppy Nightclub

Poppy Nightclub Los-Angeles

The Poppy Nightclub Los Angeles is a luxurious and exclusive nightclub that will transport you to your favorite storybook scene. The private room houses an upholstered bar for guests, providing them with ultimate comfort while having fun on Thursday nights from 10 pm - 2 am only! "In a world where dreams become reality and magic is real, the Poppy Nightclub offers Los Angeles an exclusive club experience like no other. Imagine yourself amidst baroque layers of beautiful flowers that tower over your head while you dance among mermaids in glass cases; this surrealistic dream will leave one feeling intoxicated with life."

4. Peppermint Club

Peppermint Club Los-Angeles

Step into the latest favorite club of West Hollywood –the Peppermint Club. The venue is in a multi-utility space that combines many different areas, such as a bar and lounge area or just sitting on their couch while watching TV and listening to some music before heading out for an evening with friends at one of these trendy spots! The Peppermint Club Los Angeles is a music-loving institution that offers both state-of-the art sound and amazing playback listening parties for an eventful clubbing experience.

5. 801 Hill Nightclub

801 Hill Nightclub Los-Angeles

A popular dance club in Los Angeles that features 15 VIP sections with a hidden mezzanine and private lounge. The decks are fronted by top DJs in the city who play Hip-Hop, Electronic, House, Top 40s and mashup songs. Every Thursday until Saturday from 9:30 PM to 2 AM, 801 Hill Nightclub Los Angeles welcomes more than 800 guests who come to drink and dance the night away. If you're looking for a lively place to dance the night away in Los Angeles- 801 Hill Nightclub Los Angeles is the perfect spot. 801 Hill Nightclub Los Angeles is a great place for those who are looking for a lively place to dance the night away. With 15 VIP sections, a hidden mezzanine, and private lounge, it's got something for everyone. Top DJs in the city who play Hip-Hop, Electronic, House, Top 40s and mashup songs will be on deck every Thursday until Saturday from 9:30 PM to 2 AM. This is a great place for people who are always on the go to drink and dance away their worries in the wee hours of the morning. So come join the party at 801 Hill Nightclub Los Angeles!

6. Belasco Theatre

Belasco Theatre Los-Angeles

Located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, The Belasco Theatre can accommodate up to a thousand guests with its towering domed ceiling and multi-tiered balcony outfitted by twenty four booths. This historic theater is one venue that will not only make your event memorable but also help you create new memories while hosting it! Belasco Theatre not only houses a private ballroom, but also has its own 23 x 9 ft stage and wine bar with room for 150 guests. In the basement is an additional lounge space that can accommodate 200 people--perfect if you're looking to host something larger!

7. Le Jardin

Le Jardin Los-Angeles

Le Jardin Los Angeles is a luxurious garden lounge in downtown LA where you can experience the proud and enchanting vibe of Southern France without leaving your sofa. This outdoor space offers an escape for elite socialites, tastemasters - anyone who wants to forget about life's little troubles while sipping on some boutique wine or unwinding with great company! Le Jardin Los Angeles is the perfect place for socialites, tastemasters and A-list celebrities to relax in a garden lounge serving as an escape from reality. The outdoor space has been designed with both home decorating aesthetics as well as party nightlife tendencies that combine romantic French ambiance into one unforgettable experience you will want again soon!

8. Lure Nightclub

Lure Nightclub Los-Angeles

The Lure Nightclub is one of the most intense clubs in Hollywood. It's a must-visit for those looking to party with major Vegas style glitz and glamour right outside their doorsteps! Once you enter this high tech, 18000 sq ft club--you'll be greeted by an abstract garden full of beautiful flower sculptures & water features before being herded into your own cabana where we can provide anything from bottle service all night long as well as entertainment until morning break! The Lure Nightclub has some immense suede panels placed near motion-sensitive LED displays. The amazing bar's backdrop is made up of an impressive 14' fire sculpture which would indeed add to the overall ambiance of the space. If you want to enjoy a night out with friends, then this club is the perfect place for you!

9. Sayers Club

Sayers Club Los-Angeles

Sayers Club is a place that will make you feel right at home. The club has so many secrets, and they are all kept until the last guest leaves Sayer’s Club on their night out! Whether it be an extravagant party or just drinks with friends - there's always something new happening hee! When you're looking for a great time with friends, Sayer's Club is your destination. Whether it be through music or artist appearances from some of today’s most popular stars Sayers offers something unique every single night!

10. Conga Room

Conga Room Los-Angeles

With an elite list of owners and guests, The Conga Room is a lively nightclub in Los Angeles where you can experience intense live entertainment. You'll be invited to this exclusive venue by celebrities like Jennifer Lopez or Jimmy Smits who have visited before! This place has world beats including jazz, hip hop, DJ pop rock, r&b and Espanol for all your feet needs throughout the night! Designed by the world-famous Belzberg Architects, Conga Room is a spectacular VIP area offering panoramic views to Nokia Plaza and Staples Center. The club has hosted award shows, movie debuts of intense entertainment including social events like political or sports events that were held there before it even opened its doors for business! It also featured amazing concerts by leading artists such as Justin Timberlake & Prince among others!

11. Couture Hollywood

Couture Hollywood Los-Angeles

In this fashionable and famous club, Couture Hollywood attempts to blend haute couture, hot and popular music with well-known celebrities. Convincing, eye-catching bar with interiors lit by soft light, showcase cases filled with beautiful silk scarves, Swiss timepieces, and pricey sunglasses as well as a catwalk where you may encounter models and designers. At Couture Hollywood, they play a variety of music genres to keep the night lively which includes Hip Hop, EDM, and Top 40. Couture Hollywood, open four days a week from 10 p.m., plays Hip Hop, EDM, Top 40 among other genres of music to spice up the night. They have different themed nights for Reggae on Tuesdays, House and Electronic music on Wednesdays, Latin Music on Fridays and Hip Hop on Saturdays. If you're looking for a place to dance the night away, Couture Hollywood is definitely worth checking out.

12. Boulevard3

Boulevard3 Los-Angeles

Boulevard3 Los Angeles opened in September 2006 and was the brainchild of Skybar partner’s Peter Famulari. Famulari envisioned a free-flowing dance club that was different from typical nightclubs in Los Angeles. Boulevard3 has very spacious dance floors with several bars and high ceilings, upstairs mezzanine, and outdoor courtyard. Boulevard3's go-go dancers, live stage performers, and surprise attractions such as free tacos and chocolate-covered strawberries will keep you entertained. While the DJs spin a blend of Hip Hop, Top 40, and House music, its unassuming youthful 20s crowd finds itself dancing and having an unforgettable night.

13. Exchange

Exchange Los-Angeles

The historic and landmark building which was once home to Los Angeles Stock Exchange has been given a facelift. Nowadays clubbers enjoy dancing under the bright lights of electronic music in this fabulous venue, complete with original historical features that will make you feel like part of an old New York City party scene from decades ago! The historic and landmark building which was built in 1929 has been given a facelift, returning it to life as an exchange lounge for clubbers. The party continues with original features such as art deco characters that make this venue unique from any other location around town!

14. Bardot Hollywood

Bardot Hollywood Los-Angeles

The new Bardot Hollywood is a classy club that brings the old Hollywood spirit and glamour to life. With an overall elegant décor, sophisticated drinks & cocktails as well as beautiful women who are ready for anything – you can escape into this world of magic when entering through our doors! Step into the Bardot Hollywood, one of only a few clubs in Los Angeles that offer live music on Saturdays and present an array of some of the best local bands. Dance your night away to iconic tracks from top hip hop artists as well as 80s classics remixed by DJ's spinning house remixes at any hour!

15. Doheny Room

Doheny Room Los-Angeles

The Doheny Room, Los Angeles is quickly becoming a hotspot for celebrities and VIPs alike. This weekend clubbing destination between two prime buildings- the Dan Tana's restaurant & Troubadour Music venue has become where you'll find top names in town! As you enter the nightclub, your eyes are greeted by an open and airy front entrance that has been styled in accordance with Morocco's era. Moreover, upon walking around to its U-shaped interior balcony overlooking the lower levels of two storeys restaurant decorated with palm trees & chandeliers below; it becomes clear just what makes this place so special!

16. Highlight Room

Highlight Room Los-Angeles

The Highlight Room Los Angeles offers guests a picturesque view of the 360-degree skyline, located atop Hollywood’s plush locations. This club features 6 luxe private cabanas along with lounge furniture and sprawl across 11000 sq ft rooftop area that includes an amazing nightlife poolside bar menu to sip on while you soak in views like no other! With a view of the Hollywood skyline, Highlight Room is an ideal place to enjoy in-room amenities like poolside loungers and private cabanas. With light food options available for guests as well as exotic refreshments that can't be found anywhere else on this side of town, it'll seem more than worth your while once sundown rolls around!

17. Harriet’s

Harriet’S Los-Angeles

The perfect place for a night out on the town, Harriet’s is situated at Sunset Boulevard and offers you an opportunity to enjoy exciting cocktails while taking in Los Angeles' most scenic views. With its stunning location overlooking downtown LA as well as Santa Monica Bay—not to mention all those famous Hollywood Hills!--this lounge will make any event more memorable than ever before! The rooftop of the lounge overlooks an iconic sculpture in Los Angeles, designed by world-famous artist Janet Echelman. The view from this high end destination is not only beautiful but offers personalized services that accommodate a comfortable lifestyle for guests who visit often or just once. You can enjoy your time with family and friends while sipping on some cocktails at one of our indoor bars as well outside under climate controlled conditions where there's always something fun happening!

18. Bootsy Bellows

Bootsy Bellows Los-Angeles

The art deco-inspired nightclub, Bootsy Bellows Los Angeles is a haven for celebrities. The luxurious venue offers you the chance to enjoy your own alcohol and champagne while getting naughty with friends in an exclusive setting that can't be found anywhere else! Bootsy Bellows is one of the most iconic 1960s art deco-inspired nightclubs in Los Angeles. Filled with burlesque dancers, international DJs and musical performers every night, it's a must-go for anyone looking for a great night out.

19. Blind Dragon

Blind Dragon Los-Angeles

Welcome to the intimate Asian paradise and enjoy exotic crafted cocktails as you dance your way through a night at this club in LA. Revel with us for our innovative karaoke suite experience which includes opulent setting, exquisite food & drinks from around Asia, live DJs spinning tunes exclusively created especially for Blind Dragon Los Angeles - we've got everything covered! There's no need to go anywhere else if you want the best party experience! Entering through a gorgeous garage door and being greeted by Chinese lanterns, crazy butterfly windows on top of red sofas that are as lush with plant life. Once inside Blind Dragon it doesn't take long for people-watching in this amazing lounge filled with plenty of drink options across 4 luxury karaoke suites or going ahead and ordering some cocktails at our main bar which has a tiki/Asian food menu just waiting to keep everyone happy during their night out together!

20. Skybar Mondrian

Skybar Mondrian Los-Angeles

The Hotel Mondrian in Los Angeles offers a great clubbing backdrop for high-end international travelers and affluent locals. For those attractive or wealthy enough, they can easily slip through the luxury door of one of North America's most prestigious hotels on Sunset Boulevard where you'll find white pool chairs lazing around near an inviting sunset scene overlooking all that beautiful city has to offer! As evening comes up, business people and socialites flock to the bar area of Hotel Mondrian. The space is a beautiful open hut with white-draped windows that offer impressive views over LA's skyline including many prominent buildings like City Hall or Beverly Hills' Mansfield Library; it has been set on teak wood flooring for an airy yet luxurious feel in every corner!

21. Lucky Strike LA Live

Lucky Strike La Live Los-Angeles

The Lucky Strike LA Live nightclub is a great place to enjoy some karaoke and bowling. The fun-filled events are known for their amazing 18 lanes, including the Luxe suite with its impressive HD projection system along with a big screen that spans pins & offers theatre sound! Lucky Strike LA Live is the place to be if you are looking for a one-of-a kind clubbing experience. With cutting edge aesthetics, high tech lights and sound that will keep your heart racing all night long with delicious cuisines from around India as well exotic cocktails mixed by world renowned mixologists in their signature style; it's no wonder why people flock here anytime they want an unforgettable time!

22. Station 1640

Station 1640 Los-Angeles

The Station 1640 is a premier nightclub & Hollywood staple located in the heart of Cahuenga Corrido. The overall décor and theme are inspired by NYC's famous underground subways, as it features amazing music from around the world played on an epic sound system with graffiti art throughout! As one of the most well-known figures in LA’s graffiti community, GuerillaOne founder Eddie Donaldson enlisted top-class world famous artists like Slick and Retna to create an installation for his new chapter at Station 1640.

23. Project Club LA

Project Club La Los-Angeles

The Project Club LA is the best-suited option for you if your goal is to experience a clubbing feel with next level dazzling laser lights, angular lines and modest dancing floor. In addition there are many smartly designed tables that offer an amazing view of space from anywhere in the room! The Project Club Los Angeles is a futuristic nightclub with no exposed wood or incandescent lights. The DJ section overlooks the dance floor, and there's an intense feeling throughout because you can see what’s going on in every corner of this place!

24. Playhouse Hollywood

Playhouse Hollywood Los-Angeles

Upon entering Playhouse Hollywood's doors, one would feel like they had been teleported into another world. There is a Vegas-feel in this 13,00 square foot club playground with flying trapeze and aerial acrobatics as well as caged go-go dancers! You can also arrange to arrive by limo if you want an extra VIP experience! The dazzling team at Playhouse Hollywood sets it above the competition owing to their astounding employees who are not only bartenders for the evening, but also performers. It makes Playhouse Hollywood in Los Angeles a truly enjoyable place to be. Imagine being treated to a steamingly hot burlesque performance while sipping your first drink or watching an aerialist performing over you while dancing on the floor. Playhouse Hollywood is definitely a must-visit place!

25. Hyde Sunset

Hyde Sunset Los-Angeles

Hyde Sunset Los Angeles offers an enticing and relaxed atmosphere for those looking to enjoy great food, drinks with their date. The combination of Eastern carpets in low lighting combined by Hollywood glitz creates a unique yet satisfying ambience at this restaurant that will leave you feeling cozy after every visit! Hyde Sunset is a place where celebrities come to socialize with one another and enjoy the arts. You might even get your own celebrity DJ or watch performances from popular Hip Hop artists on weekends!


We hope this list has provided you with a few new destinations to explore when looking for the best mainstream nightclubs in Los-angeles. Whether it's an upscale scene or a more casual one, we're sure that any of these clubs will have something worth checking out.

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He leído todos los números. He probado muchos de ellos y todos son maravillosos.

Clara, 21/8/2022