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The Best Nightclubs Open on Wednesday in Los-angeles (2022 Edition)

Le Jardin Los-Angeles

Le Jardin Los-Angeles

Wednesday night is the best time to go out and have some fun in Los Angeles! There are plenty of great nightclubs that are open and ready to party. Whether you’re looking for a place to dance the night away or just want to relax with some friends, these clubs have something for everyone. Check out our list of the best nightclubs open on Wednesday in Los Angeles!

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Clara, 21/8/2022

1. Altitude Pool

Altitude Pool Los-Angeles

The Altitude Pool has everything you need to enjoy your stay in Los Angeles. You can have an exclusive poolside cabana or lounge by the lagoon, where they provide fresh fruit pops and towels fragrance with Evian upon entry into this luxurious property! The views from the Altitude Pool are breathtaking. With two pools, each with its own jewel-like fresh water pond to swim in and an elegant rooftop deck offering stunning aerial shots of LA's majestic cityscape--you will not be disappointed! This pool is one of 2015’s best rated for both comfort AND glamour; it also offers private cabanas available at your leisure during stay as well as valet service that provides refreshing niceties throughout your visit!

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2. Peppermint Club

Peppermint Club Los-Angeles

Step into the Peppermint Club, a luxurious West Hollywood club that combines old and new. The first thing you will notice upon entering are its high-tech design features with contemporary décor to match in one multi-utility space for all your nightlife needs! The Peppermint Club Los Angeles is a haven for music lovers and fans alike, with its focus on the main stage to provide an immersive experience. The dark hues will be blended into soft vibrant textures that leave you feeling like royalty as we offer state-of-the art sound quality in addition to our amazing playback listening parties!

3. Couture Hollywood

Couture Hollywood Los-Angeles

In this fashionable and famous club, Couture Hollywood attempts to blend haute couture, hot and popular music with well-known celebrities. Convincing, eye-catching bar with interiors lit by soft light, showcase cases filled with beautiful silk scarves, Swiss timepieces, and pricey sunglasses as well as a catwalk where you may encounter models and designers. At Couture Hollywood, they play a variety of music genres to keep the night lively which includes Hip Hop, EDM, and Top 40. Couture Hollywood, open four days a week from 10 p.m., plays Hip Hop, EDM, Top 40 among other genres of music to spice up the night. They have different themed nights for Reggae on Tuesdays, House and Electronic music on Wednesdays, Latin Music on Fridays and Hip Hop on Saturdays. If you're looking for a place to dance the night away, Couture Hollywood is definitely worth checking out.

4. Bardot Hollywood

Bardot Hollywood Los-Angeles

The newly opened Bardot Hollywood is a throwback to the glamorous days of yore, when movie stars were born in this city and made magic with their every step. The traditional venue has allure that can't be matched by other clubs around town - from its gorgeous décor down so many sophisticated drinks & cocktails served up on tap! The Bardot Hollywood, one of the few clubs in Los Angeles that features live music on Saturday nights and presents an array of bands from around town. Dance your night away with their famous tracks like hip hop or 80’s tunes while mixing & mingling at our spectacular exterior patio area!

5. Doheny Room

Doheny Room Los-Angeles

The Doheny Room, Los Angeles is quickly becoming a hotspot for celebrities and VIPs alike. This weekend clubbing destination between two prime buildings- the Dan Tana's restaurant & Troubadour Music venue has become where you'll find top names in town! As you enter the nightclub, your eyes are greeted by an open and airy front entrance that has been styled in accordance with Morocco's era. Moreover, upon walking around to its U-shaped interior balcony overlooking the lower levels of two storeys restaurant decorated with palm trees & chandeliers below; it becomes clear just what makes this place so special!

6. Harriet’s

Harriet’S Los-Angeles

Enhance your bar or lounge experience in the perfect Hollywood surroundings. Harriet's is located on Sunset Boulevard on The Jeremy's roof, and it provides the ideal lounging atmosphere for people seeking for a fun-filled and relaxing evening in Los Angeles. An inspired setting allows guests to enjoy fascinating cocktails while taking in spectacular vistas from this location. You can take in the picturesque views of the Downtown area, Santa Monica, and the famous Hollywood Hills while relaxing in this fantastic Hollywood lounge. At the luxurious lounge in Los Angeles, you can enjoy great company with family and friends while taking advantage of personalized services. This high-end spot has an indoor bar area as well as a spacious outdoor patio on top! The rooftop overlooks iconic Dream Catcher sculpture made by world renowned artist Janet Echelman - it features 7 floors which symbolize success like no other place does!

7. Blind Dragon

Blind Dragon Los-Angeles

Welcome to the intimate Asian paradise and enjoy exotic crafted cocktails as you dance your way through a night at this club in LA. Revel with us for our innovative karaoke suite experience which includes opulent setting, exquisite food & drinks from around Asia, live DJs spinning tunes exclusively created especially for Blind Dragon Los Angeles - we've got everything covered! There's no need to go anywhere else if you want the best party experience! Entering through a gorgeous garage door and being greeted by Chinese lanterns, crazy butterfly windows on top of red sofas that are as lush with plant life. Once inside Blind Dragon it doesn't take long for people-watching in this amazing lounge filled with plenty of drink options across 4 luxury karaoke suites or going ahead and ordering some cocktails at our main bar which has a tiki/Asian food menu just waiting to keep everyone happy during their night out together!

8. Lucky Strike LA Live

Lucky Strike La Live Los-Angeles

Ever heard of the bowling alley or nightclub? Lucky Strike LA Live has a unique clubbing experience for its guests. They can enjoy karaoke nights, fun-filled events with friends and family in tow as well! With around 18 state-of one party lanes available including 4 Luxe suites that are equipped with HD projection screens & impressive sound systems; this venue is like no other place on earth! Whether you're looking for an experience with cutting-edge aesthetics, high tech lights & sound or delectable cuisines; if it's a one of a kind clubbing then Lucky Strike LA Live is what you're searching for! Sip on their famous handcrafted spice Margarita as they take turns visiting the lanes before heading into The VIP Area where the dress code makes sure that everyone has plenty of fun!

9. Station 1640

Station 1640 Los-Angeles

The Station 1640 is a premier nightclub & Hollywood staple located in the heart of Cahuenga Corrido, where they create an immersive atmosphere with their all-encompassing design elements. This includes incorporating amazing music like you've never heard before on any other club around town! The latest club in Los Angeles, Station 1640 is set to open with an installation of work from some of the best-known muralists around. Eddie Donaldson has enlisted GuerillaOne's founder as he commissions top tier artists like Slick and Retna who are expected to make this an event not worth missing!

10. Project Club LA

Project Club La Los-Angeles

The Project Club LA is the best-suited option for you if your goal is to experience a clubbing feel with next level dazzling laser lights, angular lines and modest dancing floor. In addition there are many smartly designed tables that offer an amazing view of space from anywhere in the room! The Project Club Los Angeles is a futuristic nightclub with no exposed wood or incandescent lights. The DJ section overlooks the dance floor, and there's an intense feeling throughout because you can see what’s going on in every corner of this place!

11. Hyde Sunset

Hyde Sunset Los-Angeles

Hyde Sunset Kitchen + Cocktails is the perfect place to go if you want a cozy, relaxed atmosphere while enjoying great food and drinks. The restaurant successfully fuses Arabic culture with high-end Hollywood elements like low lighting in order create an interesting ambience for their patrons that will have them coming back again soon! Hyde Sunset is a haven for celebrities to rub elbows. If you're lucky, you might even get to watch performances from popular Hip Hop artists on weekends! The exclusivity makes getting in almost as good of an experience itself and listening to the music here can make your night memorable.


If you want to have a good time with your friends and dance the night away, make sure you check out one of these great nightclubs. Each club is unique in its own way but they all offer great music, service, and an atmosphere that will keep you dancing until morning! Whether it’s dancing until dawn or making friends with new people from all around the world, our top picks have everything you could want and more! We hope our list has been helpful and will inspire your next big night out!

Descubre los lugares de moda para salir cada mes

Obtenga nuestra selección mensual de los mejores lugares para salir en los-angeles.

Al enviar este formulario, usted acepta nuestra Política de Privacidad y los Términos.

He leído todos los números. He probado muchos de ellos y todos son maravillosos.

Clara, 21/8/2022