The Best Nightclubs Open on Tuesday in Monaco (2021 Edition)

Jimmyz Monaco

Jimmyz Monaco

It's Tuesday night. You're not sure what to do with yourself. The weekend is over and you don't have any plans for the week. It feels like there should be something out there for you, but what? What can you do on a Tuesday night in Monaco?

If you're visiting Monaco and looking for the best nightclubs open on Tuesday, then you've come to the right place! Here are some of our favorite spots that we love.

1. Buddha Bar

Buddha Bar Monaco

For those of you looking to get away from it all, head on over Buddha Bar. The inviting décor and impeccable Asian cuisine will have your worries quickly fading into the background. Just make sure to take someone there with you so that they can help pick up the tab!

This restaurant serves exotic flavors, including sashimi, maki sushi, and more. The chefs incorporate Asian culinary delights from China, Japan Thailand, and Southeast Asia with French gastronomy to give you a unique experience of the best tastes in town. Chef Éric Guillemaud invented this place by combining his love for France's rich food culture and that of various other countries' cuisine into one location on this spot where an old Cabaret de Monte Carlo once stood at the beginning of last century when it was also just inside Casino de Monte Carlo itself like today is still now!

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2. Sass Café

Sass Cafe Monaco

Sass Cafe is uniquely situated in Monte Carlo, the beating heart of glamour and champagne that has been home to celebrities, royalty and anyone who's anybody since its founding.

Nestled on the cusp of Monaco’s breathtaking coastline overlooking a mind-boggling panorama of sparkling Mediterranean bay dotted with celebrity yachts, Sass Café is frequented by some residents we don't need to name and then gives us all-access inside as they dine from their tables for two right up to party at their backlit bar - where it’s always ‘so exclusive post show’ that you can be sure your Instagram swipebacks will get worshipped.

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3. Twiga

Twiga Monaco

Enjoy a drink with the panoramic views overlooking The Mediterranean Sea from this breathtaking location situated just outside Grimaldi Forum.

Overlooking the Mediterranean is a cocktail or an Italian-style aperitif on the terrace of Twiga's chicha lounge bar. After that, you'll get to enjoy their restaurant with its African-influenced setting giving it a strong identity while also indulging in Asia and Italy cuisine at your heart’s content. When 1 am comes around, Golden Youth of Monaco is set ablaze by rhythm DJs' sounds who make for good company as they take over Monte Carlo experience making everyone feel part of Monegasque club when night falls upon them all unawares!

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Monaco has a lot to offer for those looking for a nightlife experience. Which of these nightclubs are you most interested in visiting? We hope that our blog post helped provide some insight into the different clubs available in Monaco and have given you something to consider when selecting your next Tuesday destination.