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The Best Nightclubs Open on Friday in New-york (2021 Edition)

Avenue New-York

Avenue New-York

Ready to jump into the New-York nightlife scene? Here's a list of the best nightclubs that are open on Fridays, so you can start your weekend off right! Whether you're in the mood for some electronica or want to dance to your favorite Top 40 hits, these clubs have something for everyone. So put on your party pants and get ready to have a blast!

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He leído todos los números. He probado muchos de ellos y todos son maravillosos.

Clara, 21/8/2022

1. 1 OAK

1 Oak New-York

1 OAK New York is the center of nightlife culture in NYC. It has survived various competitions and changed with time, but 1 Oak always stands tall as a one-of-a-kind experience for patrons visiting this city that you should expect when going out late into downtown Manhattan. In New York City, you can find anything to do at 1 OAK. It's the place that has survived countless competitions and changes in nightlife trends over time while remaining standing as one of NYC’s most iconic landmarks for style and substance - with patrons experiencing impeccable ambiance every visit!

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2. Somewhere Nowhere

Somewhere Nowhere New-York

If you're looking for a full sensory experience that'll carry your mind to the Land of Make Believe, Somewhere Nowhere must be where it's at. It’s nestled on the 38th and 39th floors in Downtown Chicago at The Renaissance Hotel. A hotel turned into modern luxury apartments with lush archways leading up from long passageways filled by glowing neon lights all around you as you walk through them one step closer towards your dreamland! Somewhere Nowhere is a unique rooftop club that redefines what the experience could be. Not only does it have delicious food and drinks, you can explore secret gardens high in the sky while listening to avant-garde music from all around!

3. Gilded Lily

Gilded Lily New-York

The Gilded Lily New York is a swanky gold-dusted club where everyone wants to be seen. In fact, the Met Gala after-party was held at the Gilded Lily in May 2016, owing to its capacity to seat 350 people and provide a diverse musical experience for all guests. The Gilded Lily New York is a swanky gold-dusted hangout for the city's rich and famous. In fact, last May 2016, the Met gala after party was held in Gilded Lily because of its capacity to accommodate 350 people and providing everyone with hip hop, house, and top 40s music.

4. Provocateur

Provocateur New-York

With an invite-only policy, the best of both worlds await those who visit Provocateur New York. Party people can enjoy their favourite drinks at one section and late night strollers will be able to relax in another area where there are people partying. The best of both worlds awaits you at Provocateur New York, where the party is always in full swing and there's no better place to be than right inside. This invite-only nightclub has something for everyone - whether it’s drinks with friends or just watching other patrons stroll by while relaxing over coffee!

5. The Box

The Box New-York

If you're looking for something off-the beaten path, The Box New York is your best bet. You'll be able to see entertainers perform in X Rated shows with high end celebrities and models as their clientele all while enjoying an exciting ambience of NYC! If you're looking for something off the beaten path and unique, then The Box New York is your place. With its X-rated burlesque shows as well high end celebrities clientele this club has it all! I

6. Lavo

Lavo New-York

Lavo New York is the place to go if you want a night full of drinks and dancing. The waitresses will give your shot glass- their biggest bottle of liquor lineup triumphantly over them with an oversized drink in hand! Want something extravagant? That's what we have here at Lavo: lavishness all around. If you are looking for a place to dance all night long and have a great time in Midtown, Lavo New York can help you. You won't get handed a shot glass from the waitress here; they'll happily take in huge bottles of wine and liquor stacked on their heads, and you can pick what drink you want. Isn't it time for something lavish? It's waiting for you at Lavo!

7. Marquee

Marquee New-York

Adorned with colorful LED screens and lights, Marquee New York is home to plenty of night owls looking for a great time. Enjoy the dance music on this multi-level club featuring an impressive 30-foot ceiling that will leave you in awe! The Library Bar in Mezzanine is a sophisticated and quiet place to enjoy drinks. It’s mini version of Marquee Las Vegas offers NYC party goers what they need -a premier nightclub destination with top-of the line sound system, lights show & extensive bottle menu!

8. Tao Downtown

Tao Downtown New-York

In the heart of New York City, tucked away in a hidden gem is The Tao Downtown. This 2500 sq foot club with its own private entrance and DJ line up for all your music needs has been one of finest clubs to come out since it's opening day! Immerse yourself in the heart of city life with a visit to The Tao Downtown New York nightclub. You'll experience an authentic look and feel as if it has been here for years! Upon arrival, you can't help but encounter beautiful art on each side-from intricate murals all over the gorgeous corridor leading into a glorious clubbing experience waiting just ahead. It is one moment that will be impossible to miss out on, so book with us now!

9. Cielo

Cielo New-York

Cielo in New York has been providing the city with house deep music, electronica, EDM, techno, and trance music for over ten years. As you dance along with the club crowd, some of the well-known DJs are Diplo, Lil Jon, Tommy Trash, DJ Snake and one of the greatest musicians in the industry-Ne-Yo. The Cielo in New York is not just a place for the rich and famous. We have been entertaining society with house deep music, electronica, EDM (electronic dance music), techno or trance since 2003! Our resident DJs will keep you satisfied with your groove to their beats!

10. Avenue

Avenue New-York

Avenue New York is the most luxurious event venue in all of NYC. The two-storey club has served as a party spot for celebrities such Kim Kardashian, Marc Jacobs and Derek Jeter to name just three! Expect nothing less than top notch service from our staff who work hard at providing you with everything your heart desires when it comes time for that big night out on Avenue! Kim Kardashian, Marc Jacobs and Derek Jeter are just a few of the celebrities who have chosen Avenue New York as their event venue. For these high profile clients looking to host an intimate yet luxurious party with unparalleled service - this club provides everything that you could ever need!

11. Gold Bar

Gold Bar New-York

Ever felt like royalty as you party in the luxurious Gold Bar? From its 12 feet high ceiling adorned with elegant chandeliers and intricate gold leaf carvings, it feels like a true royalty. This venue can't be missed! Do you want to feel like royalty? Well, book your next event at Gold Bar. The venue has an elegant and luxurious design that will surely make everyone in attendance feel special! You'll enjoy this place whether it be for business meetings or just drinks with friends because of all its amenities!

12. Haus

Haus New-York

The newest nightlife haven in Tribeca is the perfect place for anyone who wants a fun, exciting atmosphere and good music! You'll love our 3 VIP seating areas—they're designed especially for those looking forward to their next big night on the town because they come complete with plush saffron leather banquettes plus house & international tunes that will have your feet tapping from start-to finish. Haus New York, the new hot spot for nighttime revelers in Tribeca, invites you to have a great time while the night is still young. It has three luxurious VIP seating areas with plush saffron leather banquettes and a wide range of music that will appeal to everyone. So make sure to drop by and check it out!

13. Catch Roof

Catch Roof New-York

Catch Roof New York is the perfect place to party with breathtaking views of NYC. The rooftop can transform from an elegant dining room during daylight hours, or become a nightclub at night when you're looking for some excitement! Catch Roof New York is a glass-walled lounge with a breathtaking panoramic view of New York Skyline. During the day, it's an elegant and luxurious dining area for those who want to enjoy their meal in solitude; come in the evening though and this space turns into one huge party where everyone can get up on stage together!

14. Up and Down

Up And Down New-York

Up and Down New York is the perfect place to spend a relaxing evening. It has everything you need for your night out, with couches on both floors that will make any guest feel at home while they enjoy themselves over coffee or cocktails in this unique nightclub featuring state-of-the art lighting systems throughout as well! This two-storey nightclub features a state of the art lighting system, built in stage area and private smoking area. Up and Down New York is designed with comfortable couches for guests to chill out on their night away from home or just have some drinks before heading off into town early in the morning. This place can hold up 272 people upstairs where there are deep blue banquettes alongside an elevated DJ booth; it's perfect if you're looking for something intimate! In addition they also offer karaoke rooms available by reservation only which allows 12 - 15 adults per room.

15. Space 54

Space 54 New-York

The club is situated in the heart of New York City and has been designed with a state-of-the art sound system, intelligent lighting all around it. It features an exquisite marble bar for your drinks needs as well! The entire space can host up 4500 square feet which provides enough room to party or cowork together on our gorgeous floors. Whether you're looking forward to celebrating birthdays & holidays - at Space 54 NY, we've got everything covered! The clubbing area is centrally located in the heart of Manhattan. The venue has been designed with a chic and elegant style for maximum entertainment, it offers everything that can make your party an unforgettable multimedia experience!

16. Highline Ballroom

Highline Ballroom New-York

The Highline Ballroom is a fantastic location to go if you enjoy seeing live concerts by your favorite band or artist. This club was able to host numerous concerts by prominent musicians in the music industry, such as Paul McCartney, Carlos Santana, Justin Bieber, and Stevie Wonder owing to its capacity to accommodate 1,760 people. If you're looking for a place to watch your favorite band or artist perform, Highline Ballroom is the perfect venue. With its capacity of 1,760 people it has hosted several concerts by influential figures in music such as Paul McCartney Carlos Santana Justin Bieber and Stevie Wonder Heard about this place? It's worth checking out!

17. PH-D Downtown

Ph-D Downtown New-York

The ultimate rooftop lounge of 4-star Dream Downtown Hotel, PH-D Downtown is a place where guests can enjoy the stunning Manhattan Skyline and Hudson river.. Designed with Italian Portoro marble flooring as well as luxurious Venini glass chandeliers it never fails to make everyone fall head over heels in love! The ultimate rooftop lounge of a 4-star hotel in New York, PH-D Downtown, the panoramic view can't be beat. With an Italian marble flooring and luxurious chandeliers made out gold Veninis glass, guests are sure to fall head over heels with this cozy spot!

18. Hotel Chantelle

Hotel Chantelle New-York

This is not your average nightclub. The Hotel Chantelle New York sits on the lower east side and offers an opulent experience with stunning views of Manhattan's skyline, leather banquettes to relax in between drinks, and color customizable LED lights that will surely add delight to your night! Hotel Chantelle New York offers an opulent subterranean experience. If you're looking for the perfect place to have fun with your friends, this French-inspired venue is just what you need! The stunning view of Manhattan will leave all guests awestruck as they enjoy leather banquettes and color customizable LED lights that are sure to add delight in their nightlife journey across NYC!

19. The Blond

The Blond New-York

The Blond New York is a spectacular and luxurious lounge in NYC. This club has outstanding DJs who play the best music for you to dance all night long! If being surrounded by well-dressed people, great cocktails (including alcohol!), interesting conversation while enjoying delicious food sounds like your thing then this place might just be what you're looking forward to! The inside of The Blond nightclub in New York City is a one-of-a-kind experience. Every inch has been designed with lavish décor and intricate designing, making it an unforgettable night out for any party goer! If you happen to be visiting this city soon then don't miss your chance at partaking in those luxurious surroundings!


The best nightclubs in New-york are always open on Friday. If you're looking for a late night party, look no further than these venues. No matter what your taste is, there's something out there to satisfy it! From house music or Latin sounds to the indie rock scene - we've got you covered with all the hottest clubs this city has to offer. So if you're wondering where NYC's top places for DJs and live entertainment happen every weekend, check out the list above and get ready for some serious partying!

Descubre los lugares de moda para salir cada mes

Obtenga nuestra selección mensual de los mejores lugares para salir en new-york.

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He leído todos los números. He probado muchos de ellos y todos son maravillosos.

Clara, 21/8/2022