The Best Nightclubs Open on Friday in Warsaw (2021 Edition)

SEN Warsaw

SEN Warsaw

Warsaw is one of Europe’s most vibrant party destinations, with a never-ending energy and a wealth of nightlife options to choose from. If you’re looking for the best nightclubs open on Friday, we’ve got you covered – check out our list below! From world-renowned establishments to hidden gems, there’s something for everyone in this city – so what are you waiting for? Get ready to let loose and enjoy an unforgettable night out!

1. SEN

SEN Warsaw

Welcome to SEN. A place where you'll find yourself lost in the comfort of drunken memories and make new ones with friends. Whether it's your first time coming or your fifteenth, we're sure you'll enjoy an unforgettable night out at OUR flagship club in Warsaw!

Brite nites, copious shots of vodka, non-stop Polish beats - we can't wait for you to see what SEN has waited on Saturday nights!

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2. Selavi

Selavi Warsaw

Warsaw is a city that never sleeps with its electrifying nightlife. For those looking for the most interesting in this whole scandal, it's time to head out of town and visit Selavi at the bar and cocktail lounge outside Warsaw where you'll find waiters, bosses, gods of day or night gathered around great meals while small batches are made behind them.

3. Level 27

Level 27 Warsaw

Level 27 is a stylish venue located on the 27th floor in the heart of Warsaw, Poland. With its incredible city skyline views, level 27 offers more than just nightlife and entertainment – it also provides high-quality cultural events for all tastes with weekly programs abounding in beautiful music experiences.

Those who enjoy an unforgettable journey to this world will experience intimacy at maximum thanks to our three floors which allow you to indulge in creativity no matter how late it is! We guarantee that there won’t be a single event when your sunlight doesn’t burn bright.


Warsaw is a city that loves to party, and the club scene reflects that. Whether you’re looking for underground techno clubs or lavish establishments with world-renowned DJs, there’s something for everyone when it comes to nightlife in Warsaw. If you haven’t had a chance to check out the best nightclubs in Warsaw yet, now is your chance. We’ve put together a list of some of the top spots, so be sure to visit them this weekend!