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The Best Nightclubs Open on Friday in Hong-kong (2022 Edition)

Volar Hong-Kong

Volar Hong-Kong

Are you looking for the best nightclubs open on Friday in Hong-kong? Look no further! We have compiled a list of the top five clubs that are sure to get your weekend started off right. With amazing music, drinks, and vibes, these venues will have you dancing all night long. Check out our list of the best nightclubs open on Friday in Hong Kong and get started planning your weekend today!

1. Levels

Levels Hong-Kong

Spread across an impressive area of around 8000 square foot, Levels Hong Kong is a high-end clubbing destination in the island city. With state-of-the art sound systems for delivering bespoke experiences and contemporary themed rooms like Solid & Liquid to keep you on your toes! Spread across an impressive area of around 8000 square foot, Levels Hong Kong is a high-end clubbing destination in the island city. The venue features a state-of-the art sound system for delivering a bespoke experience that you won't find anywhere else!

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2. Volar

Volar Hong-Kong

Volar is one of the most popular clubs in Hong Kong for those who want to party. The location, which offers easy access and proximity to hotels as well other amenities like restaurants or cafes makes it very convenient indeed! The interiors of Volar are impressive and feature the presence of attractive LED light strips all across. The club also features two separate main clubbing rooms, each perfect for hosting your next big event or celebration!

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3. Ce La Vi

Ce La Vi Hong-Kong

Ce La Vi in Hong Kong is a large multi-purpose destination -sprawling as many as 3 floors. It provides access to Clubbing experiences for those who love club music and dance, with three different areas of entertainment on offer. The place has recently undergone renovations which have given it even greater appeal than before while still retaining all its old charm too! The views at Ce La Vi are spectacular. From its topmost floors, you get an exclusive 270-degree view of the entire city’s strip and can enjoy delicious Asian cuisine while doing so!

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4. Ophelia

Ophelia Hong-Kong

Ophelia is the perfect place to catch some of Hong Kong's top DJs, live entertainment and party with locals. The Ophelia Club is the perfect place for those who can't get enough of a good party. The interior design and layout are both unique, with each room giving you an entirely different vibe that will surprise your senses!

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5. Ozone

Ozone Hong-Kong

Ozone -the world's highest bar could be found at the International Commerce Center in Hong Kong. One of its most striking features is that it has bespoke interiors and a lively atmosphere to provide guests with an amazing experience! Ozone is one of the best places to drink in Hong Kong. The bar at 118 floors has an amazing view and offers a wide range cocktails with new flavors you won't find anywhere else!

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6. Play

Play Hong-Kong

Play nightclub in Hong Kong is a great place to party with tons of exciting events and attractions. From DJ nights, fashion shows or fun parties for all ages - there's something here for everyone! Play nightclub in Hong Kong boasts the presence of a sprawling club area that draws hundreds from all over. The venue also has state-of-the art sound systems and interiors to deliver an amazing experience for its patrons, with fun parties happening every night as well! Whether you're into music or fashion shows - this place will be sure not disappoint!

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7. Dragon I

Dragon I Hong-Kong

A perfect place to socialize and dance the night away, Dragon I is one of Hong Kong's most exclusive clubs. The venue has been providing visitors with a bespoke nighttime experience since its inception in 1967. The entryway to the club is a beautiful mix of conventional Chinese and contemporary touches, with its impressive sound system. You can also look forward to grooving around here & there while listening to your favorite music among other popular tunes!

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8. Tazmania

Tazmania Hong-Kong

Tazmania Ballroom is the perfect place to host your next event. With its modern and sleek ambiance, you can be sure that it will leave everyone wanting more! Tazmania Ballroom, which is a sibling venue of the all-time famous ultra modern nighttime destinations including Dragon I & Cassio in Hong Kong has managed to retain its overall reputation as one of the leading clubbing destinations since its inception during 2002. Designed by renowned interior designer Gilbert Yeung this upscale party destination offers something for everyone: from those who just want some drinks with friends or family members before they go home late at night; up until those looking forward to taking part in energetic music performances right next door!

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9. Drop

Drop Hong-Kong

Drop in Hong Kong is a leading clubbing destination and one of the most famous nightlife spots for party-lovers. With their trademark experience, Drop delivers an exhilarating atmosphere to visitors who come from all over Asia! The Drop is a club in Hong Kong that specializes in cocktails and fresh martinis. They've won awards for their bartending skills as well, having been given the credit of being one of the first clubs to offer exotic drinks in Asia! Reach out to us if you want access 24/7 concierge services with VIP table bookings at The Drop!

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Le mot de la fin

The best nightclubs in Hong-Kong are open on Friday night for your enjoyment. We've compiled a list of top clubs, so you can start planning where to go tonight! With the right music and atmosphere, you can create a nightlife experience that will be unforgettable. Why spend your Friday nights at home when there are so many amazing clubs in Hong Kong just waiting for you? Gather your friends together and get ready to party on Friday nights and enjoy some of the best nightlife in Asia!