The Best Nightclubs Open on Friday in Milan (2021 Edition)

Just Cavalli Milan

Just Cavalli Milan

If you're looking for a great night out on the town, then Milan is the place to be. With world-renowned nightclubs and bars, there's something for everyone. To help you get started, we've put together a list of the best nightclubs open on Friday in Milan. So check out our list and start planning your perfect Friday night!

1. Hollywood Rythmoteque

Hollywood Milan Club

For elite, stylish people who want to shake up their city in the best clubs around town- Hollywood Rytmoteque is your place. It's open 7 days a week and every single one of them has something different for you! There are dozens upon dozens of DJs spinning each night so there will always be hidden gems waiting when it comes time get out on that dance floor.

Hollywood has become a household name in the world of public relations and is constantly drawing attention from all media outlets. It's no surprise that one would find celebrities, sports stars or other well known figures dropped into Hollywood Rytmoteque!

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2. Just Cavalli

Just Cavalli Milan

Located in the beautiful Parco Sempione at the foot of Torre Branca, Just Cavalli is a major attraction and can be regarded as one great art. As its name implies,this world-famous nightclub attracts clubbers from all over Italy for its bespoke interiors combined with an overall ambiance that makes you want to get up on stage.

The place is a dream come true. If you are looking for the ultimate in style and class, then there's no better place than this club with its impressive interiors which feature designs of steel models high-rise ceilings covered in plate glass as well as floors made from teak wood! Not only does it have cutting edge lighting & sound systems but also everything else that will ensure your guests' entertainment needs are met at all times - don't miss out on being invited into an elite circle booked ahead

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3. 11Clubroom

11 Club Room Milan

11Clubroom is a truly international club in Milan city center. Located just steps away from Corso Como, this venue has established its position as one of the best places to party it out with some quality tunes and diverse clientele!

11Clubroom is the perfect place to spend your evening. With its warm atmosphere and elegant design, characterized by leather couches low poufs and huge crystal chandeliers 11club room provides an excellent setting for those who want a combination of good music with elegance in their night out on town!

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4. Armani Privé Club

Armani Prive Milan

The Armani Prive nightclub in Milan is one of the premier VIP dance clubs, located just downstairs from the main compound. This luxurious clubhouses some of Italy's most famous celebrities and international influencers who come for luxury without equal standards - all while enjoying top-notch entertainment with its stately ballroom setup complete with windows showing off beautiful views outside!

As you enter this high-end club, what draws your attention are the well-flanked stairway and doorway that lead to an attractive space. The furnishings have been arranged in signature Armani Casa style - lively lounge with sexy main bar come down to late morning hours on-duty DJ's spinning tunes for all ages!

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5. The Club

The Club Milan

The Club is a famous nightclub in Milan, Italy. The venue never fails to amaze its patrons with incredible live performances and exciting DJ sets that can be found there every day of the week! You'll always find some great surprises at this clubbing hotspot- from international visitors who want an unforgettable experience while visiting our city, locals looking for their next big nightlife adventure or just someone wanting Friday evening off work; whatever your reason may be you know exactly where to go: The Club!

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6. Vibe Room

Vibe Room Milan

Vibe room Milan is a club with two floors, each renovated to have high ceilings and stained glass windows. The music there will remind you of the vibe found in New York City for both their furniture selection as well anthe Drake song that can be heard on one level while Future's "Shovel Ready" plays upstairs. This place has really created this perfect balance between classy yet still letting loose at any time during your visit!

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7. LoolaPaloosa

loolapaloosa Milan

The first time I walked into LOOLAPALOOSA, the lights were dim and it had a very relaxed atmosphere. The bar was lined with people of all ages drinking cocktails or wine as they chatted about their day on one of many lounge chairs that dotted this rooftop patio (which also features some serious poolside living). It felt more like your favorite backyard party than somewhere formal enough for business meetings; but don't worry - there are plenty spaces available if you need them!

The club is the perfect place to let yourself go for an evening. The space has both formal and casual elements, opening early in order to accommodate people who want a drink before work or staying all night with DJ sets by some of Milan’s most popular names. There are always joyful people here so you'll have no problem letting your inhibitions fly!

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8. Old Fashion

At Old Fashion, you'll find a place where dreams come true in the heart of Milan. The Club is divided into two rooms and an outdoor patio with glass walls overlooking a private summer garden that's fully equipped for your night out - complete with three bars offering high-quality champagne as well spirits to go perfectly together! If exclusive surroundings are what YOU'RE looking forward too then look no further because this club has 'em all: from majestic staircases leading up or down depending on how fancy one feels that day-to date it offers 4 VIP areas including 2 inside spaces separated by internal barriers so everyone can enjoy privacy while still being able to access everything within each respective room

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Le mot de la fin

We hope you enjoy this list of the best nightclubs open on Friday in Milan. These clubs are visited by locals and tourists alike, so we're confident that they'll have something for everyone's tastes! Whether it’s a glamorous night out with friends or an off-the-beaten path location to meet new people while enjoying live music, these venues should offer your perfect evening event. Have fun exploring!