The Best Electro Nightclubs in Ibiza in 2022

Privilege Ibiza

Privilege Ibiza

Do you like to party? Do you like to dance until the sun comes up? If you answered yes to either of those questions, then Ibiza is the place for you! This island off the coast of Spain is known around the world for its incredible nightclubs and electro music. And in 2022, things are only going to get better, as a slew of new clubs are set to open their doors. So if you're looking to experience the best electro nightlife that Ibiza has to offer, read on! These are the top clubs that you don't want to miss.

1. Ushuaïa

Ushuaia Ibiza

Ushuaïa Ibiza is known as one of the best hotels in Playa d'en Bossa. Not only do they host some big name artists, but their events program has been making waves around the world for years now.

Before Ushuaia became a popular nightclub in Ibiza, it hosted big DJs who helped make their reputation quickly grow. These great artists produced other people's tracks and remixed old classics to create an amazing stage show. In fact, the club is known for its talented dancers as well as VIP section that brings more than just rave parties but also world-class DJ sets on weekends with international acts stopping by regularly now.

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2. Heart

Heart Ibiza

A new restaurant in Ibiza, HEART is not just a dining experience. It's an immersive journey that takes you on the boundaries of art and gastronomy with body painters, urban dancers, muses in colorful costumes throughout your meal time plus exhibitions for those who want to absorb fine arts at HEART.

The final chapter of the HEART Ibiza experience is an elegant nightclub that transforms into live music and electronic DJ party until dawn.

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3. Amnesia

Amnesia Ibiza

At Amnesia, the clubbing experience is taken to a new level. Ibiza's most quintessential club has hosted some of its best moments and you'll never know what will happen next! The Club Room provides dark cavernous space for those who want it while Terrace offers up an arena when light floods in with sunrise. And if that doesn't sound exciting enough, watch out because ice cannons are waiting to strike as well!

A night of live music, drinks, games and events - a party that will have you forgetting everything outside the club. Every day has themed an event with a different theme so as not to bore any potential visitor. There's something for everyone at Amnesia Ibiza!

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4. Privilege

Privilege Ibiza

Privilege Ibiza, the largest nightclub in the world recognized by Guinness World Records as such, is unlike anything you will ever see! This club looks like an aircraft hangar with a pool at its center. It's famous for hosting spectacular parties that are grandiose and extravagant beyond imagination. Nothing can compare to it; nothing has been done to this extent before when going out or attending clubs!

Privilege Ibiza is the best place to be if you want a unique experience that's unlike any other. You'll have access to Manumission, which allows everyone -- regardless of their beliefs or sexuality -- to express themselves freely and without fear of retribution or judgment. Clubbing takes up most people’s time while traveling for leisure; there isn't a better club than this beachside establishment with its world-class pool overlooking all of town!

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Final word

The best electro nightclubs in Ibiza are all around, so it’s up to you to find the one that suits your tastes and needs. With these top picks for 2022, we hope that you have a better chance of finding what you're looking for!