The Best House Nightclubs in London in 2021

1OAK London

1OAK London

If you're looking for a night out in London, then I've got a perfect idea. You want to go clubbing and have fun with your friends right? Well, if that's what you're after and you don't know where to start, this article is just for you! You will learn about the best house nightclubs in London today so that when it comes time for 2021 whichever year suits your fancy, you'll be able to say "I was there" at one of these amazing clubs. Not only will we talk about the top 5 clubs but also some honorable mentions as well! So let's get started, shall we?

1. The Box

The Box London

The Box is one of the most exclusive burlesque clubs in London, and you'll feel at once welcomed as soon as you walk through its door. With a warm atmosphere waiting for guests on their guest list from the moment they enter The Box's mysterious doors, this club will make sure that your time there feels like paradise!

For those who are dreaming about being in London and feeling the buzz of an extraordinary city let The box be your place to have all these dreams come true. This nightspot was considered by many people to be one of Soho’s hottest places where only special arrivals were welcome inside.

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2. Cuckoo Club

Cuckoo London

Cuckoo Club London is an exciting nightclub that's quickly becoming one of the hottest spots in all of London. Opened by BIBA founder and interior fashion designer Barbara Hulanicki, this 2-floor 5k square feet space offers a vibrant atmosphere perfect for intimate dining or dancing while you enjoy drinks with friends!

The dance floor is decorated with LED studded ceilings while the bar in the basement offers a one-of-kind drinking experience. The club's opulent interior design has hints of rock & roll influences that add to its beauty, making it popular among London’s most elite clubs.

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3. Maddox

Maddox Lndon

Maddox is a sleek and exclusive hotspot in the West End neighborhood. You'll find it at 3-5 Mill Street, just off Oxford Road. This multi-purpose venue has everything you need for an evening out: from delicious food to cocktails to friends! Maddox offers premium bottle service on two floors with dedicated smoking areas and intimate Shisha Lounge spaces too — meaning that no matter what occasion calls for celebration, there's always room at our table

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Tabu London

This is a club that will transport you to the faraway continent and the unique world of Asia. Tabu's overall theme, inspired by gritty seedy areas in some major cities around there including Tokyo, Hong Kong & Seoul has made it so they are able to create an unforgettable experience with their patrons!

When you enter Tabu London, the neon logos on staircases and in hallways light up to guide visitors down each level. There are also street signs hanging from ceilings that add a backstreet vibe while black & white manga cartoons decorate bathroom stalls for a unique twist!

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5. Proud Late

Proud Late London

The future of late-night cabaret is now in London. A new, limited time venue has opened that features world class mixologists and performers under one roof with belly dancers! This futuristic superclub can be found underneath Waterloo Bridge for an unforgettable experience you'll long remember - so see it while there's still space left this weekend or before they're all gone forever...

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6. 1 OAK

1OAK London

The most exclusive and elite club in London is about to open its doors, welcoming a new generation of party-goers with it. 1OAK features the best that local nightclubs have to offer: from high-end service staff and live music performances by world-renowned DJs all while providing patrons an unforgettable experience reflective only on those deemed worthy enough to be welcomed into this once so elusive atmosphere. It will not disappoint!

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Final word

The best house nightclubs in London are waiting for you. You'll find which one is perfect for your needs and experience a night out like no other. Make sure to check back on this blog, as we will continue updating the list of top clubs with new information! And if you're looking for something different, make sure to read our article about the worst clubbing experiences ever so that you can be better prepared when it comes time to go out!