Monday Parties in Marbella 2023: Let's Go Out Tonight

Nao Marbella

Photo credits: Nao Marbella

Get ready to go out and have a blast on Monday in Marbella this 2023. We've put together a comprehensive list of the top nightclubs in Marbella that are open and ready to party. From high-energy clubs to sophisticated lounges, we've got you covered. So grab your crew and let's get ready for a night of partying, dancing, and having fun.

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1. News Cafe

News Cafe Marbella

Photo credits: News Cafe

News Cafe is a trendy club in Marbella that offers the best view of Puerto Banus. It's one among many clubs to host some of their most elite events here, and it winds up being an open air terrace where you can enjoy watching all those go by!

News Cafe in Marbella is the ideal place to meet friends and do business during daytime, perfect for people watching due its frontline location.

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2. Pangea

Pangea Marbella

Photo credits: Pangea

Pangea Marbella has been the first choice of jet-setting cosmopolitan and international tourists alike. With its valet parking area filled with luxurious cars, it is usually able to attract a crowd that is equally as high class during weekdays when compared against weekends which are more wild for those who want nothing but live their lives in luxury all night long!

Pangea Marbella is a venue that has served as an ideal retreat for celebrities and elite people since it was first opened. With its unbeatable service, beautiful amenities such as 360 degree views of the city from roof terrace set up with mixed music played by international DJs, Pangea Marbella is sure to become your next favorite place!

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3. Tibu

Tibu Marbella

Photo credits: Tibu

Whether you're looking for an evening of romance or just want to dance the night away, Puerto Banus has what it takes. From its many luxurious club venues and TIBU Marbella nightclub that is considered best in town - this small Spanish municipality on Mexico's Pacific coast will not disappoint!

TIBU is the place to be if you’re in Marbella. With its huge open-air terrace, this club has everything that party animals need! You can enjoy live performances from international DJs or just dance all night long with your friends under the stars on our rooftop restaurant while eating delicious food! So what are you waiting for? Make plans today so you don't miss out when it's time to celebrate at TIBU!"

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4. La Suite

La Suite Marbella

Photo credits: La Suite

The new La Suite Marbella is one of the most innovative and cutting edge clubs in all of Europe, giving you an unforgettable nightlife experience with its modern design that epitomizes glamour. With international celebrities comes luxuriousness on every level - this place has it going strong!

The La Suite is one of the elite clubs in this area. It has an outstanding design, extremely friendly staff and superb DJs that make for a great night out every time! The club offers top-of-the line music with their famous Funktion One sound system which you won't find anywhere else around!

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5. Plaza Beach

Plaza Beach Marbella

Photo credits: Plaza Beach

The famous port Puerto Banus, with its luxurious and glitzy lifestyle is a must-see. Plaza Beach allows you to fully enjoy this mesmerizing view of the Mediterranean coastline while sitting by an infinity pool or enjoying drinks at one of many restaurants nearby. The food menu offers various options for taste testing as well as cocktails that will leave your mouth watering!

Plaza Beach is the place to be all summer long. The famous Plaza beach has been a hot spot for DJs and celebrities since it first opened its doors, so if you're looking to enjoy some leisure time with friends or family this should absolutely be on your list of places!

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6. Nao

Nao Marbella

Photo credits: Nao

Nao Marbella is now a hot spot and impresses everyone in Marbella. If you’re up for the finest food, best cocktails and atmosphere of this gorgeous venue then experience an all day at Nao Pool Club as we're located between tropical gardens with nature giving us just what we need- some wild moments while enjoying your full stomach or mouth watering drinks!

Ever wanted to spend a day at the pool? Well, now you can do just that! Nao Pool Club is located in Puerto Banus with an open-air restaurant and bar surrounding it. This location gives guests access from both land as well as water so they are able enjoy their time spent here!

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7. Babilonia

Babilonia Marbella

Photo credits: Babilonia

Babilonia is an excellent place to go if you want a taste of the luxury life in Puerto Banus. With its luxurious surroundings and stunning view of one bay, this lounge bar will not disappoint!

A great place to party with a hip, trendy vibe Babilonia Marbella is also one of the best night time venues in Puerto Banus. Enjoy music by resident DJs and see that you're not only on land when looking out at all those lights!

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8. Olivia Valere

Olivia Valere Marbella

Photo credits: Olivia Valere

Olivia Valere Marbella is a sophisticated nightclub that caters to every walks of life. From the energetic party goers, those who just wish for an enjoyable evening with friends and family or perhaps some time alone at home; this venue offers everything your heart desires! It has spacious dance floors as well as outdoor terraces so you can enjoy yourself no matter where on site you find ourselves!

It is not hard to spot celebrities at the club because of its beautiful venue, good music and lots of Models. The service here is also excellent with elegant people around that will make you feel right at home in this friendly atmosphere!

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9. Vudu

Vudu Marbella

Photo credits: Vudu

Vudu Marbella is a recent restaurant, cocktail and club bar that has established itself as an iconic spot for those looking to have some fun. This venue can be found just off the Puerto Banus entrance road - which makes it perfect if you're taking your vacation or leisure time seriously! You'll find creative drinks here with unique flavors depending on what nightlife activities are happening in town at any given moment; but rest assured they've got everything from classic cocktails too so there's something everyone will enjoy drinking upon arrival.

Vudu is one of the most unique restaurants in Puerto Banus. The play & food experience at this high-end destination combines interactive, exquisite cuisine with an uplifting nightlife atmosphere for your appetite! You can have a perfect date here to catch up over great drinks or international dishes while sharing stories about what's going on around town - it won't matter because Vudus has got you covered when it comes down right now!

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10. Momento

Momento Marbella

Photo credits: Momento

The moment you walk into Momento Marbella, the first thing that hits your senses are intense cultures. This is because this place has a great mix of both people and places for connecting with other guests or sharing stories over drinks at one of its many bars! Plus it offers access to four unique spaces filled with lush greenery where visitors can enjoy some peace among all these options - whether they want late night music by DJs spinning timeless dance classics while others sway together under dim lights; indulging in high-end cuisine prepared fresh daily in open kitchens designed especially for large groups!

At Momento, you'll experience the best. With world-famous DJs spinning their beats on stage every night at this leading clubbing destination, there's no better place for those who love to dance!

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11. Aqwa Mist

Aqwa Mist Marbella

Photo credits: Aqwa Mist

You won't want to miss Aqwa Mist's incredible Marbella trip. For those who love VIP experiences, you'll be in heaven with their exclusive clubbing and waterpark that offers something new for the Spanish coastline! With an amazing 30ft waterfall, state of the art sound system including a spinning disco ball DJ booth!. Super VIP room equipped with private bar & terrace -- this resort has it all. And don’t forget about their rock pool jacuzzi oracle deck overlooking beachfront views from high up above - we know what our guests like best- variety at its finest!

If you are looking to have the best night of your life, then Aqwa Mist is where it's at. With many celebrities having their biggest nights here and world class acts like Neyo performing on our beautiful stage - this place has become "the home" for Marbella locals who want big things!

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Final word

In conclusion, Marbella is a hub of nightlife, with a wide range of clubs, bars, and lounges that cater to different tastes. Monday nights are the perfect time to party, and this article has highlighted the best nightclubs in the city that are open on Monday. Whether you're in the mood for a wild party or a quiet drink with friends, you'll find the perfect spot to suit your needs. So, let's go out tonight and experience the best nightlife that Marbella has to offer.

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