Sunday Parties in Marbella 2023: Let's Go Out Tonight

Linekers Marbella

Photo credits: Linekers Marbella

Get ready to go out and have a blast on Sunday in Marbella this 2023. We've put together a comprehensive list of the top nightclubs in Marbella that are open and ready to party. From high-energy clubs to sophisticated lounges, we've got you covered. So grab your crew and let's get ready for a night of partying, dancing, and having fun.

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1. News Cafe

News Cafe Marbella

Photo credits: News Cafe

News Cafe is a favorite venue among those who want to watch the sunset and enjoy some quality time with friends. The open air terrace promises the best view of Puerto Banus' port, making it an institution in this area for clubs that offer innovative events with views like no other!

News Cafe is an ideal place to meet friends and do business during the daytime, perfect for people watching due its front line location. With stunning views of boats in port as well as rows upon elegant yachts from all around town you will surely have a great time partying here at night too!

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2. Pangea

Pangea Marbella

Photo credits: Pangea

Pangea Marbella is the first club choice for both cosmopolitan jetsetters and international travelers. With its valet parking area usually filled with Ferrari or Porsche cars, it has been dominating coast nightlife for years!

Join other people who want nothing but live an unforgettable party every Sunday to Thursday at 10:30 PM until 3 AM and on Friday to Saturday at 10:30 PM until 4 in the morning. It truly will be the wildest time of your lives as you let loose under crystal clear lights while feeling drugged out through its state-of-the art sound system!

Pangea Marbella has an unbeatable service and amenities, such as the breathtaking 360 view of Valencia's skyline. The amazing roof terrace set up where mixed music is played by various international DJs makes this venue even more appealing for locals!

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3. Tibu

Tibu Marbella

Photo credits: Tibu

Whether you're looking for an evening of romance or just want to dance the night away, Puerto Banus has what it takes. From its many luxurious club venues and TIBU Marbella nightclub that is considered best in town - this small Spanish municipality on Mexico's Pacific coast will not disappoint!

TIBU is the place to be if you’re in Marbella. With its huge open-air terrace, this club has everything that party animals need! You can enjoy live performances from international DJs or just dance all night long with your friends under the stars on our rooftop restaurant while eating delicious food! So what are you waiting for? Make plans today so you don't miss out when it's time to celebrate at TIBU!"

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4. La Suite

La Suite Marbella

Photo credits: La Suite

A new and trendy nightclub, La Suite Marbella promises to become one of the most renowned clubs in the international circuit. Designed by a famous French decorator with an avant-garde touch that will give you unforgettable nights full of glamour and excitement! With crowds from rich celebrities as well, this club offers everything for your perfect nightlife experience!

La Suite is an elite club that offers the best of both worlds. The fantastic design and staff combined with world-class DJs make it one to check out, especially if you're looking for some high energy music!

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5. Plaza Beach

Plaza Beach Marbella

Photo credits: Plaza Beach

The Plaza Beach is a haven for all your luxury needs. It's no wonder the famous port Puerto Banus, known for its glitz and glamour can be found in this paradise with access to one of Spain’s best beaches as well palm-tree lined surroundings--paradise truly feels like it has been set up just for you!

Plaza Beach is the place to be during summer in Marbella. The famous Plaza Beach features DJs performing popular hits and other celebrities artists, all while you enjoy your perfect day at sea!

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6. Nao

Nao Marbella

Photo credits: Nao

Nao Pool Club is a hidden gem in the heart of Marbella, Spain. With stunning views and delicious food Nao has been one of the hottest spots for locals to visit or celebrate with friends! If you're looking for scenery that will take your breath away while sipping on some perfectly mixed cocktails then come experience what makes this club unique!

Nao Pool Club is a day clubbing in Puerto Banus with a Pool and Restaurant surrounded by nature. The resident DJ’s play the best music for its guests, so if you want to spend an exclusive day out there then this place will be your new hot spot!

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7. Babilonia

Babilonia Marbella

Photo credits: Babilonia

The Babilonia is a lounge bar in Puerto Banus. You can enjoy people watching from its impressive open-front entrance, while sipping on some cocktails or wine at this top class establishment!

The night skies of Puerto Banus are always bright and filled with stars. The best way to enjoy the view is at Babilonia Marbella, where you can dance all night long under an array of stars!

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8. Olivia Valere

Olivia Valere Marbella

Photo credits: Olivia Valere

Olivia Valere is a sophisticated nightclub that caters to every walk of life. From the energetic party goers, to those who just wish to relax and enjoy themselves without any stress or pressure - Olivia has something in store for everyone! With its spacious dance floor as well as an impressive outdoor terrace with cocktail bar on site plus DJs spinning some top quality tunes each night; this venue provides an unforgettable experience!

The celebrity spotting at this club has been known to be one of the best in town. The beautiful venue and well-known DJ’s make for an excellent atmosphere that is worth seeing if you are ever traveling around or looking for some good music!

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9. Vudu

Vudu Marbella

Photo credits: Vudu

Vudu Marbella is the perfect venue for those who are looking to party hard. With its luxurious, yet comfortable atmosphere and creative cocktails that will have you feeling like royalty all while enjoying an amazing view of Puerto Banus from atop this new spot in town; there really isn't any reason why anyone should miss out on what Vudu has going on!

The best night of your life is just waiting for you at Vudu Marbella. This high-end destination in the city has interactive, exquisite and beautifully presented cocktail & dining options that will leave all inhibitions behind! The venue mounts an uplifting experience with help from award winning mixologists or master Chefs like yourself to make sure cocktails are always on point no matter what time it may be during celebratory weeknights here - which means there's never another event quite like this one around town.

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10. Momento

Momento Marbella

Photo credits: Momento

Momento Marbella is a temple for music lovers and offers an experience like no other. With four unique spaces to explore, the venue connects guests with different cultures while they enjoy themselves at this amazing club destination!

The Momento nightclub is a destination for those who want to be wowed with elegance and glamor. The club has some of the best DJs in town, so you'll never miss out on great music!

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11. Aqwa Mist

Aqwa Mist Marbella

Photo credits: Aqwa Mist

Experience the ultimate in luxury and style with Aqwa Mist. A 30ft waterfall, private bar and terrace, an exquisite sound system will make your ears tingle, as well as many other surprises for those willing to go beyond what's expected at this exclusive clubbing experience where opulence meets innovation! Marbella is incomplete without it visiting out here- come see why!

Aqwa Mist has been the home of many celebrities and world-class performers. If you are up for your biggest night out ever, then Aqwa mist is where it’s at! From international superstars like Neyo to American music icons such as Chris Brown, this place has seen it all when it comes to entertainment in Marbella's most famous nightclubbing hot spot!

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Final word

In conclusion, Marbella is a thriving center for nightlife, with a diverse array of clubs, bars, and lounges that cater to various preferences. Sunday nights are the ideal opportunity to have a blast, and this article has highlighted the best nightclubs in the city that are open on Sunday. Regardless of whether you're seeking a crazy night or a relaxed drink with your peers, you'll find the perfect place to match your mood. So, let's go out and enjoy the best nightlife that Marbella has to offer.

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