Disco is back! Reopening of Nightclubs July, 9th in France

The days of being able to enjoy the vibes of a nightclub are coming back! It's official: the doors of discotheques, clubs, and nightclubs will reopen on July 9. Alain Griset stated that a health pass would be mandatory to enter these establishments.

Réouverture des clubs et discothèques en France

Nightclubs, bars, and dance parties are coming back! This is the news that many of us have been waiting for. The days of being able to enjoy the vibes of a nightclub are coming back with the reopening on July 9. The news was announced by Minister Alain Griset this morning.

The last phase of easing restrictions is finally here! After announcing the end of the curfew and obligation to wear a mask outdoors, the government has affirmed on Monday, June 21, news long-awaited by young people and professionals of the nightlife industry.: Nightclubs will be able to reopen their doors from July 9th, 2021.

Nightclubs will reopen in France on July 9th

The nightclubs, closed since the start of the sanitary crisis, will be reopening next week. Several establishments had to close and it's a sign that the nightlife industry has been hard during this period.

Minister of State for SMEs, Alain Griset, had a meeting with nightclub owners to discuss the conditions for reopening clubs and discotheques. It is at the end of this meeting, he announced that these establishments could reopen on July 9th.

Vaccinated to be able to dance again?

Nevertheless, the nightclub industry has been ordered to tighten its sanitary protocol. From this year onwards, some measures will be enforced that seems too severe for insiders. They fear these can discourage people from going out on weekends.

One of the most controversial measures is forcing people to present a health card before entering the nightclub. Only those who have received their two doses of vaccine are allowed to enter the nightclub, at least 14 days after your second dose. A catastrophic rule for Patrick Malvaës, president of the union of clubs and discotheques across France. "30% percent of young people are anti-vaccination," he explains to BFMTV, "and only 6.2% of those under 29 years have been vaccinated."

The health protocol also mentions a gauge of 75% that is required inside the facility. This gauge can be raised to 100% outside clubs with open spaces. At least one good piece of new, wearing a mask is not required for the dance floor.