The Best Nightclubs Open on Monday in Paris (2021 Edition)

Matignon Paris

Matignon Paris

You're looking for a night out on Monday? Well, you've come to the right place.

Here in Paris, there are plenty of great nightclubs open and ready to go for your nightlife enjoyment! Whether you're looking for an electrifying night out with friends or one where you can relax over cocktails and bask in some live music.

1. Deflower

Deflower Paris

In a city well-known for its love of nightlife, Deflower is the place to go when you're looking for that perfect combination between bar and nightclub. With hours that run from 9 pm to 3 am, this concept which has yet never been seen in France guarantees an incomparable succession of moments with precious experiences only found here. After you've danced yourself into exhaustion there's always time for some drinks or wine by the glass before heading home! Vinyl sets and Marshall speakers intermingle with already cult neon lights at this reconstituted studio; one thing's certain: no matter what your desires are they'll be satisfied here.

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2. Medellin

Medellin Paris

Medellin Paris is your favorite city's newest upscale lounge. Sitting at the bottom of Avenue Marceau, this club offers live Latin music with a rotating cast of DJ’s every night until 5 am.

From its dress code to its reservation policy, Medellin Paris was made for those who want the demeanor of an elite clientele and all their every need too. Catch Narcos vibes as you enter out front doors into a lovely lobby before sinking in plush couches surrounded by rich woods and amber lights that will make anyone feel captivating enough to mingle with even other visionary elites like yourself!

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3. Matignon

Matignon Paris

Enjoy the sophisticated and exclusive atmosphere of Matignon Paris during the day, but for an even better experience go at night! While listening to deep house music, enjoy cocktails because it's a well-known fact that they're served with our garnish fruits de Saison.

At night this spot is not only elegant and luxurious - one might say it's exceptionally energizing due to high turnover rates from its customer base who are too busy dancing all night long against the mirrors making them feel like they're in some kind of dreamy movie sequence.

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Final word

We hope you found the perfect place to go out tonight, and can't wait to see you very soon. If not, contact us! We will do our best to find that special spot where all your dreams come true.

Have a great time exploring Paris's best Monday night spots.