Maison Blanche

Maison Blanche

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If you are looking forward having a great time with your friends, Maison Blanche is all you need. Located in Paris, Maison Blanche offers good music in beautiful surroundings. This high-end boutique hosts ones of the best parties in Paris.

Spotting celebrities at Maison Blanche Paris is not uncommon, especially during Paris Fashion Weeks. That is why the entry policy and the dress code are very strict. We recommend that you book a table at Maison Blanche to secure your entry if you want to party at Maison Blanche Paris.

By booking a Maison Blanche table you make the choice of an awesome night. With excellent DJ’s and beautiful people, you will discover all the magic a night out in Paris can offer.

Booking a VIP Table at Maison Blanche is quick and easy, drop us a message. We will contact you as soon as possible to finalize your booking.

Wondering what the price of a table at Maison Blanche Paris is? Contact us as the minimal spending depends on the night.

Emplacement de la soiree Maison Blanche


Maison Blanche

15 Avenue Montaigne
75 008 Paris

Emplacement de la soiree Maison Blanche



23:59 - 05:00
Dress Code Maison Blanche


Dress Code

Smart and Elegant


RnB, Hip Hop

Minimum Age


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