The Best Nightclubs Open on Friday in Rome (2021 Edition)

Piper Club Rome

Piper Club Rome

Friday nights in Rome are always a blast, and this year there are even more great nightclubs to choose from! Whether you’re looking for chic dance clubs, underground vibes, or just want to rage until the sun comes up, we’ve got you covered. Ready to party? Here are the best nightclubs open on Friday in Rome!

1. Art Cafe

Art Cafe Rome

The Art Cafe nightclub in Rome is a place to go if you want an experience like no other. Rich and famous people alike have been dominating this club for years, making it one of the trendiest clubs not only during nightlife but throughout all historic cities within Italy as well! With sleek surroundings coupled with VIP tables surrounded by private seating areas everywhere around us, the Art Cafe offers guests something truly special-a memorable evening they'll never forget! Come to the Art Cafe and get your dose of music, culture, food & drinks at an exclusive club that has a different theme each night. The perfect place for anyone who wants something new!

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2. Futurarte

Futurarte Rome

The Futurarte club in Rome is an exclusive nightlife destination that features modern art as décor and delivers on its promise to offer guests something different. Known for hosting fantastic dance nights, delicious appetizers, and inventive drinks, this place has it all! Discover a slice of incredible clubbing with the best dance nights, DJ sets and parties in Rome. The Futurarte Club is always top-class when it comes to organizing events that will leave you awestruck! Make your advance table reservations now for this luxurious venue so as not to miss out on any fun times ahead!

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3. Raspoutine

Raspoutine Rome

The Raspoutine is one of the most premier nightclubs in Rome, and it's not hard to see why. A traditional clubbing destination for years now thanks to its prime location at Palazzo Dama Hotel (included), this chic spot offers an unforgettable party experience like no other! Don't miss out on your chance when visiting! You will be enchanted by the glamorous clubbing space in Rome. This luxury venue features an intimate vibe with rich velvet carpets and golden fittings, while also having more open areas for dancing or exclusive VIP tables available to book!

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4. La Cabala

La Cabala Rome

La Cabala, located in the heart of Rome is just a few steps away from Piazza Navona. It's a one-of-a-kind club with its beautiful bar and spectacular view that will make anyone want to party all night long! With prices to match, this club has an impressive dance floor and sofas for guests to lounge on. With drinks flowing at the Bar as well as lounging space in abundance- it's no surprise that La Cabala is one of Miami’s most popular nightlife spots!

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5. Piper Club

Piper Club Rome

The Piper Club is one of the most historic clubs which is located in Via Tagliamento and has a capacity of around 1500 people. It's an attraction for club-lovers, both local to Rome or international visitors that want some good music with their weekends! You would find it intriguing when visiting this place on special occasions since they organize great parties every now and then! Come down for some fun! The Piper Club offers a wide range of activities that guests can enjoy. You'll find drinks, food and music in the bar area along with private rooms dedicated only for your event or party. If you're looking to host something really special, look no further than this well-known venue!

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6. Toy Room

Toy Room Rome

The Toy Room is one of the most exclusive nightclubs in Rome. Having garnered prestige and popularity across other parts of the world, this clubbing destination can be found attracting some very famous names including Leonardo Di caprio or even Rihanna! With its lavish interiors coupled with an exciting atmosphere, the toy room ensures you will never want for anything when visiting it as they always have something new each time you visit! The Toy Room is a high-end nightclub in Rome that you'll want to experience. The club's classic interior offers something for everyone from those looking for pure dance music, event attendees and party goers alike with its famous events such as DJ nights or even special parties!

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7. Shari Vari

Shari Vari Rome

The Shari Vari nightclub in Rome is a must-visit for those who enjoy clubbing. This famous venue has been hosting music events and parties, making it one of the most exclusive clubs around! The Shari Vari nightclub is the perfect place to get your dance on. With each room perfectly aligned with music, you can meet up in one of their bars or take over one whole side for some heightened beats!

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Final word

Conclusion paragraph: If you're looking for a fun night out on the town, there are plenty of options in Rome. Whether it's your first time visiting or you've been living here for years, we hope these suggestions give you some new ideas and inspiration to enjoy this beautiful city without any regret!