The Best Nightclubs Open on Friday in Saint-tropez (2021 Edition)

VIP Room Saint Tropez

VIP Room Saint Tropez

A lot of people have been asking what the best nightclubs are in Saint-Tropez, and we're here to tell you! This is a list of all the clubs open on Friday night that you need to check out. The club scene is booming in France right now, so we made sure to find only the most exclusive places for your pleasure. Whether you want to dance it up with friends or meet someone new, these are some great options for Friday nights where anything can happen!


GAIO Saint Tropez

A Mediterranean fusion restaurant located in the center of Saint-Tropez. The vibrant cuisine is flavored by distinctive spices and fresh ingredients from all over the world, combined with French cooking techniques for dishes such as risotto créole and roast chicken with red wine sauce. The adventurous vibe gives a nod to his seaside locale, while the cocktails indeed transport one into an exotic new world.

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2. VIP Room

VIP Room Saint Tropez

The VIP Room in Saint-Tropez is a nightlife hotspot that lives up to the standards of its Parisian counterpart. It features global talent and does not disappoint with its lineups every week!

Once you're inside, enjoy the high-class atmosphere. You can even enjoy a white, glamorous and luxurious decor including a dancefloor area surrounded by two upstairs rooms with views overlooking it during colorful evenings.

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3. Les Caves du Roy

Les caves du Roy st tropez

From international stars to beautiful girls, Les Caves du Roy is the place where people like you want to be. Any given night during these celebrations could make for a stunning atmosphere: DJs and lasers setting off fireworks at just the right moment are all here!

This epic club has been the host of parties as famous as it gets with DJs who know exactly what we'll dance to next; come party in Saint Tropez because every time will be a unique experience that won't soon forget.

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Final word

Whether you are looking for a high-energy night out with top DJs playing all your favorite songs or a place to grab an after-party drink, the best nightclubs in Saint-Tropez have it all. We know that planning can be difficult when you don't speak French and we want to make sure that our recommendations give you everything you need on one list so finding the perfect club is easy peasy!

So what are you waiting for? Get ready to dance until dawn at one of these five clubs this weekend and let us know which was your favorite!