The Best Nightclubs Open on Wednesday in Miami (2021 Edition)

Wall Lounge Miami

Wall Lounge Miami

If you're looking for a place to party on Wednesday night, you've come to the right place. This blog post will rundown the best nightclubs open on Wednesday in Miami. Whether you're into electronic music or hip-hop, we've got you covered. So put on your dancing shoes and get ready for a night you won’t forget!​

1. E11even

E11Even Miami

E11even Miami is one-of-a-kind. This five star, 20 thousand square foot nightclub offers impeccable guest services and an unforgettable clubbing experience in South Florida's extreme nightlife scene that sets it apart from any other spot on earth! The E11even nightclub is the perfect place to escape every weekend. Whether you're looking for some after hours intense experiences or just want a wild night out with friends, this club has it all!

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2. Byblos

Byblos Miami

Byblos Miami is the perfect place to spend your Saturday night. This lounge has a marriage between Eastern Mediterranean cuisine and strong influences from both traditional and local ingredients, making it an excellent spot for those who want some well-needed relaxation without having loud or rowdy company! The best thing about this place? They serve food family style so everyone can eat together while enjoying themselves with friends—perfect if you're looking for something low key but still fun on a Thursday night!

3. Nautilus Cabana

Nautilus Cabana Miami

Nautilus Cabana offers guests the chance to enjoy a stay in Miami beach.They provide half-century old architecture with modern amenities, all set on an oceanfront terrace that you can access from any room indoors or out! The mix between French cooking and local cuisine will make this destination feel like home for many travelers who are looking forward to experiencing something new while still enjoying some traditional favorites! The Nautilus Cabana Club is a modern, luxurious restaurant in the heart of South Beach. Head chef Alex Guamaschelli creates a unique menu that fuses flavors from Miami cuisine with French specialties for an experience you won't forget!

4. Clevelander

Clevelander Miami

If you can't live a day without cocktail drinks, Clevelander is your favourite nightlife spot. It has unlimited cocktails every day and features go-go dancers at the pool area or stilt walkers who perform fire dancing amazing acts! Clevelander Miami is the place to be if you're looking for a sophisticated night out on South Beach. With an onsite sports bar including 20 TVs and large LED screen, this nightclub has everything from music videos alongside major sporting events all in one location!

5. Strawberry Moon

Strawberry Moon Miami

The new and trendy Mediterranean restaurant, bar, swim club is located on the streets of South Beach. They offer visitors an experience like no other with their eclectic taste in food as well as drinks that will make you want to stay for hours! As soon as you enter Strawberry Moon, a highly social and spacious food-and beverage concept welcoming in Deco pinks, lagoon blues and pale greens awaits. The bar covers everything from expensive cocktails to bottle service with sunset beers available for all patrons who come here looking for an exceptional experience that leaves them speechless!

6. Ora

Ora Miami

Inspired by the great nightlife moments in history, Ora promises to give a mixture of true VIP and exclusivity that Miami used to be known for. This chic venue aims fill what is currently missing from the scene with its glamourous ambiance! Ora is a chic cocktail lounge atmosphere, where you can enjoy "drink butlers" to make sure that your drinks are always full. The service will be different from other nightclubs- at ORA we greet our guests in their vehicles with an umbrella and hand shake before getting them seated at their table for a martini or two hours of dancing comfortably without pushing any one else around!

7. Komodo Miami

Komodo Miami Miami

The Komodo nightclub is a must-see for any tourist who enjoys the best of both worlds: great food and an exciting nightlife scene! The Komodo nightclub in Miami is a haven for those seeking the perfect place to have fun. Its 300-seater lounge cum club area offers multi level dining options with handcrafted cocktails, three bars offering exclusive drinks and an outdoor “bird’s nest" floating seating area that can be enjoyed day or night!

8. El Santo

El Santo Miami

El Santo's wonderful restaurant is a haven for those looking to embrace the vibrant culture of Lucha Libre and enjoy some Spanish cuisine. With an extensive menu that features shareable platters from around Asia, Peru or Latin America there’s something on it will satisfy your taste buds! El Santo's lounge is a place to sit back, relax and enjoy the music. With an antique church keyboard serving as DJ booth - you'll be able to relive your favorite memories with live performances from some of today's top DJs inside these cozy leather-studded lounges!

9. Basement

Basement Miami

Basement Miami is the place to be if you want some good music and great dance moves. No matter what your mood, there’s always something for everyone at this lively club! If you’re feeling drained from dancing at Basement Miami, head over to the bowling alley and ice skating rink. You can enjoy time spent with friends while forgetting about all of your troubles!

10. LIV

Liv Miami

With a blend of modern and traditional, LIV has redefined the Miami nightlife scene with an exciting atmosphere. LIV is an 18,000 square foot venue that has multiple stages and bars set up in its design. Perched high above crowds of voyeurs, performers or DJs alike can see all the action taking place down below them thanks to this stadium-like setting with no obstacles blocking views from anywhere within the site! This makes LIV one of Miami’s most sought after nightlife spots for anyone looking forward too their perfect party experience!

11. Mokai

Mokai Miami

The Mokai Miami is a haven for all your favorite nightlife activities in the city. With an intimate capacity of around 220 people, it offers you everything from parties and clubbing to dancing! You would be tempted to the grand showcase of the impressive club’s bar being its focal point, which features a dramatic display. The sophisticated glassware and bottles are sure to impress you - not only with their beauty but also for all that they have in store!

12. Racket

Racket Miami

As you enter the venue, your eyes are immediately drawn to a tiki-inspired rum and tequila bar. You will be amazed when the sky is lit at night or during daytime due to the live wood edge rolling steel island stage in front of it where luxury brands can be enjoyed alongside seasonal crafted cocktails & beers from some great breweries on site! Racket Miami is the perfect place to hang out with friends for drinks, pool tables and sports. The menu offers an ever-evolving mix of food items that are sure not to disappoint you! With live music every night throughout the entire venue as well as expertly crafted cocktails available at all hours it'll be hard to resist staying longer!

13. Hyde South Beach

Hyde South Beach Miami

Hyde South Beach Miami is a 1,100-capacity hotel that has branched out to other cities in addition to its home on Ocean Drive. The first location celebrates energy and style from dusk till dawn while the second spot offers endless pool parties for local flavor with open Thursdays - Sundays! Located at 1701 Collins Avenue Miami, FL 33139 and accessible by Metromover or Calle Ocho to Tourist Routes, it's easy for visitors of any age group. There is something waiting inside Hyde South Beach whether you're looking for daylife with plenty to do from 11 AM – 2 AM daily; nighttime fun that starts 10 PM Thursday - Saturday nights where the party never ends!

14. Nikki Beach

Nikki Beach Miami

One of the most lavish clubs in South Beach, Miami is located directly upon a beach. With amazing palm trees and torches as roofing overhead you'll be able to enjoy your clubbing experience! When looking for a good time with friends don't forget about Nikki Beach on Sunday afternoon! Nikki Beach is a place for fun in nature. The outdoor club feels like you're at home, but with all of these amenities that make it feel more luxurious than ever before!

15. Exchange

Exchange Miami

What's better than a night out with your friends? A luxurious one! Miami is the spot for having fun and catching up. From sound systems that will keep you on edge of any party, to decor so refined it would appeal even more than its beauty - there's no place like this! Don't miss out on the opportunity to dance the night away at one of Miami's best clubs, with live performances by an incredible hip hop artist. With its mix of music and location in South Beach, it will leave you feeling like a true VIP!

16. Vendome

Vendome Miami

Vendome is the perfect venue for hosting your next house party. Whether you're looking to impress friends or family with an upscale club vibe, guests will enjoy themselves when they visit this cozy spot! With its unique design elements paired against tradition in spirit - it's no wonder why so many people love coming here time after time again! When you walk through Vendome Miami’s doors, the architecture is sure to wow your senses with its grand style and high-bold drama. One guest described it as "a beautiful chaos of place."

17. Cameo

Cameo Miami

This club has an elegant DJ boot towards the center of it with a large, impressive main floor plan that includes both Miami's Cameo Nightclub and its sister nightclubs by The Opium Group including their other popular establishments such as Mansion. Atop this amazing space are 2nd-floor balconies overlooking rockin' dance floors below them on either side so you can watch your favorite DJs spin records all night long! If you are looking for a place to have some fun, the Cameo nightclub in Miami is your best bet. The top music charts include hip hop and house tunes as well as live performances from famous DJs!


The Miami nightlife scene is always bustling with new and innovative clubs to explore. If you're looking for a fun way to spend your Wednesday, we've got the perfect list of nightclubs in Miami that are open on Wednesdays! We hope this guide has helped you find an exciting spot to party and have some good old fashioned summertime fun in one of the most beautiful cities around. Happy clubbing!