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About us

Meet NOX

NOX is your go-to luxury concierge for high-end hospitality. Our mission is to provide unparalleled experiences to affluents and life enthusiasts who seek nothing but the best, no matter where they are.

Elite Lifestyle

At NOX, we understand that your time is precious, and your standards are high. That's why we offer a range of bespoke services, carefully curated to exceed your expectations. From luxury accommodation to exclusive dining experiences and one-of-a-kind night out, we take care of every detail, ensuring that your every desire is met.

Our team is available for you, dedicated to making your stay seamless and unforgettable. We pride ourselves on our personalized approach, tailoring every experience to your unique preferences and requirements.

With NOX, you can rest assured that you are in the best hands. We have extensive knowledge of the most luxurious destinations worldwide, and we work with only the finest establishments to ensure that you have access to the very best of what the world has to offer.

Elite Service

Our team of experts masterfully execute tasks with unparalleled finesse, perpetually crafting the next extraordinary experience.

L'Arc Paris


Excellence First

We take pride in our curated network of the finest luxury establishments worldwide. We carefully select each venue and only work with the best to ensure that our clients have access to the most exceptional experiences. To recognize the exceptional quality and service provided by these establishments, we have created our own Global Quality Label, known as the Excellence Awards.

The Excellence Awards are bestowed upon only the most exceptional hotels, resorts, restaurants, and entertainment venues. Our team of expert assessors follows strict criteria to evaluate each establishment's quality of service, design, entertainment lineup, and guest profile. Venues that meet our high standards are recognized with the most prestigious Excellence Award.

We take great care to ensure the integrity of our Excellence Awards, and we continue to work with our network of luxury establishments to maintain the highest standards of service and quality.

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