The Best Nightclubs Open on Saturday in Copenhagen (2021 Edition)

HIVE Copenhagen

HIVE Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a vibrant city with a lot of things to do. If you're looking for the best nightclubs open on Saturday, we have your back. This list will help you find a club that fits your needs and wants!

In this blog post, I will share with you the best nightclubs that are open on Saturday in Copenhagen. These clubs have a variety of different music genres and rule from top to bottom. This is an up-to-date list of all the nightclubs that are open late at night on Saturdays in Denmark's capital city, so stay tuned!


Arch Copenhagen

ARCH is a nightclub that's changing the game in Copenhagen. It has an innovative design and great vibes, which makes it one of the best places to go for an evening out. ARCH always stays on top by making sure they do their due diligence - something I'm confident will never change!

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HIVE Copenhagen

HIVE Copenhagen is a nightclub that strives to provide the best VIP table and bottle service. Upon walking in, you will be greeted with international standards of customer service as well as unparalleled levels of detail for your experience at HIVE!

The staff at HIVE are highly trained and skilled, with many of them award winners! Plus they offer premium liquor such as Grey Goose Vodka or Patron tequila. You can get whatever you want - whether it's just one drink before going home or something more low-key like wine on tap while listening to live music by popular artists downstairs.

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3. Museo

Museo Club Copenhagen

Museo Club is a new nightlife club in Copenhagen that specializes in high-class food and drink. An art installation greets you as soon as you walk into the venue, along with an exquisite menu of dishes and drinks to choose from. Dance all through the night while drinking cocktails crafted by their master mixologist, who also creates international music mixes for guests’ enjoyment!

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4. Chateau Motel

Chateau Motel Copenhagen

Chateau Motel is a new hotspot for late-night adventures in Copenhagen, catering to the audacious souls of all backgrounds. It provides patrons with different spaces, music genres and ambiances while they explore their own human communalities and variances during nocturnal searches for joyful experiences that make them into artists of the night (in any shape or size required). The venue offers solace from being whoever people wish at that moment - it's an inclusive environment where one can find approval.

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Final word

I hope that this list will help you and your friends find the best nightclub to party at on a Saturday night in Copenhagen. If there are any clubs that have opened up or closed down, please let me know so we can update our list for readers all over Denmark!