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About us

Luxury concierge platform for exclusive reservations

No matter where you are, discover and reserve the best hotels, clubs, and restaurants in seconds.

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Welcome to NOX

Your luxury concierge platform for exclusive reservations at restaurants, clubs, and hotels worldwide. Founded by Kasia, who shares a passion for VIP experiences, luxury, and travel. The mission is to provide a selection of the best places in the city, therefore you do not need to search for them or book them, just focus on the trip.

It all began with a vision for luxury nightlife, and NOX was instrumental in setting this vision in Paris. As the platform gained traction, Kasia identified an opportunity to not only include nightclubs but also expand to restaurants and hotels, extending its reach globally.

In 2024, NOX enhanced its offerings and introduced membership for bespoke concierge services. This development was aimed at saving time while ensuring high quality for those who seek luxury.

Today, Kasia leads NOX from Dubai, with a global reach and commitment to reserve the best venues, letting customers enjoy the city - without the concerns of finding the best places or making reservations.

Whether you're planning a lavish night out, Michelin dining, or a luxurious getaway, NOX is there for you.

How it work?

No matter where you are, we help you find and book the best places for you.

  1. Select your destination
  2. Get personalized recommendations
  3. Live memorable experiences
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How is Nox different

We created Nox to offer you the best experience with your family or friends, wherever you are.

  • Exclusive Access
  • Dedicated Luxury Concierge
  • Fully Personalized Service
  • Time Savings
  • Global Reach
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We are committed to offering you the best experience

We are ready to make your experience unforgettable, choose your desired destination and service and we will take care of the rest.

L'Arc Paris


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