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Le Nocturne Chicago

Le Nocturne Chicago

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Le Nocturne Chicago


Tauchen Sie ein in die magische Welt von Le Nocturne Chicago, tief im Herzen von Uptown. Es ist ein schicker Ort, versteckt und perfekt für eine fantastische Nacht.

Sie finden es auf 4810 N Broadway, ein geheimer Zufluchtsort vor der geschäftigen Stadt. Beim Eintreten werden Sie von kühlen, modernen Vibes und gemütlichen Plätzen zum Entspannen begrüßt. Es gibt auch einen großen Außenbereich für frische Luft und Spaß, mit Platz für 35 Gäste.

Le Nocturne verfügt über ein erstaunliches Soundsystem von 25.000 Watt von KV2 Audio, das jeden Beat kristallklar macht. Und mit 99 intelligenten Lichtelementen ist es ein Fest für Ihre Augen und Ohren.

Die Musik hier umfasst viele Stile, aber die Afro Fusion Nights sind ein Knaller. Sie werden zu Afrobeats, Hip-Hop, Dancehall und Soca tanzen. Und der Eintritt ist frei, was diese Nächte super lebendig macht.

Das Publikum ist so gemischt wie die Musik und zieht Musikliebhaber, modebewusste Leute und Partygänger an. Egal, ob Sie hier sind, um zur Musik zu tanzen oder mit Getränken zu entspannen, jeder fühlt sich willkommen.

Le Nocturne ist nicht nur ein Ort; es ist ein ganz besonderes Erlebnis. Tauchen Sie ein in diesen speziellen Ort, wo jeder Besuch die Chance bietet, bleibende Erinnerungen zu schaffen.

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Le Nocturne Chicago

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I hope this is review meets curious and interested minds well who have not discovered a new place to enjoy in this City. Especially if you are looking for a place in Chicago that is consistent, safe, fun and very hospitable. Uptown is a very culturally diverse community, and Le Nocturne is hidden gem in this community. I am a firm believer of sustaining and supporting places that are trying, succeeding, and doing what they love especially during trying times in our world. There is never a time where I have visited Le Nocturne where I have not had an enjoyable time. Even if you want to just come and listen, people watch, meet new people you can do that here. The management shows respect, and care always. I feel treated very welcoming, and I believe this is why people come back and any business can thrive because they stick to their vision. Even after a year of discovering this venue I have seen it grow, which is so amazing. I hope to see more expansion. Thursday is such a fun day to stop by after work is you can, weekends are busier but you will see a diverse, variety filled experience here. This business I can tell prioritizes safety, the security team is attentive to matters fast, and they make sure everything flows. Saturday's even if you want to come by at 1am there is room to enjoy afro beats and house music, which I looking forward to experiencing soon. The afro beat music showcases a plethora of music from black culture around the word and the Latino Music too. The bar staff, they take pride joy, and pay attention to what you need. I love that there is complimentary water set out for guests which is helpful , and is no hassle. Sometimes I just stop to feel the music, enjoy the space, & to mentally unwind. If you visit on a weekend make sure to meet Scotti, she is a lovely spirit to see behind the bar making any drink you need. You glow with black girl radiance, and I'm glad to see you there! So kind, and hip, and she cares about customers. Jeff the GM on site he works with his team, will greet you, and treats people with respect. They all work together. I love the sound booth too, I did not realize there were staff creating lights until earlier this year and it's a lovely component to see from the dance floor. I can tell that it takes a lot to make these events happen, and you all do it so seamlessly. Some places in Chicago and other places, you may encounter staff night life venues who are not focused on positive experiences as much. I hope more people visit Le Nocturne, I hope expansion is coming, and maybe other days with different musical events, listen sessions, the sky is the limit. You have my support, and coming here has impacting my social life/ well- being in a positive way during the pandemic. #uptown #afrobeats #classynightlife #chicagonightlife #housemusic #thingstodoinchicago #lenocturne #positiveparties #placestogo

Dream, 17.9.2023

I discovered this venue earlier this year right when certain opening restrictions in Chicago were slightly open to a certain capacity with the pandemic ( march maybe). The first time I visited I was very impressed and I felt safe. The staff followed every covid policy I could think of, they were persistent and consistent with making sure no one left their assigned sections, and the wait staff visited you as much as needed. You can bring food if desired and hungry into this space which is nice to eat while you drink. The capacity limit was never broken, and even in the middle of this world crisis I felt I could enjoy myself a bit more. I started to visit the venue more , mostly on Thursday's top enjoy the afro-beats music. The venue is always very clean from top to bottom from my perspective, no fights, the security is respectful, polite, and they are always visible and taking care of their work honorable. The management that I have met is always kind, diligent, and accommodating to guests. Whether I want to sit alone and listen to music on a seat in the back or close to the bar, I feel safe and able to enjoy myself. The bar staff is always friendly, and helpful. The DJS are wonderful, kind, and alway open to making each day a memorable experience. They love what they do its very evident. I Iove to see black music being spread and a diverse and empowering way. I have seen the Thursday's night experience grow since I first discovered the venue. The lighting is perfect and elegant. It always feels crispy, clean, and smells brand new. Even if I don't come to dance, I come to support, and take a break from my work week and day. I am glad to know this is happening, its worth my 27 minute drive from the the south side. I look forward to hearing more music. I visited Le Nocturne during my birthday week, and I brought some friends it was fun, and a great memory all the staff was cheering for me. I have met new people, and overall had positive experiences each time I have been here. I remember when I first came the DJs awarded free drink tickets which was a surprise. I am not a drinker but I have tried the one of the cocktails. The peach one is so flavorful, I love the rum punch specials. I know during the pandemic some of the rules and prices at different places change for business reasons, which is understandable. Overall I am happy to know I cam visit uptown for this experience, and I have never once felt unsafe , even with a mask on I enjoy myself. I hope to stay one night until 4am before it gets cold. Keep up the great work and the Afro Beat experience. One Love!

Marvanna, 2.9.2023

Excellent experience for Chosen Few pre party Good people, good vibes Excellent djs

La, 12.7.2023


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