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Le Deck Monaco


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Le Deck Monaco

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Nestled on the famous Avenue Princesse Grace, Le Deck Monaco shines as a top spot of luxury and fine dining in the heart of Monte-Carlo. This special place, part of the famous Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer, mixes the fun of a beach club with the taste of a high-end brasserie. It's a perfect spot for stylish relaxation and a touch of seaside glamour.

Picture walking into a place where a grand terrace opens up in front of you, with unbeatable views of a shiny Olympic pool and the wide beauty of Monaco Bay. Here, among soft palm trees and the vast blue sea, Le Deck welcomes its visitors with a cozy and friendly vibe. The air, filled with laughter and cheerful chats, creates the best setting for moments you'll always remember.

Dining at Le Deck is an amazing experience, with a menu that celebrates Mediterranean and Italian dishes. The focus on fresh, sea-based food means every meal, from the brightest oysters to the tastiest Breton blue lobsters and amberjack, is a treat. The chef's summer dishes, like delicious fish, tartares, or salads, bring out the best in the area's flavors.

As the day goes on, Le Deck smoothly changes from a peaceful lunch spot, under the sun and overlooking the sea, to a lively evening place. The music gently shifts with the time of day but always fits the chic, relaxed mood. The mix of local and international guests adds to the lively feel, making Le Deck a go-to for anyone wanting to enjoy the best of Monaco's seaside luxury.

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