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The Best Nightclubs Open on Monday in Hong-kong (2022 Edition)

Tazmania Hong-Kong

Tazmania Hong-Kong

In need of a place to let loose and have some fun on a Monday night? Look no further! Here are the best nightclubs in Hong Kong that are open on Mondays, so you can party all night long. Whether you’re looking for a club with amazing music, top-notch drinks, or an electric atmosphere, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of some of the best clubs that are open on Monday nights. So get your groove on and enjoy the party scene in Hong Kong!

1. Levels

Levels Hong-Kong

Spread across an impressive area of around 8000 square feet, the club Level Hong Kong is a high-end destination in the city. The sound system and interior designs are state of art for delivering a bespoke experience unlike any other place you have been before. Inspired by contemporary themes such as Solid & Liquid these areas offer something new every time to make sure there's always something fresh! When you're in need of a night that feels like it could only come from an alternate dimension, look no further than the mystical and enchanting Levels Hong Kong. The high-end clubbing destination is known for its top class sound system which delivers bespoke experiences tailored just for your tastes! Whether with friends or on dates - this venue will be sure to keep both parties satisfied all night long!

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2. Ignis

Ignis Hong-Kong

Ignis by Lynx is the most recent addition to Hong Kong's bustling nightlife scene. With a luxurious lounge and exclusive clubbing experience, this venue has been at the heart of Lan Kwai Fong for years; it offers fine contemporary dining in an atmosphere that can only be described as unforgettable! The Ignis club is a place where Orlando's elite gather to enjoy the best cocktails and lounging in style. The dimly lit lounge, with its LED lights all around provides an atmosphere that will make your night sparkle!

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3. Ozone

Ozone Hong-Kong

The Ozone Bar is situated at the 118th floor of an international landmark, and it's not hard to see why. The striking features include bespoke interiors with luxurious bar areas that are sure to impress any guest looking for a great experience in one location across all over Asia! The bar at the ICC has been called Ozone, because it's situated on one of the highest floors. The cocktails are delicious and tempting with special ingredients for an experience that is out-of-this world!

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4. Dragon I

Dragon I Hong-Kong

One of the most sought-after clubs in Hong Kong, Dragon I provides visitors with an unforgettable nighttime experience. This venue is renowned for its bespoke service and high quality food options which are available to suit your needs! The moment you walk into Dragon I, the sound of drums and guitar fill your ears. The lighting is set to a beautiful mix between traditional Chinese art pieces as well as contemporary ones which gives this club an impressive yet modern feel!

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5. Tazmania

Tazmania Hong-Kong

Tazmania is a leading destination for party-lovers, with its distinctive look and feel. The venue has managed to retain the reputation it gained since opening in 2002 as an all time favorite among visitors looking for quality nightlife experiences Tear down these walls - Tazmania's got what you need! Tazmania Ballroom is a sibling venue of the all-time famous ultra-modern nighttime destinations including Dragon I & Cassio in Hong Kong. The club was designed by Gilbert Yeung, one of the world's most celebrated interior designers and serves as an upscale party destination for those looking to dance their heart out under beautiful chandeliers or enjoy fine food from different cuisines!

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Final word

The Hong Kong club scene is a vibrant and diverse place, with something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to get your party started or just want to have an evening out, there are plenty of options waiting for you in the city by night. We hope this list has helped you find the perfect nightlife spot for your Monday evening. With so many options available, there's really no excuse not to go and have a party tonight.