The Best Hip-hop Nightclubs in London in 2021

Proud Late London

Proud Late London

London is the capital of England and one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. It's a city full of history, culture, and diversity. The people are welcoming, friendly, and always willing to help out tourists with directions or suggestions on where to visit next. If you're looking for a nightlife scene like no other- then London is your spot! Whether it be the bars lining up along Old Compton Street in Soho or the nightclubs located in trendy Shoreditch that have been around since before time began- there's something for everyone here!

You'll never fall short of an experience if you want to party in style while abroad- so don't miss out on this opportunity because I promise you won't regret it!

1. Toy Room

Toy Room London

The Toy Room Club is a place for you and your friends to have fun in luxury with leather paneling all around, brass studs that surround the chairs, a comfortable seating area, and relaxed lighting. This club also has R&B music every night from 11 pm until 3 am!

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2. Cirque Le Soir

Cirque London

One of the most exclusive nightclubs in London, Cirque du Soir caters to VIP clubbers only. Once you enter Cirque du Soir, it feels like you're entering into something magical and out of this world. World-class DJs, top performers, and exciting experiences fill up this one-of-a-kind experience that lives up to its name!

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3. Tape

Tape London

Tape nightclub is the best in London for music lovers. They have internationally famous DJs, and are home to celebrities from all over entertainment spectrum as both regular and feature acts- including pop culture stars such as musicians; even sports heroes that enjoy a night out with their celebrity counterparts can be found at this hot spot!

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4. Cuckoo Club

Cuckoo London

Cuckoo Club London is an exciting nightclub that's quickly becoming one of the hottest spots in all of London. Opened by BIBA founder and interior fashion designer Barbara Hulanicki, this 2-floor 5k square feet space offers a vibrant atmosphere perfect for intimate dining or dancing while you enjoy drinks with friends!

The dance floor is decorated with LED studded ceilings while the bar in the basement offers a one-of-kind drinking experience. The club's opulent interior design has hints of rock & roll influences that add to its beauty, making it popular among London’s most elite clubs.

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5. Maddox

Maddox Lndon

Maddox is a classy and private hotspot in the West End neighborhood. You'll find it at 3-5 Mill Street, just off Oxford Road. This multi-purpose venue has everything you need for an evening out: from delicious food to cocktails to friends! Upon entering our Mayfair club, we become your second home; suited for any event or party that arises, with premium bottle service on two floors as well as dedicated smoking areas and intimate Shisha Lounge space available upon request--everything you could want or dream of can be found here!

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6. Scandal

Scandal London

Scandal London - the new hot spot for you to fall in love with! The club has been carefully designed as a sophisticated and elegant place, but still manages not to lose that gritty atmosphere found throughout Amsterdam's Red Light District. You'll feel right at home when Scandal welcomes your senses into their VIP tables and luxurious accommodations; let this be just an appetizer before indulging yourself more fully in what can't be experienced anywhere else!

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7. Reign

Reign London

Welcome to London Reign, the place for performance theatre with aerial acts and a night of indulgent fun. Enter through luxurious velvet ropes that lead up past huge gold-framed mirrors to our sky lounge seating area. Once seated, feast your eyes on wonders such as life sized pineapple iced popsicles or feel like you're in VIP status when one of our mixologists pop round during an exclusive show!

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8. Proud Late

Proud Late London

Get ready for the most epic night of your life at London's newest superclub, Proud Late. With top DJ’s and breath-taking shows you won't want to miss this party!

A new era has arrived in late-night cabaret with a space dedicated solely towards mixing great drinks alongside world class performers under one roof - all set against an unforgettable backdrop that will leave even those unprom Sin City yearning for more

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Tabu London

Tabu is a party in the heart of London. The venue offers an immersive and unique experience for guests, with both upper and lower levels decorated to match its seedy downtown setting from around Asia's most populous cities including Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Seoul.

The Tabu London experience is a neon-soaked, manga-cartooned delight. From the brand's trademark iconic signs to their bathrooms decked out in black and white images of Japanese anime characters; it was hard not to be impressed by this vibrant club right off Dover Street!

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10. Luxx Club

Luxx London

Luxx Club London is the new venue for your perfect night out. With its premier service and hidden exclusivity, there's no better place to go dancing until early hours of Saturday morning with music that will never let you stop; in fact a "once-in-a time" experience where VIP booths are waiting just for you!

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11. Wyld Club

Drama London

Wyld Club is the new London nightlife hotspot. Just a minute from Green Park and next to the Hilton, you'll find yourself right in the heart of this famed location - and don't worry about packing an expensive suit either!

The "DramaPark Lane" has been renamed as Wyld Club, known for its strict guest list demands which are carefully selected by trendsetting innovators. Born out of high society partygoers looking for bragging rights, this club screams high-class elegance with exclusive table reservation capabilities where stars mingle among friends earning easy money thanks to their connections.

Loud and obnoxious, it will surely be a memorable night out!

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12. Libertine

Libertine London

Libertine is the hottest new club in town. Once a quaint Asian-themed venue, it now features an elegant and futuristic look perfect for VIP partygoers. For those who want to go even more private, Libertine offers its customers access to their very own secret doorway that opens up into their very own hidden room behind closed doors! Stay tuned as this hot spot will be guaranteed talk of your city soon enough!

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13. 1 OAK

1OAK London

1OAK London offers a whole new level of luxury and culture, sealed with the most elite experiences in London. With live DJ performances every night and an impeccable staff that provides top-tier service with a refined edge, this club is the pinnacle for any discerning party person looking for their next fix. 1OAK welcomes patrons worthy enough to be privy to its exclusivity and seclusion - but don't despair if you're not quite VIP material yet! We will always have open doors waiting just for you so come on by soon!

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Final word

If you're looking for a nightlife experience that caters to your preferences, it might be worth checking out the five best hip-hop nightclubs in London. We hope this article has given you some great ideas on where to go next time you find yourself in one of these amazing cities!