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The Best Nightclubs Open on Thursday in Los-angeles (2022 Edition)

Sayers Club Los-Angeles

Sayers Club Los-Angeles

Los Angeles is one of the best cities in the world to party, and on Thursday nights, the options for a great night out are endless. Whether you’re looking for a trendy club, an underground dance party, or just some good old-fashioned karaoke, these top clubs will get your weekend started off right. Get ready to explore these top picks for the best nightclubs open on Thursday in Los-angeles. Enjoy!

1. Altitude Pool

Altitude Pool Los-Angeles

Luxurious and well-staffed, the Altitude Pool at SLS Beverly Hills provides a one of a kind experience for any guest. With on demand videos from world renowned Chef Jose Andres as well luxurious towels to dry off in between dips into your private luxury poolside cabana there is no better place than here! Relax yourself on the custom teak furniture, private cabanas or chaise lounges as you are surrounded by whimsical forms of art. There is a pool at every corner and two jewel-like fresh pools that beckon for welcoming swims in this elegant environment.

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2. Poppy Nightclub

Poppy Nightclub Los-Angeles

The Poppy Nightclub Los Angeles is a private room that houses an exclusive bar and lounge upholstery under the covering. This luxurious space transports you to an enchanting world like no other, where contemporary clubbing feelings take over your heartstrings for all eternity! T The Poppy Nightclub is a high-class exclusive club in Los Angeles that offers invitation & bottle services. The guests can engage with live music, amazing socializing and great lounging experiences throughout both the indoor areas as well as the outdoor patio area for an intense nightlife experience like no other!

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3. Peppermint Club

Peppermint Club Los-Angeles

Step into the latest favorite club of West Hollywood- Peppermint Club. The chic, high end venue seamlessly combines a bar area with lounge seating and great tunes to make it feel like you're transported back in time - all while staying up to date on your social life! The Peppermint Club Los Angeles offers a new, intimate experience with its dark hues and vibrant textures. The main stage is situated towards the front & center of this club which features state-of-the art sound for live music events as well as playback listening parties that will keep you interested all through your night out!

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4. Belasco Theatre

Belasco Theatre Los-Angeles

The Belasco Theatre is a 65,000-square foot entertainment complex located in Downtown Los Angeles. It has two restaurants, three banquet rooms, and a few full kitchens. The Belasco Theater is part of the historic theater that serves as the city's major multi-purpose events and entertainment center. This popular party location boasts a main theater that accommodates up to 1,000 guests and has a towering domed ceiling and multi-tiered balconies with 24 booths. The Belasco Theatre Los Angeles is definitely the place to be for any event! Make sure to check it out! The Belasco Theatre is a historic venue with plenty of space to accommodate your event. The ballroom can provide 200 guests and also has its own stage, wine bar that seats 150 people in three plasma TVs and basement lounge where another 200 may fit comfortably!

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5. Le Jardin

Le Jardin Los-Angeles

Le Jardin is a place where you can escape the city in an lush oasis of France. The garden lounge features French cuisine, live music from DJ's spinning oldies to modern hits on happy hour specials all night long! Le Jardin Los Angeles offers a new way to enjoy the French atmosphere with its outdoor lounge in downtown LA. This garden space serves as both an escape from city life and somewhere you can party like never before! With live jazz music, delicious food trucks on site plus plenty of alcohol available at all times - this place has something for everyone!

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6. Sayers Club

Sayers Club Los-Angeles

Sayers Club is a place that will make you feel right at home. The club has so many secrets, and they are all kept until the last guest leaves Sayer’s Club on their night out! Whether it be an extravagant party or just drinks with friends - there's always something new happening hee! When you're looking for a great time with friends, Sayer's Club is your destination. Whether it be through music or artist appearances from some of today’s most popular stars Sayers offers something unique every single night!

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7. Bardot Hollywood

Bardot Hollywood Los-Angeles

The new Bardot Hollywood is a classy club that brings the old Hollywood spirit and glamour to life. With an overall elegant décor, sophisticated drinks & cocktails as well as beautiful women who are ready for anything – you can escape into this world of magic when entering through our doors! Step into the Bardot Hollywood, one of only a few clubs in Los Angeles that offer live music on Saturdays and present an array of some of the best local bands. Dance your night away to iconic tracks from top hip hop artists as well as 80s classics remixed by DJ's spinning house remixes at any hour!

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8. Doheny Room

Doheny Room Los-Angeles

The Doheny Room Los Angeles is your go-to destination to experience the most sought after clubbing experience. Moreover, this popular nightclub also attracts some of Hollywood’s highest profile VIPs and A List celebrities who elevate everyone's fun & excitement levels even more! Situated between two prime buildings - Dan Tana's restaurant as well as Troubadour Music venue– the Doheny Room has quickly become one of LA' hottest night spots for those seeking cutting edge entertainment that far exceeds their wildest expectations! A true representation of beauty, the "Doheny Room" is a must-see for any visitor. With its elegant interior and breathtaking views from its balcony overlooking both floors below as well as outside into downtown Los Angeles - it's no wonder this place can get crowded at night!

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9. Highlight Room

Highlight Room Los-Angeles

The Highlight Room Los Angeles is a club known for offering guests the opportunity to enjoy their view of the 360-degree skyline. The cabanas and loungers in this private space provide an affordable way to not just entertain but also relax while enjoying drinks at one's leisure poolside or out on our gorgeous rooftop with breathtaking city views! The Highlight Room is a modern and luxurious rooftop lounge in LA which offers unparalleled views of the city below. You can enjoy some time by lounging on private jets, watching as lights from downtown Los Angeles dance across its skyline or just taking it all in when sunset brings those colors to life. There’s nothing like experiencing this view for yourself - book now!

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10. Harriet’s

Harriet’S Los-Angeles

Enhance your bar and lounge experience in the perfect Hollywood setting. Harriet’s is situated at Sunset Boulevard, where guests can enjoy cocktails with unparalleled breathtaking views of Los Angeles from its lofty location on top of The Jeremy (a popular rooftop restaurant). This sophisticated space features an inspired atmosphere for anyone who wants a fun-filled evening out or just needs some time away from their daily lives during LA's hectic workweek! If you're looking for a place that will make your visit memorable, then the high-end lounge at Los Angeles's most famous hotel is worth checking out. This luxurious space has everything from personalized services and comfortable seating areas in an outdoor patio area with views of one California’s iconic sunsets; it also features indoor bar service as well as expansive climate controlled lounging spots on site!

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11. Blind Dragon

Blind Dragon Los-Angeles

Come to the intimate Asian paradise and enjoy exotic crafted cocktails at this club in LA. Revel out of this world with a fun experience as you dance your way through the night! Blind Dragon opens up an innovative lounge that offers private karaoke suites for everlasting memories! Once you enter the club through its garage doors, giant Chinese lanterns and crazy butterfly windows loom over your head as pristine red sofas greet. You can order drinks or cocktails across the main space while enjoying 4 luxury sing & karaoke suites at once!

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12. Lucky Strike LA Live

Lucky Strike La Live Los-Angeles

The Lucky Strike LA Live is one of the best places to go if you're looking for a fun and exciting night filled with karaoke, dancing. They have 18 party lanes including their Luxe suite which features an impressive HD projection system that spans pins & offers sound so great it's like being in Theatre! Lucky Strike LA Live is a nightclub that offers unique clubbing experiences with cutting-edge aesthetics and high tech sound, delectable cuisines from around the world as well exotic cocktails. You can sip on one of their handcrafted spice Margarita while taking turns visiting different lanes in hopes of finding what you want at your next dinner party or event!

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13. Station 1640

Station 1640 Los-Angeles

The Station 1640 is a premier nightclub & Hollywood staple located in the heart of Cahuenga Corrido, where they create an immersive atmosphere with their all-encompassing design elements. This includes incorporating amazing music like you've never heard before on any other club around town! The latest club in Los Angeles, Station 1640 is set to open with an installation of work from some of the best-known muralists around. Eddie Donaldson has enlisted GuerillaOne's founder as he commissions top tier artists like Slick and Retna who are expected to make this an event not worth missing!

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14. Playhouse Hollywood

Playhouse Hollywood Los-Angeles

Upon entering Playhouse Hollywood's doors, one would feel transported into another world. There is a Vegas-feel in this 1300 square foot club playground with flying trapeze and caged go-go dancers that will make your heart race! You can also arrange to arrive on the limo of your choice if you want an extra VIP experience! When you're looking for a fun place to have some drinks, Playhouse Hollywood is the perfect choice. Not only do they have impressive staff who are not just your regular bartenders and performers but also interact with customers throughout each show! This makes it such an enjoyable venue--especially if that performance includes steaming hot burlesque or aerialist performing above ground while people dance below them -expertly conducted by those amazing professionals known as "the best of both worlds."

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15. Hyde Sunset

Hyde Sunset Los-Angeles

Hyde Sunset Los Angeles is the place to be if you're looking for a cozy and relaxed atmosphere while enjoying great food, drinks, or company. The restaurant successfully fuses Eastern carpets with Hollywood-style low lighting that creates an interesting ambience ideal for dates! Hyde Sunset is known for its exclusivity and getting in is already a prize on its own if you’re into rubbing elbows with celebrities here, but once inside this club becomes even more exciting. With DJs playing old-school Rap music to Top 40 hits from during the 1980s all of the way through today's Alternative tunes, it will be hard not get up dancing or at least tap your feet along while listening!

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Final word

If you're looking for a good time Friday night, take a look at our list of the best nightclubs open on Thursday in Los Angeles. You'll find everything from live music to DJs and dancing until dawn! With so many options, there's no excuse not to have fun this weekend. Check out these amazing venues today!