The Best Hits Clubs in Madrid in 2023

Bling Bling Madrid

Photo credits: Bling Bling Madrid

Ready to party like a rockstar in Madrid? Here are the hottest mainstream nightclubs in town that will keep you dancing all night long. With the newest and latest music, drinks, and vibes, these clubs are sure to give you an unforgettable night out. So put on your best outfit and get ready for a night you'll never forget!

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1. Bling Bling

Bling Bling Madrid

Photo credits: Bling Bling

Join the Bling Bling nightclub as it brings to you a platter of the best-in class party nights and spectacular events. The classic interiors of this club aim at creating an elegant hotel lobby atmosphere, perfect for all those looking for fun!

Bling Bling Club is a place for those looking to have an eventful night. Whether it be through performance or partying, you'll find all your needs at this club!

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2. Opium

Opium Madrid

Photo credits: Opium

Opium Madrid is a unique place that combines the most attractive clubs, restaurants and lounges in one. The venue has established its reputation as being synonymous with high-end elegance when it comes to nightlife scenes of majestic city life - Opium Party People looking forward to their best time experiencing elegant ambiance here will surely be delighted!

The Opium is a lavish and exclusive nightclub in Madrid where you can enjoy some amazing R&B music. This spot has the best-themed parties, so if you're looking for something more exciting than just going out on weekends then this might be an eventful night!

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3. Teatro Kapital

Teatro Kapital Madrid

Photo credits: Teatro Kapital

Teatro Kapital is Madrid's premier nightclub, and it's not hard to see why. The venue offers many different environments for guests with unique styles of music in every room- whether you're looking to party on the main dance floor or enjoy some exclusive DJ sets at night, there will be something perfect at Teatro Kapital!

The best DJs from all over Spain and across the globe come to play at Madrid's most popular club, Teatro Kapital. This theatre offers an experience like no other as you dance under bright lights or enjoy drinks with friends before getting up close on stage for a sweaty performance by some of today’s greatest musicians!

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4. Teatro Barcelo

Teatro Barcelo Madrid

Photo credits: Teatro Barcelo

Teatro Barcelo Madrid is now an iconic symbol of modernity and enlightenment. Originally built as a theater, it served the city for many years before becoming known as an 80’s club called “Pacha Madrids." This venue became famous all over Spain due its cutting edge music scene during this time period in history when disco was king!

Teatro Barcelo is a club that features the best in mixed house, dance, Latin and R&B hits. The venue also offers an excellent entertainment experience by providing you with multiple levels of party space to choose from! So come on down for some high-energy fun - all while being part of history at Teatro Barcelo!

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5. Joy Eslava

Joy Eslava Madrid

Photo credits: Joy Eslava

A new decade means a whole new set of parties and this one's no exception. The Joy Eslava Madrid has been the place to be for decades, with its unique blend of music from various genres that everyone can enjoy!

Joy Eslava is a total entertainment house as it does not only have a wide dance floor but also hosts music concerts and shows. The perfect ambiance for any night out, this club offers everything you need to get your blood flowing!

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6. Shoko

Shoko Madrid

Photo credits: Shoko

Shoko Madrid is a huge, impressive nightclub with an extravagant interior. Every night turns out to be special at Shokos as it features live events and professional performers from around the world!

The Shoko is a venue that can host any type of event. It's fully-equipped with the latest technology and has an aesthetically pleasing interior design, making it one to invest in for its multi functional technological features towards hosting events such as cocktail parties or galas!

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Final word

Whether you're looking for a hedonistic night on the town or an intimate evening with your loved one, it's time to find out which of these Madrid nightclubs is best suited for you. We've compiled some of our favorite spots in this list and we hope that you'll enjoy exploring them as much as we enjoyed compiling this guide! Happy partying!

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