Club Open on Friday in Miami - 2023

Clevelander Miami

Photo credits: Clevelander Miami

Looking for the best nightclubs open on Friday in Miami? Look no further! From dance clubs to lounges, we’ve got you covered with the top spots that will get your weekend started off right. With so many great options, it can be tough to decide where to go – but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Read on for our list for the best clubbing experience in Miami!

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1. Studio 23

Studio 23 Miami

Photo credits: Studio 23

The Studio 23 Miami is a spacious, multi-purpose venue that can host anything from parties to corporate meetings. It's equipped with all sorts of features for your needs whether you're looking to party or have some serious business done!

Studio 23 in Miami is an exclusive, high-end club with no cover that offers some of the best music to dance all night. If you're looking for a more intimate setting with impeccable sound quality and lights designed specifically for your event then this is just what you need!

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2. Mynt Lounge

Mynt Lounge Miami

Photo credits: Mynt Lounge

One of the most exclusive nightclubs in all of Miami, Mynt Lounge has a strict door policy that only allows celebrities and super-rich VIP's to enter. Due to its popularity for being this elite venue with an even stricter entrance criteria than any other club around town - outside you'll see well dressed party goers awaiting their turn into what some refer as "the red carpet".

The Mynt Lounge is a luxurious nightclub with an impressive list of celebrities that frequent the establishment. Paris Hilton, Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears are just three famous people who have gone to this hotspot for fun in the past!

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3. Nautilus Cabana

Nautilus Cabana Miami

Photo credits: Nautilus Cabana

Nautilus Cabana Miami is a 1,950 square feet ocean-front property with an outdoor terrace. The venue's half century design of beautiful setting was constructed during the 1950s and was refurbished & renovated for a more modern feel without sacrificing original designs that embody high living!

The Nautilus Cabana Club is a mix of Miami cuisine and Southern France specialty dishes, all made with local ingredients. This Iron Chef Alex Guamaschelli headed team creates an enticing ambiance for people who want to indulge in some delectable food while they are out enjoying the scenery or making memories at the scenic spots!

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4. Strawberry Moon

Strawberry Moon Miami

Photo credits: Strawberry Moon

Located above the busy streets of South Beach, Strawberry Moon Miami is a new contemporary Mediterranean restaurant that offers an appetite-pleasing experience for foodies. With its bright and indulgent ambiance combined with healthful options on tap or poolside service it's hard not to fall in love!

You’ll be impressed with the highly social and spacious food-and-beverage concept, variegated in Deco pinks, lagoon blues and pale greens. The bar covers everything from expensive cocktails to bottle service! You deserve a delicious treat especially when visiting Strawberry Moon Miami - that's what we call ultimate tropical trinity - this is how it leaves all amazed!

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5. Komodo Miami

Komodo Miami Miami

Photo credits: Komodo Miami

The Komodo nightclub is located at the epicenter of Brickell, a booming Miami neighborhood. The 3-story outdoor and indoor eatery/lounge cum club combined with South Florida's impressive vibe makes it into one enjoyable meal or night out on the town!

The 300-seater lounge cum club area of the Komodo nightclub in Miami offers a myriad of unique multi level dining options that include three bars with handcrafted cocktail menus. You would also love its beautiful outdoor "bird's nest" floating seating offering playful treehouse ambiance perfect for any day or night event! To no surprise, this high end performance venue has some great musicians & celebrities performing here alongside top DJs taking up weekends' party platform - so don't miss your chance to catch them live when you visit us soon!

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6. Basement

Basement Miami

Photo credits: Basement

Step inside the lively club of Basement Miami and dance like there’s no tomorrow. It is time to bring out your party attitude, like nobody’swatching!

If you're feeling tired from dancing, then it's time to take a break and relax with some bowling or ice skating. Get involved in the activity that best suits your interests! Forget all of those worries for one night and have some fun!

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7. LIV

Liv Miami

Photo credits: LIV

With a blend of modern and traditional, LIV has redefined the Miami nightlife scene with an exciting atmosphere.

LIV is an 18,000 square foot venue that has multiple stages and bars set up in its design. Perched high above crowds of voyeurs, performers or DJs alike can see all the action taking place down below them thanks to this stadium-like setting with no obstacles blocking views from anywhere within the site! This makes LIV one of Miami’s most sought after nightlife spots for anyone looking forward too their perfect party experience!

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8. Story

Story Miami

Photo credits: Story

If you are looking for a nightlife experience in the middle of Miami, Story is where to be. Be enthralled with their amazing Infinite Hybrid System--the perfect place to hold conversations without having to scream and yell at your partner or have music so loud that it feels like you're on stage!

Story Miami is not just any ordinary club. The 27,000 square foot space of this venue has been enhanced by stunning visuals and larger than life concert-style lighting that will make your night unforgettable like no other!

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9. Racket

Racket Miami

Photo credits: Racket

As you enter the venue, a tiki-inspired rum and tequila bar welcomes your presence. As you walk past this welcoming spot with its closed atrium design emphasizing an island style open bar for guests' enjoyment of luxury brands as well as seasonal crafted cocktails & beers on tap alongside backlit sky lit wood edge rolled steel walls where they can indulge in their favorite drinks from around town or choose something new to try!

Along side it lies another world - one that houses only those who crave nothing but perfection—a separate yet equally thrilling vibe just waiting inside these doors!

Racket Miami has a variety of entertainment sources like pool tables, MLB and NFL games. You’ll be delighted to experience food, drinks and music all together at one place almost every night of the week! Through its ambiance with seasoned crafted drinks Racket Miami offers an ever-evolving environment that will leave you enchanted for more...

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10. Hyde South Beach

Hyde South Beach Miami

Photo credits: Hyde South Beach

Hyde South Beach Miami is an iconic luxury hotel with the capacity to host 1,100 guests. The property first opened in 2003 and has continued its commitment to energy and style from dusk till dawn!

Located at 1701 Collins Avenue, Miami's Hyde South Beach is open 7 days a week from 11 AM to 2 AM and has an exciting night life that starts every Thursday. If you're looking for something more than just beach daylife then this is the perfect location!

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11. Exchange

Exchange Miami

Photo credits: Exchange

Cheers to the luxury you deserve. Welcome to Exchange Miami, an extraordinary spot that offers exclusive nightlife and decorated with refined decor for a luxurious experience with your friends or family!

Get your fill of live music at one of the best hip-hop venues in town. Book a table today to enjoy performances throughout the evening and soak up some sexy, sweaty Miami vibes while you're here!

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12. Vendome

Vendome Miami

Photo credits: Vendome

Vendome is the place to be for an upscale night out! The unique ambiance of this boutique club was designed by Francois Frossard, who has been designing clubs all over France. He uses his imagination and sense of humor with tradition in order to create a memorable experience!

In a world where so many buildings are bland and uninspired, Vendome Miami is an oasis for the senses. The building's architecture has been infused with Frossard’s signature “grand style" to create beauty from chaos in all of its glory!

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Final word

With so many options, we can't wait to see which club you choose. If you're looking for a nightclub that will keep your night going into the morning hours and is open Fridays, then be sure to check out one of these venues next time you find yourself in Miami!

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