Club Open on Tuesday in Miami - 2023

Club Space Miami

Photo credits: Club Space Miami

As a partygoer in Miami, you know that the weekends are always packed with events and activities. But what about those weeknights? Luckily, there's no shortage of nightclubs in Miami that stay open late on Tuesday nights. Here are our top picks for the best nightclubs open on Tuesday in Miami. Ready to party? Let's go!

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1. Nautilus Cabana

Nautilus Cabana Miami

Photo credits: Nautilus Cabana

Nautilus Cabana Miami is a 1,950 square feet oceanfront property with an outdoor terrace. It has been designed as part of the 1950s and features half-century design elements that provide you the feeling of living in high class society while also being close to nature's beauty at its finest form! The cuisine served during your event will be Modern American/French Fusion which are all made using local ingredients only for unmatched flavor combinations!- This venue really does offer something unique not found anywhere else on this island!

Nautilus Cabana Club is a restaurant that combines the best of Miami cuisine and Southern France specialty foods. They have an impressive selection for everyone, from children to adults alike! Head Chef Alex Guamaschelli leads this team in creating new flavors with local inspiration every day!

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2. Strawberry Moon

Strawberry Moon Miami

Photo credits: Strawberry Moon

Named after the beautiful June’s full moon, Strawberry Moon Miami is a new contemporary high-spirited Mediterranean restaurant that sits above South Beach streets in an office building. Located on top of The Goodtime Hotel it captures every bizarre aspect you would expect from this unique city - bright lights and indulgent experiences alongside healthful food!

As soon as you make an entrance, the welcoming and spacious food-and beverage concept will seem like a bright island in Deco pinks, lagoon blues and pale greens. The bar offers everything from expensive cocktails to bottle service to sunset beers that can leave you with ultimate satisfaction!

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3. Komodo Miami

Komodo Miami Miami

Photo credits: Komodo Miami

The Komodo nightclub is located at the epicenter of Brickell, a booming Miami neighborhood. The 3-story outdoor and indoor eatery/lounge cum club combined with South Florida's impressive vibe makes it into one enjoyable meal or night out on the town!

The 300-seater lounge cum club area of the Komodo nightclub in Miami offers a myriad of unique multi level dining options that include three bars with handcrafted cocktail menus. You would also love its beautiful outdoor "bird's nest" floating seating offering playful treehouse ambiance perfect for any day or night event! To no surprise, this high end performance venue has some great musicians & celebrities performing here alongside top DJs taking up weekends' party platform - so don't miss your chance to catch them live when you visit us soon!

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4. Hyde South Beach

Hyde South Beach Miami

Photo credits: Hyde South Beach

Hyde South Beach Miami, a hotel and an outdoor space that can accommodate up to 1,100 guests. It has continued its party in the nightlife scene of Florida - where energy reigns from dusk till dawn thanks to this iconic luxury accommodations' Thursday through Sunday hours!

The Hyde South Beach hotel in Miami, FL has an elegant and modern design. It's the perfect place for travelers who want to enjoy all of its luxury amenities!

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5. Exchange

Exchange Miami

Photo credits: Exchange

The extraordinary spot that offers exclusive nightlife is just a few steps away. With its revolutionary sound system and decorated with refined decor to grab the eye, this location will make your experience in Miami an unforgettable one!

Traditional parties in Miami are known to get wild. However, this one is different because it's all about the music with an exceptional venue located right next door to South Beach and some of hip-hop’s best performers for your entertainment! Book today before tables go fast or you miss out on these incredible shows that will leave you wanting more.

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Final word

Miami is a party town, and it’s always been that way. You can find the best nightclubs open on Tuesday in Miami all over the city! Whether you want EDM or house music, hip-hop or Latin rhythms, there's something for everyone who wants to dance their Tuesday blues away.

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