The Best Nightclubs Open on Tuesday in Miami (2021 Edition)

Komodo Miami Miami

Komodo Miami Miami

As a partygoer in Miami, you know that the weekends are always packed with events and activities. But what about those weeknights? Luckily, there's no shortage of nightclubs in Miami that stay open late on Tuesday nights. Here are our top picks for the best nightclubs open on Tuesday in Miami. Ready to party? Let's go!

1. E11even

E11Even Miami

E11even Miami is a one-of-a kind nightclub that offers impeccable guest services and an unforgettable clubbing experience. The South Florida nightlife scene can't get any better than this! The E11even nightclub is a perfect spot for those who love the circus-like atmosphere and breathtaking performances. The after hours party at this place will leave you with an intense experience that you won't forget!

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2. Byblos

Byblos Miami

The Byblos Miami is a lounge that offers Eastern Mediterranean cuisine and strong influences from both traditional and local ingredients. It has been designed to give you an experience of peace, relaxation as well as entertainment with its ambiance enhancing sound system! Byblos is the place to be on weekends! You'll enjoy live entertainment such as dancers and percussionists. The friendly staff will make you feel at home in this lively atmosphere while enjoying some beverages with friends or family members - it's perfect for all ages!

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3. Doheny Room

Doheny Room Miami

Located behind the closed doors towards the back of an expansive lobby of The Delano, Miami's most prestigious hotel offers a highly refined yet sophisticated clubbing environment. Aimed at catering to those who are looking for some upscale chic experience with their friends or on dates nightlife has never been so classy!

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4. Nautilus Cabana

Nautilus Cabana Miami

Nautilus Cabana is a 1,950 square feet ocean front property with an outdoor terrace. The venue was refurbished and renovated for a more modern feel without sacrificing the original designs that embody high living in a mix of miami cuisine from France specialty food which are all made locally! Nautilus Cabana Club is a mix of Miami cuisine and Southern France specialty cuisine which are all made with local ingredients. The Iron Chef Alex Guamaschelli heads the team, making it an experience worth having for anyone looking to enjoy gastronomic delights in the area! Nautiluss opens daily from Monday – Sunday for breakfast/lunch service as well as dinner options!

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5. Wall Lounge

Wall Lounge Miami

The Wall Lounge Miami is a chic and exclusive nightclub right at the heart of South Beach. Most days, you'll find house music playing in The WALL LOUNGE while Thursdays are for Rap/Hip Hop nightlife! Wall Lounge is known as a high end nightclub and because of its small capacity, it's become one spot for chance encounters with celebrities!

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6. Clevelander

Clevelander Miami

Clevelander Miami is one of the most popular destinations in South Beach. If you ask any local about their favorite spots on Ocean drive, Clevelander would surely be the top! It features unlimited cocktails every day with go-go dancers at poolside bars as well stilt walkers performing fire dancing acts that are sure to keep everyone entertained all evening long." The Clevelander Miami is the place to be for all your party’s needs! It has an onsite sports bar including 20 TVs and a large LED screen where they show major games of any sport!

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7. Strawberry Moon

Strawberry Moon Miami

Named after the beautiful June’s full moon, Strawberry Moon Miami is a new contemporary high-spirited Mediterranean restaurant that sits above South Beach streets in an office building. Located on top of The Goodtime Hotel it captures every bizarre aspect you would expect from this unique city - bright lights and indulgent experiences alongside healthful food! As soon as you make an entrance, the welcoming and spacious food-and beverage concept will seem like a bright island in Deco pinks, lagoon blues and pale greens. The bar offers everything from expensive cocktails to bottle service to sunset beers that can leave you with ultimate satisfaction!

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8. Ora

Ora Miami

Ora is like no other venue in South Beach. It's a modern, chic club that promises to give you the best of both worlds-VIP exclusivity and true Miami nightlife vibes with an edge! The ambience in the venue is that of a chic cocktail lounge atmosphere where there are "drink butlers" to make sure your drinks stay full. Service will be different from other nightclubs - you'll get greeted in your car with an umbrella when entering with a hand shake, then enjoy a personally mixed martini at your table! You can dance comfortably without having trouble getting pushed around like most clubs do due the spaciousness of a room that feels cozy enough.

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9. Komodo Miami

Komodo Miami Miami

The Komodo is an impressive 3-story outdoor and indoor eatery that combines the South Florida vibe with delicious cuisine. It's known for having signature dishes like Peking Duck, Lobster Dynamite or Tuna & Toro Roll to make your dining experience more enjoyable! The 300-seater lounge cum club area of the Komodo nightclub in Miami offers a myriad of unique multi level dining options that include three bars, all handcrafted cocktail menu and a bird's nest floating seating for any day or night event. This exquisite entertainment destination has top high end musicians & celebrities performing here along with best DJs taking up the weekend's platform as well!

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10. El Santo

El Santo Miami

El Santo’s wonderful restaurant embraces the vivid celebration of Lucha Libre culture and offers an enticing Mexican cuisine with Asian, Peruvian, or Latin American influences. With its delectable menu that is perfect for sharing there's plenty to try at El Santo! El Santo's lounge is a place where you can experience the real Miami in all its glory. The dimly lit, luxurious environment with hanging vines and greenery creates an ambiance like no other; it feels like time has stopped here! You'll be treated to live entertainment throughout your evening as well- why go anywhere else when we're right next door?

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11. Hyde South Beach

Hyde South Beach Miami

Hyde South Beach Miami is an iconic luxury hotel with the capacity to host 1,100 guests. The property first opened in 2003 and has continued its commitment to energy and style from dusk till dawn! Located at 1701 Collins Avenue, Miami's Hyde South Beach is open 7 days a week from 11 AM to 2 AM and has an exciting night life that starts every Thursday. If you're looking for something more than just beach daylife then this is the perfect location!

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12. Nikki Beach

Nikki Beach Miami

The Nikki Beach Club is a top-notch club in South Beach, Miami. Located on the beach with amazing palm trees as roof and sand underfoot--your night out cannot get better than this! When you want to have an unforgettable leisure time in paradise with your friends, go out Sunday afternoon for some serious fun at The Nikki Beach! Nikki Beach is more than just an outdoor club. The restaurant-feels of the place daily for lunch & all day long on Sundays will leave you feeling comforted, as there are beds and hammocks available to enjoy your stay at this intimate indoor/outdoor space!

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13. Exchange

Exchange Miami

Celebrate with us in the amazing Miami. Welcome to our extraordinary spot, where we offer exclusive nights out and decorated rooms for refined tastes alike! The best place in town to have an amazing time is the Exchange Miami. This all-night dance party features live performances by one of the most successful hip hop artists, so you know it will be a night full of unforgettable tunes!

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14. Cameo

Cameo Miami

The Cameo is a Miami hot spot for all your nightlife needs. The main floor plan of this club has many similarities with the sibling clubs by Opium Group, including an elegant DJ area in center stage overlooking parties below on both floors and rocking dance Floor 2nd Story Balcony Section! The Cameo is a popular nightclub in Miami with top chart music and performance, from some of today’s best-in-class DJs which includes hip hop to house tunes for all tastes!

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Final word

Miami is a party town, and it’s always been that way. You can find the best nightclubs open on Tuesday in Miami all over the city! Whether you want EDM or house music, hip-hop or Latin rhythms, there's something for everyone who wants to dance their Tuesday blues away.