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Tonino Lamborghini Mare Nostrum Dubai

Photo credits: Tonino Lamborghini Mare Nostrum Dubai

5+ Best Beach Parties In Dubai (2024 Edition)

Explore Dubai's amazing beaches and sounds. Here, beach parties take luxury and fun to the next level.

Written by Amirah Al-Sultan

Updated on June 16, 2024

Imagine a place where magical Arabian nights meet stunning beaches. Picture yourself with the soft, golden sands under your feet and the sea's energy around you, all while dancing under a sky full of stars. Welcome to Dubai 2024, where beach parties are not just events, but unforgettable journeys of luxury and excitement. We've handpicked the best beach parties for the elite traveler, offering spectacular moments you won't forget.

From dreamy settings that feel like stepping into another world to live shows that touch your heart, get ready to discover a place full of excitement and variety. Whether you love fine food, top-notch entertainment, or just want to make splendid memories, our guide leads you to the top beach party experiences in Dubai. Join us, and every step will bring you closer to something amazing.

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Riva Beach Club in Dubai featuring a sparkling blue pool in front of a charming restaurant, framed by lush palm trees and elegant high-rise buildings.

Photo credits: Riva Beach Club


1. Riva Beach Club

What is it? Discover your perfect getaway at Riva Beach Club in Palm Jumeirah, Dubai. This is where chill meets charm, with Dubai’s amazing skyline in view. Imagine chilling by the calm Arabian Gulf waters, seeing the famous Burj Al Arab, all from this stylish beach club.

Why we love it: It’s not just the stunning views or the big private beach that makes Riva special. What makes it unique is the cozy and modern feel, amazing food made from the best local ingredients, and the special drinks that keep things fun. Riva Beach Club is your little piece of heaven, making every visit special and unforgettable.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Riva Beach Club, Dubai

Twilight at Nammos Dubai featuring an elegant beach club with rows of chic sun loungers under stylish umbrellas, and a glowing beachside restaurant set against a serene sky.

Photo credits: Nammos


2. Nammos

What is it? In the heart of Dubai, you'll find Nammos. It's a place where the magic of Mykonos meets delicious dining. It's more than a restaurant; it's a trip into luxury living, with stylish design and a menu that celebrates the ocean.

Why we love it: This is the spot for the high-fliers to gather, drawn by top-notch seafood, the best steak, and creative sushi. There's also a great list of champagnes and cocktails for those special moments. But the real stars are the Nammos Cabanas, offering top luxury with outdoor hot tubs, personal butlers, and VIP rides. Don't skip NAMMOS Village, a paradise for shoppers who love luxury. Nammos Dubai isn't just about eating; it's an exclusive adventure.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Nammos, Dubai

Crowd enjoying a vibrant beach party with a backdrop of Dubai's skyscrapers, under a soft sunset light.

Photo credits: Beach by FIVE


3. Beach by FIVE

What is it? Experience the cool California vibe in Dubai at Beach by FIVE! This trendy lounge is in the FIVE Palm Jumeirah Hotel, right on the West Palm Beach of Palm Jumeirah. Here, you'll find amazing views of the Dubai Marina skyline and the clear waters of the Arabian Gulf.

Why we love it: Beach by FIVE isn't just about the great views. It's a way of life. Relax on soft daybeds among green plants and cool pools. Enjoy tasty European and Japanese food to the sound of live music and DJs. It's the perfect place to get some sun, try delicious cocktails, and make unforgettable memories in Dubai.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Beach by FIVE, Dubai

Elegant interior of Sirene restaurant in Gaia Dubai, featuring a lavish buffet spread, cozy seating, and stylish, modern decor.

Photo credits: Sirene by Gaia


4. Sirene by Gaia

What is it? Dive into a slice of the Mediterranean in Dubai at Sirene by Gaia. Located near IDFC on شارع ٤, this beach club and restaurant brings the beauty and relaxed elegance of Greece right to you. With its Greek goddess inspiration, Sirene by Gaia is your perfect city escape.

Why we love it: It's not just about the stunning views or the stylish mix of old and new in its decor. The real magic lies in the kitchen. Chefs Izu Ani and Orestis Kotefas craft dishes that are pure delight. Whether you're a food lover, a fan of culture, or just into treating yourself, Sirene by Gaia wraps you in the cozy vibes of the Mediterranean, all while shining with Dubai’s glamorous touch. It's a special place where warmth meets exceptional food.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

towards IDFC - شارع ٤, Dubai

Lush beach club with elegant wooden loungers and turquoise cushions, surrounded by palm trees and white umbrellas, under a clear blue sky.

Photo credits: Kyma Beach


5. Kyma Beach

What is it? Kyma Beach is a beautiful spot in Dubai, near the fancy Hotel Fairmont The Palm. It's a mix of Greek beauty and Dubai's luxury. It's perfect for fun, relaxing, and enjoying the Mediterranean vibe.

Why we love it: Kyma Beach is a special getaway. You get to enjoy beautiful sea views and exciting Afro-electronic music from top DJs. It's where Greek fun meets Dubai's fancy life. When the sun goes down, the beach turns into a lively dance spot, shining with lights from the Marina. With delicious Mediterranean food, great music, and a fun crowd, Kyma Beach is the place for memorable times.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Palm West Beach, opposite Hotel Fairmont The Palm, Dubai

Vibrant beach club scene at Barasti Beach in Dubai, adorned with fairy lights and green foliage, bustling with lively groups of people enjoying casual dining and lively conversations.

Photo credits: Barasti Beach


6. Barasti Beach

What is it? Find your paradise at Barasti Beach, located in the stunning Le Meridien Mina Syahi Beach Resort & Marina. It's Dubai's top beach club, mixing sandy shores with city vibes for an unmatched day to night adventure.

Why we love it: It's where Dubai's lively beat meets the calming sea. From peaceful mornings to lively nights, Barasti Beach transforms. Enjoy chilling under the sun or dancing under the stars, all with Dubai's famous buildings in view. It's memorable, fun, and simply the best.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Le Meridien Mina Syahi Beach Resort & Marina, Dubai

Nighttime view of Bliss Lounge Dubai with vibrant lighting, outdoor seating, and a stunning view of a large illuminated Ferris wheel by the waterfront.

Photo credits: Bliss Lounge


7. Bliss Lounge

What is it? Bliss Lounge is on the rooftop at Jumeirah Beach. Enjoy stunning views of JBR and the ocean. Here, you can relax with daytime drinks or dance under the stars. Bliss Lounge makes every moment special.

Why we love it: Bliss Lounge is more than a place. It's an adventure. Enjoy top-notch DJs, try foods from around the world, and dive into a vibrant atmosphere that welcomes everyone. Ladies, don't miss out on Wednesday nights for great sushi deals. It's fun for families by day and full of energy at night. Bliss Lounge is your key to unforgettable Dubai evenings.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Bliss Lounge, Dubai

Luxurious beach club in Dubai with a serene infinity pool overlooking the city skyline, featuring plush loungers and a shaded wooden cabana.

Photo credits: White Beach Club


8. White Beach Club

What is it? White Beach Club at Atlantis Dubai blends beautiful beaches with upscale charm, capturing the lively spirit of the city.

Why we love it: White Beach Club is more than just a place - it's an experience. Relax on sunny loungers by day and enjoy a cocktail. At night, feel the energy rise with great music and dancing lights. It's the perfect spot for both world travelers and local trendsetters. Escape to an exotic paradise, right in Dubai.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Atlantis, Dubai

Elegant dining area of The Beach Bar & Grill in Dubai with stylish furniture and floor-to-ceiling windows showcasing a stunning sea view.

Photo credits: The Beach Bar & Grill


9. The Beach Bar & Grill

What is it? The Beach Bar & Grill at One&Only Royal Mirage, Dubai, sits on King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud Street. It offers a relaxing beach atmosphere paired with upscale dining. You can hear the ocean waves and the rustling of palm leaves as you eat.

Why we love it: As soon as you walk in, you're greeted with beautiful views and classy decor, providing a perfect getaway setting. Enjoy delicious seafood and grilled specialties along with a great selection of wines. The place smoothly shifts from calm afternoons to lively nights, making it perfect for both romantic dinners and casual lunches by the water. Each visit brings something new, which keeps diners coming back for more, whether it's for special occasions or a treat for food lovers.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

One&Only Royal Mirage - King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud St, Dubai

Night view of Playa Pacha Dubai Beachclub, featuring elegant outdoor seating with red accent lighting under a starry sky, with the iconic Burj Al Arab in the background.

Photo credits: Playa Pacha


10. Playa Pacha

What it is: Dive into the fun at Playa Pacha Dubai at FIVE Luxe, JBR. It's a luxury beach club where Ibiza's excitement meets Dubai's glam. This place isn't just for relaxing; it's a lively party under the sun.

Why we love it: Playa Pacha is all about fun with its beautiful sands, stunning pools, and tasty Mediterranean food. All of this comes with amazing music from world-known DJs like Keinemusik’s Adam Port & Rampa. It's where high-end chilling meets great tunes, making memories to last. With its stylish vibe and a hint of Spanish party spirit, Playa Pacha is the top spot for beach fun in JBR.

FIVE Luxe - Ground floor - The Walk, Dubai

Sunlit beach club scene with elegant loungers by a serene blue pool, draped canopies, and palm trees, capturing a luxurious tropical ambiance.

Photo credits: The 305 Dubai


11. The 305 Dubai

What is it? Discover your little piece of Miami at The 305 Dubai, nestled in The Club at Palm West Beach, Dubai. Against the backdrop of the Marina Skyline, this cool beach club, bar, and restaurant offers it all - from peaceful yoga mornings to exciting nights under the stars.

Why we love it: It's all about the vibe, the people, and the amazing food at The 305 Dubai. Start your day peacefully, enjoy afternoons by the pool with great music, and end with lively nights and tasty food. Every part, from the décor to the menu, brings a bit of South Florida's magic to you, making every visit unforgettable. At The 305 Dubai, it’s all about the experience.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

The Club - Palm West Beach - Palm, Dubai

Chic beachclub dining area with elegant wooden tables, modern bar seating, and large windows offering a lush view.

Photo credits: Nobu By The Beach


12. Nobu By The Beach

What is it? Nobu By The Beach in Dubai is a luxury spot at Atlantis The Royal, perfect for fun by the sea. It's open every day from 9 AM to 11 PM. Here, you get the best of Dubai's excitement mixed with peaceful ocean vibes.

Why we love it: Nobu By The Beach is a mix of casual style and Dubai’s lively feel. From morning to night, it's the place to be for stylish get-togethers, relaxing beach times, and memorable evenings under the stars of the Arabian Gulf. With top DJs and beautiful sunsets, every moment is made for happiness and freedom. It's an adventure, not just a visit, bringing you the heart of luxury beach life.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Atlantis The Royal - Crescent Rd, Dubai

Luxurious beach club in Dubai with a large pool, sun loungers under umbrellas, and a backdrop of towering city skyscrapers.

Photo credits: Be Beach


13. Be Beach

What is it? Welcome to Be Beach Dubai, right in the heart of Dubai Marina. This isn't just any beach. It's your sun-filled hideaway that opens at 10 am. Your cozy spot under the Dubai sun is waiting.

Why we love it: Be Beach Dubai is the perfect mix of peace and fun. Picture your day starting with a calm swim, then moving into a lively afternoon. The water shines, the sand is soft and golden, and there's always a cold drink calling your name with the sea air. It's relaxed, yet full of Dubai's energy. A place that truly refreshes you. Every visit leaves you with special memories, making it your go-to escape where everything feels easier.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Dubai Marina, Dubai

Elegant outdoor setting at San Beach Dubai featuring chic dining tables under cream umbrellas, with guests mingling in a serene twilight ambiance.

Photo credits: San Beach


14. San Beach

What is it? San Beach is a slice of paradise at The Club at Palm West Beach, on The Palm Jumeirah in Dubai. It's a place where great food, stunning ocean views, and relaxed luxury combine. Its cool, simple style makes it perfect for chilling out, enjoying the calm beach vibes, and looking at the famous Dubai skyline.

Why we love it: San Beach is more than just food; it's a trip to ultimate relaxation and delicious eats. It offers fresh meals, music all day, and is popular with a stylish crowd who love classy beach life. From morning brunch to late-night drinks (09:00-01:00), it's always the right time to enjoy the good life in Dubai's beauty.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

San Beach, Dubai

Luxurious rooftop pool at Aura Dubai with panoramic city skyline views, featuring elegant loungers and a serene atmosphere.

Photo credits: Aura


15. Aura

What is it? Aura Dubai is more than just a place; it's a sky-high paradise on the 50th floor of the famous Palm Tower. It features the world's tallest 360° infinity pool, with stunning views of Dubai's skyline.

Why we love it: Aura takes luxury to the next level, transforming from a sunny morning spot to a lively night scene. Enjoy live shows, a tasty Pan-Asian menu, and a wide range of cocktails for memorable experiences. Whether you're soaking in the daytime views or enjoying the nightlife, Aura ensures every visit is a peak experience of elegance and fun, complete with wellness events for relaxation and enjoyment.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Palm Jumeirah, The Palm Tower - 50th Floor, Dubai

Luxurious beach club in Dubai featuring plush seating, modern design, and a tranquil pool, perfect for relaxation and socializing under the clear sky.

Photo credits: Tapasake Pool Club


16. Tapasake Pool Club

What is it? Tapasake Pool Club is a fancy spot on the 27th floor of Za'abeel The Link in Dubai's posh Za'abeel 1. It’s a mix of fun and peace, high above the city.

Why we love it: With stunning views of Dubai, Tapasake Pool Club stands out for luxury and calm. Open from morning to past midnight, it's where Dubai's stylish crowd goes to chill and have fun by the pool. It's the perfect place for great times under the Dubai sky, mixing style with relaxation. Whether you're there to meet people from around the world or just relax, Tapasake makes every visit special, offering a break from the usual.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Za'abeel 1, Za'abeel The Link, 27 floor, Dubai

Elegant dining area at La Baia Dubai featuring plush blue sofas, sleek dark flooring, and large open doors leading to a sunlit palm-fringed outdoor view.

Photo credits: La Baia


17. La Baia

What is it? In the heart of JBR at The Ritz-Carlton Dubai, you'll find La Baia, a stunning beach escape. It's the perfect mix of beach fun and Dubai's fancy vibe, giving you a special place to chill and have fun.

Why we love it: La Baia shines with its beach views and top-notch service. You can enjoy sunny days turn into lively nights by the pool, soaking in the beautiful sea views. Taste amazing dishes like Atlantic lobster, enjoy creative drinks, or groove to DJ tunes – La Baia has it all. With events like the Boxing Day BBQ, it's your peek into Dubai's fancy life, making each visit unforgettable.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

The Ritz-Carlton Dubai - The Walk, Dubai

Luxurious beach club seating area with elegant white and blue decor, overlooking a serene turquoise sea.

Photo credits: Summersalt


18. Summersalt

What is it? Summersalt is your dream spot in Dubai's stunning Jumeirah Al Naseem. It’s a special place where the warm Arabian Gulf sun meets exciting Latin American flavors, offering a perfect mix of chill and fun.

Why we love it: With the famous Burj Al Arab nearby, Summersalt gives you a taste of fancy life and lively energy. Enjoy sunny days with relaxing music and fun nights full of beats. Each moment is perfectly made for you. It’s ideal for those who love luxury, are eager for food adventures with a Latin twist, and want memorable times. Here, relaxing is an art, making every visit truly special.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Jumeirah Al Naseem, Madinat Jumeirah - Jumeirah St, Dubai

Elegant beach club dining area with wooden pergolas, stylish wicker furniture, and serene water views, under a bright sunny sky.

Photo credits: Twiggy


19. Twiggy

What's this place? Twiggy by the Creek: Dubai’s Cool Spot

Dive into a cool mix where '60s beach glam meets Dubai's fancy vibes at Twiggy by the Creek. Located on Dubai Creek Club Street, this stylish beach club is where you can enjoy the best bits of life. From morning to night, Twiggy wraps you in style and fun, offering a perfect mix of chill and lively vibes.

Why it's awesome: Twiggy isn’t just a spot; it’s like stepping back into a classy era but with a modern twist. Its ‘60s vibe with the amazing Dubai scenery makes it a peaceful yet exciting place for sun lovers and party goers. With great music, the sound of the waves, and a trendy crowd, Twiggy by the Creek is the go-to for an unforgettable time. Each visit is a chance to live your best life, mixing Riviera elegance with Dubai’s energy.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Dubai Creek Club St, Dubai

Lively beach club scene with a crowd enjoying under a neon sign, "Vagabond,” amidst disco lights and tropical décor.

Photo credits: Surf Club


20. Surf Club

What is it? Dive into tropical vibes in Dubai at Surf Club. It's a cool spot with a modern touch and a love for surf culture. It's perfect for anyone looking for a relaxed, stylish beach vibe.

Why we love it: Surf Club is more than a place to hang out; it's where city life meets the beach. What's cool? Live music and a great playlist set the perfect mood. The food and drinks are fantastic, too. If you want a fun night or a taste of the beach in the city, Surf Club is the place to be.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

West Palm Beach Palm, Dubai

Final word

After touring Dubai's best beach parties, it's clear - this city knows how to party in style. From the fun at Nikki Beach to legendary nights at White Club, Dubai is ahead in beachside fun. Looking to 2024, expect even more luxury, music, and unforgettable times under the Dubai skyline. These parties draw the elite from all over, mixing luxury with dance floor excitement. You now know where to go for the ultimate party in Dubai, making your nights here truly amazing. But don't stop here - explore our travel guides for more of Dubai's luxury. The extraordinary awaits in Dubai, and you're invited to join the magic.

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