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Raffles Chelsea London

Photo credits: Raffles Chelsea London

30+ Best Clubs In London (2024 Edition)

Explore London's nightlife! From huge, buzzing clubs to small, hidden spots.

Written by Charlotte Wells

Updated on March 13, 2024

Step into London's night heart. Imagine a place where every beat matches yours, every light tells a story, and every moment is extraordinary.

Discover the best of London's nightlife in our 2024 guide. We list over 30 top clubs that change what fun means. Love cozy speakeasies? Want members-only luxury? Or a rooftop bar view? We have it all.

We promise the best night out in London. Get ready for amazing music, scents, and sights.

Join us to see London's top nightlife spots. Don't just fit in, stand out! Dive into luxury and fun with our guide. The night is waiting. Let's explore it together.

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How we choose the best night clubs in London

Our team independently selects every nightclub on this list. A journalist familiar with the nightlife scene in London and who has experienced the club firsthand does the writing. Our criteria focus on upscale venues that deliver a genuine vibe of the city's nightlife. Essential aspects include standout music or DJs, a prime location, exceptional service, and a vibrant atmosphere. We also value clubs with notable reputations in the scene. The list receives a monthly update to reflect new openings and changes in existing ones.

The best nightclubs in London

Interior of The Box London nightclub, featuring a vibrant bar under a glowing red canopy, elegant white balconies, and plush seating.

Photo credits: The Box


1. The Box

What is it? This is Soho's secret gem, hidden behind a grand door. It's one of the top places in London for an exciting night out. It's filled with the magic of burlesque, offering a unique and thrilling experience.

Why we love it: This isn't just any club. It's a show that grabs all your senses. Away from the usual crowd, it has a special vibe all its own. Inside, it's alive with Soho's cool crowd, mixing mystery with glitz for nights you'll always remember.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

11-12 Walker's Ct, Soho, London W1F London

Cirque Le Soir London

Photo credits: Cirque Le Soir


2. Cirque Le Soir

What is it? Cirque du Soir is more than just another spot in London for night fun. It's a special place that takes you into a world of fancy and mystery. Known as London's most exciting adventure, it invites those who dare to be different. Every night is a plush dream come true, filled with stories of shine and glamour.

Why we love it: What sets Cirque du Soir apart in the nightlife scene is its mix of pounding music and amazing shows. It's where high-end meets fun in a big way. Stars and thrill-seekers alike come together, caught up in the magic of great tunes and stunning acts. It's not just a club; it's a journey into night luxury, creating sparkly memories to last until morning.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday

15-21 Ganton Street, Soho, W1F 9BN London

Chic interior of The Green Room London nightclub, featuring elegant wooden beams, brick walls, and stylish dining setup.

Photo credits: The Green Room


3. The Green Room

What is it? The Green Room in London is a cool nightclub right in the city center, close to Waterloo station. It mixes warm woods, soft leather seats, and dim lights to make the perfect spot for fun nights.

Why we love it: The Green Room has a special way of pulling you in. It's alive at night with great music from the DJ that gets everyone dancing. Here, it's all about the vibes, tasty food all day, and awesome drinks. It's not just about going out; it's about creating moments to remember.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

101 Upper Ground, SE1 9PP London

Tape London

Photo credits: Tape


4. Tape

What is it? London's top nightclub for music lovers. Here, famous DJs play amazing music that keeps everyone dancing all night. It's also a popular spot for celebrities from music, sports, and more.

Why we love it: It's more than a nightclub, it's an unforgettable experience. It mixes celebrity glamour with cool, underground vibes. You can see stars or get lost in the tunes. Either way, you'll have nights to remember.

Sunday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday

17 Hanover Square, Mayfair, W1S 1HU London

Elegant outdoor seating area of Hendersons London nightclub with plush sofas, patterned cushions, surrounded by lush greenery and chic white architecture.

Photo credits: Hendersons


5. Hendersons

What it is: Dive into Soho's heart and discover Hendersons, a nightclub that's anything but ordinary. This place shines bright with cool decor and a dance floor that invites you to groove. The music here mixes pop, techno, and house, keeping the energy high all night.

Why we love it: Hendersons isn't just any club; it's where different folks meet up. From artsy types to fashion-forward people, the crowd is always interesting. This spot is at the heart of London's nightlife, with cool lights, non-stop music, and a vibe that encourages you to have fun. For a night full of life and memories, head to Hendersons. It's where the night comes alive.

17-19 Great Windmill Street, W1D 7JZ London

"Tropical themed Mahiki London nightclub bar, adorned with vibrant floral arrangements and bamboo decor, inviting with warm amber lighting and stylish wooden stools."

Photo credits: Mahiki


6. Mahiki

What is it? Mahiki is a fun club in Mayfair, London. It feels like a tropical island with cool music and fun drinks. You’ll see palm trees, bamboo, and tiki torches. It’s like a holiday spot in the city.

Why we love it: Mahiki is more than a club; it’s where fun happens. Celebs and locals love it here. Dance, relax, and try tasty drinks with cool names. A night at Mahiki is always memorable.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

1 Dover Street, W1S 4LD London

Vibrant nightclub scene at Dolce Club London, with a lively crowd dancing and socializing under colorful lights.

Photo credits: Dolce Club


7. Dolce Club

What is it? Walk into Dolce Club London in the heart of South Kensington for a magical night out. This club is all about glam and fun, with dazzling interiors and an electric atmosphere. Here, great music plays all night, from classic hits to the newest hip hop, R&B, and house tunes, all mixed by top DJs.

Why we love it: Dolce Club is more than just music and pretty lights; it's an unforgettable time. The moment you step in, you join a lively and mixed group of people all looking to live it up. Dance, chat, and enjoy the luxury and thrill of Dolce Club for nights that will stick with you.

Friday, Saturday

17A Harrington Road, SW7 3ES London

Vibrant nightclub scene at Cuckoo Club London with a DJ spinning tracks and a lively crowd enjoying the night.

Photo credits: Cuckoo Club


8. Cuckoo Club

What is it? Discover London's nightlife at this cool spot, redesigned by the famous Barbara Hulanicki of BIBA. It's more than a club. It's a place to enjoy close-up dining, exciting live music, and top DJ sets. All of this is in a fancy 5,000 square foot area, spread across two floors.

Why we love it: This place has changed what it means to go out at night. It has an amazing LED dance floor and a basement bar for unique drinks. The mix of luxury and rock vibes makes it a one-of-a-kind place in London, perfect for those who love something different.

Wednesday, Friday, Saturday

Swallow St, London, W1B 4EZ London

Vibrant B Club London interior with neon blue and red lights, showcasing a sleek DJ booth and stylish bar, ready for a lively night.

Photo credits: B Club


9. B Club

What is it? B Club is the new hotspot in South Kensington, West London. It's a cool mix of city style and top-class fun. Imagine dancing in a place surrounded by cool graffiti and bright AI art. The big, concrete DJ booth in the center pumps out tunes that make London's nightlife buzz.

Why we love it: It's more than a club—it's a top pick. Vanity Fair called it the new highlight of the city. With famous DJs like Adam Ten and a hidden bar called Cubanista for drink enthusiasts, B Club connects different worlds. Open from Thursday to Saturday night, it's where unforgettable nights are made, adding a modern twist to the usual club scene.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday

92b Old Brompton Road, SW7 3LQ London

Interior of Tonteria London nightclub, featuring vibrant lighting, a bar adorned with bottles, and themed décor with a skeleton motif.

Photo credits: Tonteria


10. Tonteria

What is it? Tonteria is the lively spot in Chelsea that brings the fun of Mexican nightlife. Enjoy yummy tacos at La Taqueria and try exciting tequila drinks in a cool place.

Why we love it: It's more than just great tequila that brings people here (though the drinks are amazing). It's the atmosphere - cool, welcoming, and full of energy. Any night spent here is packed with fun and a splash of Mexico's colorful culture. Whether you're hanging out with friends or celebrating something big, Tonteria makes every night special and memorable.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday

7-12 Sloane Square, SW1W 8EG London

Energetic nightclub scene at Raffles Chelsea London with joyful crowd dancing under disco ball, featuring a DJ in action.

Photo credits: Raffles Chelsea


11. Raffles Chelsea

What is it? Raffles Chelsea is a cool spot taking you back to the '60s. It's right in the middle of London, featuring a fancy gold bar for hanging out and a lively dance floor. The place shines with gold and green, filled with holographic wallpapers and famous faces from the past.

Why we love it: It's the mix of old-school cool and new vibes that makes Raffles Chelsea special. With great DJs playing house to hip-hop, it offers a fancy feel for those who love to dress up. Whether it's a small meet-up or a big party, its private booking makes events feel special. For a stylish, fun night, this is the place to be.

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

287 King's Road, SW3 5EW London

Vibrant nightclub scene at Kadies Club London with neon lights, bustling crowd, and energetic atmosphere.

Photo credits: Kadies Club


12. Kadies Club

What is it? Kadies Club is a top spot in Mayfair, London. It's a small but cool nightclub that plays all kinds of music. You can hear anything from exciting house music to smooth reggaeton and lively baile funk. The club has amazing Funktion-1 speakers, so the sound is always great.

Why we love it: What makes Kadies special is not just the music. It's all about the people you meet there - from chic fashion lovers to cool rockers. Everyone comes together, Wednesday to Saturday, to enjoy the vibe. It's friendly, fun, and always feels like a global party. That's why Kadies is at the heart of London's fun nightlife.

Wednesday, Friday, Saturday

9 Swallow Street, W1B 4DF London

"Vibrant, dimly lit interior of MNKY HSE, a bustling London nightclub and restaurant filled with patrons and adorned with atmospheric red lighting and eclectic decor."

Photo credits: MNKY HSE



What is it? Hidden on Dover Street and near Clarence House Green, MNKY LNGE is a special spot. It's on the ground floor of a cool building and offers a peaceful break from the busy city. This lounge/bar and event space is a secret favorite for those who know about it. The moment you leave the street or your car, you start to unwind.

Why we love it: MNKY LNGE isn't just for enjoying drinks; it's about the whole vibe. Each area is made for hanging out and having deep talks. It's a wonderful change from the city's fast pace, offering a calm yet lively hideaway. Here, time seems to stand still, making every second count.

Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

10 Dover St, W1S 4LQ London

Maddox London

Photo credits: Maddox


14. Maddox

What is it? In the West End, at 3-5 Mill Street close to Oxford Road, you'll find a special spot. It's your go-to for a memorable night, mixing great food, fun drinks, and friendly vibes all in one place.

Why we love it: It's more than just a club; it's a taste of the fancy Mayfair life. With two floors full of choices - from top-notch bottle service to chill Shisha Lounge areas - it's perfect for any type of celebration. Inside, you'll find a mix of cozy and stylish waiting to make your evening one to remember. Every time you visit, it feels like a warm welcome with an extra sparkle.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday

3-5 Mill Street, Mayfair, W1S 2AU London

Luxurious interior of NYX Mayfair London Nightclub, featuring rich red lighting, opulent decor, and plush seating.

Photo credits: NYX Mayfair


15. NYX Mayfair

What is it? NYX Mayfair, right in London’s lively Oxford Street, is more than a club. It’s your gateway to a night of style and excitement.

Why we love it: Set in a luxurious decor, NYX Mayfair attracts London's trendy and upscale crowd. Top DJs play both new and classic hits, making for a thrilling dance experience. With high-energy music and expertly made cocktails, NYX Mayfair is a highlight of London’s nightlife in a glamorous setting.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Boots, 361 Oxford St, W1C 2JL London

Interior of Christabel's London nightclub with vibrant lighting on grand, ornate ceilings and a mysterious tent setup on the dance floor.

Photo credits: Christabel's


16. Christabel's

What is it? Christabel's is the heart of London's nightlife, found at 1 Poole St. It's a shining spot in the heart of the city. Each visit brings a special thrill. Enjoy bright lights and cool decor. Our DJs play a mix of new and old hits to keep you dancing. It's a friendly place, great for making memories. Perfect for any party or a fun night out. Bring your adventurous side!

Why we love it: Christabel's isn't just a nightclub; it's a fun-filled world in London. It has a magical vibe and lively energy that make every night memorable. Here, something special is always sure to happen.

1 Poole St, N1 5ED London

Crowded dance floor at The Scotch London nightclub, bathed in vibrant red lights with energetic party-goers dancing under a ceiling of sparkling lights.

Photo credits: The Scotch


17. The Scotch

What is it? Discover The Scotch, a hidden spot in London's posh Mayfair area. It's more than just a club in Masons Yard — it's where luxury and nightlife blend perfectly. Imagine a place with cozy seats, a big dance floor, and an incredible bar.

Why we love it: The Scotch isn't just any club. It's an escape to a world where style and energy flow together. At The Scotch, you'll enjoy both new hits and classic tracks, all with superb sound. It's where you can meet celebrities and the city's finest. Here, "exclusive" isn't just a word — it's what defines the Scotch experience.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday

13 Masons Yard, SW1Y 6BU London

Vibrant scene inside Beat London nightclub with red lights and a lively crowd dancing under beams of light.

Photo credits: Beat


18. Beat

What is it? Beat London is the heart of Margaret Street, alive with energy. Imagine walking into a place where every night shines bright with lights and beats welcome you at the door. This popular nightclub is your pass to a world of unforgettable music, from the newest house tunes to the smoothest R&B.

Why we love it: It's where fun has no limits, perfect for a student’s night out or a businessman’s break. Beat London is more than just dancing; it’s a thrilling experience for anyone looking for excitement and connection. With amazing DJs and a sound system that brings music to life, it promises a night that stays with you, long after it ends.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday

48 Margaret Street, W1W 8SE London

"Vibrant scene inside TABU London nightclub featuring an energetic performance by a male artist under moody blue lighting, with crowd filming the moment."

Photo credits: TABU


19. TABU

What is it? Tabu isn't just a dance club - it's a whole new experience. Spread across two floors, this London spot takes you on an exciting trip through Asia's lively cities, like Tokyo and Hong Kong. Each room has its own special theme that's as thrilling as it is engaging.

Why we love it: From the moment you walk in, Tabu shines with bright neon lights and signs that remind you of Asia's colorful streets. The fun atmosphere is hard to miss, with manga cartoons that add a playful vibe to the place. It's more than a spot to dance - it's an adventure that wakes up all your senses, making for a night you won't forget.

Wednesday, Friday, Saturday

1 Dover St, London, W1S 4LD London

Reign London

Photo credits: Reign


20. Reign

What is it? London Reign is the mix of fun and fancy. Imagine this: a place like a theater, with amazing aerial shows, right in the center of Mayfair, London.

Why we love it: When you walk in, London Reign makes you feel like you're in for a special night. Walk up stairs covered in velvet, past shiny gold mirrors, and into a world full of surprises. It's a spot where even giant pineapple ice pops are more than just snacks – they're part of the fun. And when a mixologist makes your drink right in front of you, you'll feel like king or queen. London Reign turns a simple night out into a memorable journey.

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

217 Piccadilly, St. James’s, W1J 9HN London

Final word

Here's your go-to guide for unforgettable club nights in London for 2024. We've shown you the best places that promise memories that shine bright. From fancy clubs to cool underground spots, there's something for everyone in this city's nightlife.

Your next amazing night out is just a choice away. This list gives you all you need to jump into London's night fun. We've picked the best places so you know how to find your perfect adventure under the city lights.

Don't just stop at one night. Keep exploring and let the unique feel of each club make you want to come back. Share your nights with us and check out our other city guides for more. London is ready to wow you, so go ahead and start your unforgettable clubbing journey.

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