Club Open on Saturday in London - 2023

Proud Late London

Photo credits: Proud Late London

London is a city that never sleeps and Saturday nights are no exception. There are plenty of cool nightclubs to choose from, but some places stand out more than others.

Have you been trying to find the best nightclubs open on Saturday in London?

If so, then this blog post is for you! We have compiled a list of the best venues- all ranked by their location and type of music they play. Read on to learn about your options!

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1. The Box

The Box London

Photo credits: The Box

For those of you who are dreaming of being in London and feeling the buzz, let The Box be your place to explore. With its gorgeous interior design that is reminiscent of an old-timey circus with red velvet curtains and a giant chandelier dangling overhead, this club made us feel like we were truly in Wonderland! This hot spot has been considered one of Soho's most exclusive nightspots where people come from all over just to party until dawn on their guest list but even if they're not on it themselves don't worry because there will always be someone willing to chat or give out some information about what goes down at these shows.

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2. Toy Room

Toy Room London

Photo credits: Toy Room

Grab your friends, head down to Mayfair, and take in the luxury feel of The Toy Room Club. With leather paneling on the walls, brass studs around you're sitting area - as well as comfortable seating and relaxed lighting all about - it's hard not to just relax in their welcoming atmosphere! And yet this is a fun environment too; with "Frank" (a teddy bear) who will shake hands with you when Frank gets bored or doesn't have anyone else for company. This club also has R&B music here most nights from 11 pm onwards until 3 am.

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3. Cirque Le Soir

Cirque London

Photo credits: Cirque Le Soir

Cirque du Soir, London's craziest nightlife destination.

This is an exclusive club where you will spend a lot of money to get in but when you step inside it looks like something out of this world and might be the most fun clubbing experience that will ever happen to you. There are also celebrities and high-end performers here so depending on what kind of person you are if this place isn't for you then nothing ever will be. However this club is a must-see if you do like the crazy clubbing scene!

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4. Tape

Tape London

Photo credits: Tape

You can't help but be impressed with the sheer magnitude of this London celebrity club. It is home to internationally famous DJs, both as regular and as feature acts; you will regularly see celebrities from across the entertainment spectrum at this venue including music stars or even sports stars that enjoy a night out with their pop-culture counterparts in what has been voted by our readership one of best clubs for dancing competitively while being blasted loud music all hours on end until 3 am which makes it one of hottest nightclubs in Europe.

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5. Cuckoo Club

Cuckoo London

Photo credits: Cuckoo Club

Cuckoo Club London is the best place to be if you are looking for unstoppable fun and excitement. BIBA founder, interior fashion designer Barbara Hulanicki redesigned this club with a vibrant atmosphere that offers both intimate dining as well as lively dancing on site!

The dance floor has LED-studded ceilings while the cocktail bar in the basement offers one of a kind drinking experience. The club's high-end, opulent interior design is complete with hints from rock and roll influences that lend themselves well to an elegant atmosphere inside this exclusive club located in central London!

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Photo credits: MNKY HSE

The MNKY LNGE is our exclusive lounge with access from both the restaurant and its own door at no. 10 Dover Street, designed to act as HSE's living room-the perfect place to spend any evening socialising! With an emphasis on sensory lighting accessories (and stylish low seating), this space has been carefully planned for maximum comfort while you enjoy drinks by your favorite fireplace or watch some incredible food truck action outside through floor length windows

Output: The Monkey Lounge offers guests of all ages a great spot that they can call their own; whether it be during dinner time or after work happy hour - there are plenty of options here.

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7. Maddox

Maddox Lndon

Photo credits: Maddox

Maddox is a hotspot for classy clubbers. You'll find it at 3-5 Mill Street, just off Oxford Road in the West End neighborhood of Mayfair. This multi-purpose venue has everything you need for an evening out: from delicious food to cocktails to friends!

From the moment you step into our exclusive Maddox bar, this space becomes your second home and is suited for any party or event with premium bottle service on two floors as well as dedicated smoking areas including one that's intimate enough even for shisha lounging - perfect if those are your preferences over cigars?

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Tabu London

Photo credits: TABU

Tabu is a world-class venue in the heart of London that has two levels; one for clubbers and another more serene meditative space. The overall theme takes its inspiration from Asia's gritty, dirty streets with hints taken from Japan Tokyo to Hong Kong Seoul amongst others at Taburest you'll be transported away to some faraway continent making your experience unforgettable!

As you enter Tabu London, the neon logos of their famous drinks are lighting up the staircases. There are street signs hanging from corners and ceilings with shades that match this backstreet vibe so well! Another unique feature is how they decorated bathrooms; black-and-white cartoons cover every inch in Manga style.

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9. Reign

Reign London

Photo credits: Reign

The London Reign is the place to go when you want performance theatre and aerial acts combined with a night of indulgence. Step into this world of opulence and sensuous glamour, located in the heart of London in Mayfair. Enter through a luxury entrance hall where luxurious velvet ropes lead up past huge gold-framed mirrors up to our sky lounge seating area at The Ritz Carlton rooftop bar for an exclusive show by one or more mixologists who will pop round on request while sipping cocktails from around all over the globe!

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10. Proud Late

Proud Late London

Photo credits: Proud Late

The future of late-night cabaret is now in London. A new, limited time venue has opened that features world class mixologists and performers under one roof with belly dancers! This futuristic superclub can be found underneath Waterloo Bridge for an unforgettable experience you'll long remember - so see it while there's still space left this weekend or before they're all gone forever...

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11. Lio

Lio London

Photo credits: Lio

Looking for something different? Head down to Lío London – the most captivating dinner-and-nightclub experience in town! With its talented cast of singers, dancers, acrobats, and international artists delivering anthemic performances all night long – there won't be a dull moment in sight! Don't forget about the food either; indulge in Mediterranean-inspired dishes created by Chef Adam Rawson who takes inspiration from Ibiza's finest dining cultures and flavors to create signature dishes alongside his own creations influenced by local cuisine. And when it comes time to dance - get ready for some serious moves as world-famous DJs take over keeping the party going until the early hours of the morning!

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12. Luxx Club

Luxx London

Photo credits: Luxx Club

Luxx Club London is the new hotspot for up-and-coming posh partygoers looking to experience something fresh and different. With its perfect location, you can enjoy exclusivity in a premier venue with table service, eclectic music that will never let your feet stop dancing - past the early hours from Thursday to Saturday.

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13. Wyld Club

Drama London

Photo credits: Wyld Club

Wyld Club is the new London club that you should be on the lookout for. Located next to Green Park and just a couple blocks away from hotel giant, Hilton, Wyld has been an exclusive hotspot since it was rebranded as such in 2021. Trendsetting innovators rule this establishment with their connections to Hollywood stars and musicians alike!

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14. Libertine

Libertine London

Photo credits: Libertine

Libertine is the hottest new club in town, that just so happens to also have a secret hidden room! Though it was once an Asian-themed nightclub, Libertine has since transitioned into something more sleek and futuristic. For those looking for some privacy from their fellow partygoers; there's no better place than this hot spot as they offer access to its very own private space behind closed doors--a perfect hideaway after you've had too much fun on the dance floor.

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Final word

We hope this guide has helped you find your perfect Saturday night club. If not, we're always happy to help!

Let us know and our team will be in touch with more recommendations for the best clubs open on a Saturday night in London. Remember that there are many other great options if these don't work out - so keep exploring until you find something that suits your taste!

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