The Best Nightclubs Open on Friday in London (2021 Edition)

Cirque London

Cirque London

It's that time of the week again! Friday night is here and you just know it's going to be a good one. You have your outfit planned, your drinks are pre-made in the fridge, and you're ready for all the fun things this weekend has to offer. But what about where you'll be spending your Friday evening?

We've got some suggestions if you want to party it up with friends or find a date at one of London's best nightclubs open on Fridays.

1. The Box

The Box London

The Box is one of the most exclusive burlesque clubs in London, and you'll feel at once welcomed as soon as you walk through its door. With a warm atmosphere waiting for guests on their guest list from the moment they enter The Box's mysterious doors, this club will make sure that your time there feels like paradise!

For those who are dreaming about being in London and feeling the buzz of an extraordinary city let The box be your place to have all these dreams come true. This nightspot was considered by many people to be one of Soho’s hottest places where only special arrivals were welcome inside.

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2. Toy Room

Toy Room London

The Toy Room Club is the perfect place to grab your friends and head out for some fun! With leather paneling on the walls, brass studs around you're sitting area - as well as comfortable seating and relaxed lighting all about – it's hard not to just relax into their welcoming atmosphere. You'll find "Frank" (a teddy bear) who will shake hands with you when Frank gets bored or doesn't have anyone else to talk with him. And yet this club also has R&B music here most nights of weekdays from 11 pm onwards until 3 am.

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3. Cirque Le Soir

Cirque London

One of the most exclusive nightclubs in London, Cirque du Soir caters to VIP clubbers only. Once you enter Cirque du Soir, it feels like you're entering into something magical and out of this world. World-class DJs, top performers, and exciting experiences fill up this one-of-a-kind experience that lives up to its name!

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4. Tape

Tape London

Tape nightclub is one of the most popular nightlife destinations in London, mainly due to its incredible DJs and live music. The club offers a refreshingly different experience with competitive dancing that has attracted many famous celebrities from all over the world.

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5. Cuckoo Club

Cuckoo London

Cuckoo Club London is the best place to be if you are looking for unstoppable fun and excitement. BIBA founder, interior fashion designer Barbara Hulanicki redesigned this club with a vibrant atmosphere that offers both intimate dining as well as lively dancing on site!

The dance floor has LED-studded ceilings while the cocktail bar in the basement offers one of a kind drinking experience. The club's high-end, opulent interior design is complete with hints from rock and roll influences that lend themselves well to an elegant atmosphere inside this exclusive club located in central London!

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The MNKY LNGE is our exclusive lounge/bar and event space located on the ground floor with access from both the restaurant, as well its own door at no. 10 Dover Street! With a focus on sensory lighting, accessories, or stylish low seating; this place acts more like home than any other - perfect for an evening socializing while catching up over drinks (or cocktails).

For larger groups looking to make their night even more memorable, we also provide high tables which can accommodate 8 people each comfortably so there will never be anyone left standing around bored stiff because they're all seated together--ready to get into some good conversation between bites of delicious food too!.

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7. Maddox

Maddox Lndon

Maddox is a well-known hotspot that's the perfect destination for an evening out and about. With delicious food, cocktails, friends—you name it! The club has everything you need to have an unforgettable night in London West End.

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Tabu London

This is a club that will transport you to the faraway continent and the unique world of Asia. Tabu's overall theme, inspired by gritty seedy areas in some major cities around there including Tokyo, Hong Kong & Seoul has made it so they are able to create an unforgettable experience with their patrons!

When you enter Tabu London, the neon logos on staircases and in hallways light up to guide visitors down each level. There are also street signs hanging from ceilings that add a backstreet vibe while black & white manga cartoons decorate bathroom stalls for a unique twist!

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9. Scandal

Scandal London

Scandal London is a high-end nightclub with an authentic feel. The club has everything from VIP tables and luxurious accommodations to sunken dance floors, making it the perfect place for your next night out! Let Scandal Club tempt you into its risque atmosphere while not falling short of entertainment; this establishment will appeal to both your sensibilities as well as provide endless opportunities for decadence.

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10. Reign

Reign London

The sky lounge is the place to be for performance theatre and aerial acts combined with a night of indulgence. Step into London Reign, located in Mayfair where you will find luxurious velvet ropes leading up past huge gold-framed mirrors to our splendid sky lounge. Feast your eyes on life-sized pineapple iced popsicles or take advantage of being one of their exclusive VIPs when they come by just for an amazing show!

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11. Proud Late

Proud Late London

Get ready for the most epic night of your life at London's newest superclub, Proud Late. With top DJ’s and breath-taking shows you won't want to miss this party!

A new era has arrived in late-night cabaret with a space dedicated solely towards mixing great drinks alongside world class performers under one roof - all set against an unforgettable backdrop that will leave even those unprom Sin City yearning for more

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12. Luxx Club

Luxx London

Luxx Club London is the new hot spot in Mayfair. With its perfect location and premiere service, you can enjoy a glamorous night of champagne and dancing to some great tunes from only the best DJs in town!

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13. Wyld Club

Drama London

Wyld Club is the new London club that you should be on the lookout for. Located next to Green Park and just a couple blocks away from hotel giant, Hilton, Wyld has been an exclusive hotspot since it was rebranded as such in 2021. Trendsetting innovators rule this establishment with their connections to Hollywood stars and musicians alike!

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14. Libertine

Libertine London

Libertine is the hottest new club in town and has been a hit ever since it opened its doors. It used to be an Asian-themed nightclub, but now features sleek décor that sits on futuristic vibes perfect for VIP partygoers who are looking for something different than what they're usually provided with nowadays. If you want some privacy though, Libertine offers its customers access to their very own private room behind closed doors as well! You won't find anything cooler than this hot spot around your city soon enough - we guarantee it's going to get everyone talking about how awesome of a place this really is!

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Final word

So if you're looking for a place to party, we've got your back. This list of the best nightclubs open on Friday in London should make it easy for you to find one that suits your needs and budget! Whether you want something laid-back or high-energy with an A+ sound system, this guide will help take away some of the stress involved in finding a good time.

We hope this blog post was helpful--thanks so much for reading!