The Best Nightclubs Open on Wednesday in London (2021 Edition)

Reign London

Reign London

The best nightclubs open on Wednesday in London is a list of the top venues that are up and running for all your late-night needs. All you need to do is search through this list here, find the venue nearest to you, get there early enough so you can queue without losing your spot, and then prepare yourself for an unforgettable night!

1. Cirque Le Soir

Cirque London

Cirque du Soir, London's craziest nightlife destination.

This is an exclusive club where you will spend a lot of money to get in but when you step inside it looks like something out of this world and might be the most fun clubbing experience that will ever happen to you. There are also celebrities and high-end performers here so depending on what kind of person you are if this place isn't for you then nothing ever will be. However this club is a must-see if you do like the crazy clubbing scene!

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2. Cuckoo Club

Cuckoo London

Cuckoo Club London is an exciting nightclub that's quickly becoming one of the hottest spots in all of London. Opened by BIBA founder and interior fashion designer Barbara Hulanicki, this 2-floor 5k square feet space offers a vibrant atmosphere perfect for intimate dining or dancing while you enjoy drinks with friends!

The dance floor is decorated with LED studded ceilings while the bar in the basement offers a one-of-kind drinking experience. The club's opulent interior design has hints of rock & roll influences that add to its beauty, making it popular among London’s most elite clubs.

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The MNKY LNGE is our exclusive lounge/bar and event space located on the ground floor with access from both the restaurant, as well its own door at no. 10 Dover Street! With a focus on sensory lighting, accessories, or stylish low seating; this place acts more like home than any other - perfect for an evening socializing while catching up over drinks (or cocktails).

For larger groups looking to make their night even more memorable, we also provide high tables which can accommodate 8 people each comfortably so there will never be anyone left standing around bored stiff because they're all seated together--ready to get into some good conversation between bites of delicious food too!.

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4. Scandal

Scandal London

Scandal London is a high-end nightclub with an authentic feel. The club has everything from VIP tables and luxurious accommodations to sunken dance floors, making it the perfect place for your next night out! Let Scandal Club tempt you into its risque atmosphere while not falling short of entertainment; this establishment will appeal to both your sensibilities as well as provide endless opportunities for decadence.

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Tabu London

Tabu is more than just a dance club, it's an experience. Set over 2 levels and containing many different rooms with unique themes such as the gritty seedy streets of Asia’s most populous cities including Tokyo or Hong Kong. You'll feel transported to another continent when you visit Tabu Club London - this place has got something special!

As you enter Tabu London, neon symbols of the company shine brightly from every staircase and amidst backstreet vibes. There are signs that hang overhead as well as black-and-white manga cartoons decorating nearly all washroom stalls which give off a playful atmosphere appropriate for such an exciting club!

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6. Libertine

Libertine London

Libertine is the hottest new club in town, that just so happens to also have a secret hidden room! Though it was once an Asian-themed nightclub, Libertine has since transitioned into something more sleek and futuristic. For those looking for some privacy from their fellow partygoers; there's no better place than this hot spot as they offer access to its very own private space behind closed doors--a perfect hideaway after you've had too much fun on the dance floor.

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Final word

London is known for its nightlife and with the new club openings, it's hard to keep up. With all the new clubs opening, it can be difficult to find a place that's open on Wednesday nights. To help you out we've compiled this list of the best nightclubs in London that are open on Wednesdays. We hope you enjoy our blog post!