The Best Nightclubs Open on Wednesday in London (2021 Edition)


The best nightclubs open on Wednesday in London is a list of the top venues that are up and running for all your late-night needs. All you need to do is search through this list here, find the venue nearest to you, get there early enough so you can queue without losing your spot, and then prepare yourself for an unforgettable night!

1. Cirque Le Soir

Cirque London

Cirque du Soir, London's craziest nightlife destination.

This is an exclusive club where you will spend a lot of money to get in but when you step inside it looks like something out of this world and might be the most fun clubbing experience that will ever happen to you. There are also celebrities and high-end performers here so depending on what kind of person you are if this place isn't for you then nothing ever will be. However this club is a must-see if you do like the crazy clubbing scene!

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2. Scandal

Scandal London

Scandal London will steal your breath away. With the gritty atmosphere found in Amsterdam's Red Light District, this chic establishment is refined and elegant but with an authentic feel that can't be experienced anywhere else! The VIP tables are luxurious while still being approachable to all guests-- let Scandal Club whet your appetite for what you want out of a nightclub experience without compromising on quality or authenticity!

Scandals club appeals to both high-end luxury seekers as well as those who prefer something more debaucherous. You'll find tassel curtains at the entrance, elevated seating where everyone has access to dance floor action; indulge in some decadent snacks between drinks by sinking into one of their plush sofas!

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3. Libertine

Libertine London

Libertine is the coolest new club in town. Once an Asian-themed club, it has now transitioned to a more sophisticated and futuristic space perfect for VIP partygoers. For those who want a more private venue, Libertine offers its customers access to its secret doorway that opens up into its very own private room behind closed doors! Stay tuned as this hot spot will be all your friends can talk about!

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Final word

London is known for its nightlife and with the new club openings, it's hard to keep up. With all the new clubs opening, it can be difficult to find a place that's open on Wednesday nights. To help you out we've compiled this list of the best nightclubs in London that are open on Wednesdays. We hope you enjoy our blog post!