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Interior of Apt. 503 nightclub in Los Angeles, featuring a DJ at the turntable, vibrant lighting, and stylish, modern decor.
Interior of Apt. 503 nightclub in Los Angeles showcasing colorful lighting on the dance floor, stylish seating areas, and a vibrant DJ booth.
Vibrant and stylish interior of Apt. 503 nightclub in Los Angeles, featuring eclectic decor, chic white furniture, and eye-catching modern art pieces.
Chic nightclub interior with modern geometric decor, plush white seating, and a vibrant DJ setup bathed in natural light.
Nightclub scene at Apt. 503 in Los Angeles, featuring a lively crowd dancing under vibrant lights with a DJ in action.
Crowd dancing at Apt. 503 nightclub in Los Angeles, with vibrant lights and energetic atmosphere.

Apt. 503 Los Angeles

Photo credits: Apt. 503 Los Angeles

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Apt. 503 Los Angeles


Welcome to Apt. 503, a stunning spot right in the center of Los Angeles. Dive into an exciting mix of style and creativity that you won't forget.

Find us at 3680 Wilshire Blvd, on the 5th floor. Apt. 503 is more than just a nightclub. It's a unique escape from the usual, offering a special night out. As you step inside, our friendly team welcomes you to a place where dreams come to life.

Right away, the amazing decor will catch your eye. It's like stepping into an Alice In Wonderland world, with art that tricks your eyes and begs for a spot on your Instagram. Apt. 503 is the place to snap photos that will wow your followers.

The vibe here hits just right, mixing coziness with excitement. Apt. 503 feels both open and intimate, a spot where you can dance to soulful R&B all night long. It's a place to get lost in the music alongside others who love it just as much.

Our crowd is all about creativity and style, drawn here by our great location near the train station. That means no expensive Uber rides. It's a mix of people who love art, tasty food, and friendly vibes.

And speaking of food, get ready for a treat when you choose our bottle service. You'll get a delicious cheese pizza, adding an extra bit of joy to your night.

Apt. 503 isn't just any nightclub. It's an adventure into a world where creativity has no end. Don't miss out on this exclusive, invite-only experience. Come find Apt. 503 and uncover the hidden gem of Los Angeles.

Written by Mia Chen - Updated on 6/16/2024

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