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Playa Padre Marbella

Playa Padre Marbella

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Playa Padre Marbella

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Nestled on a beautiful beach in Marbella, Playa Padre is a special and lovely beach club. It offers a tropical feel with a splash of luxury and comfort, making it the perfect place to escape everyday life.

The mood is relaxed and indulgent, surrounded by the soft sound of waves and fresh sea air. Guests can relax on the golden sand, enjoying tasty dishes that blend flavors from the Mediterranean and Mexico, all while sipping on unique drinks.

As the evening comes, the place turns magical. Watching the sky change colors with a gentle sea breeze and surrounded by palm trees is an unmatched experience.

Playa Padre's menu mixes Asian and Mediterranean influences, using fresh, local, and organic ingredients to make exciting dishes. Dining here means sharing tables and stories, making it great for meeting new people or enjoying time with friends.

The music varies from calming to upbeat, fitting everyone's taste. The beach club attracts both locals and visitors, all wanting to enjoy life's pleasures in this stunning setting.

In short, Playa Padre is a top spot for unwinding, thanks to its delicious food, welcoming vibe, and beautiful views. Whether you go alone or with friends, your time at Playa Padre will be one to remember.

Written by Sofia Martinez - Updated on 3/7/2024



Minimum Age: 18

Opening Hours


12:00 - 00:00


12:00 - 20:00


12:00 - 20:00


12:00 - 20:00

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Playa Padre Marbella

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Playa Padre Marbella Reviews

Great place for beach day, friendly stuff, good food. Nice music, if you want to go partyng during the day you should go there. Littlebit from the water...

Irakli, 9/22/2023

I love the music and the people on Thursday nights . Drinks are 12€ so it's ok. One of the best places to go out in Marbella in summer but closes at midnight. Otherwise you can go until 21h00 the other days of the week

Mariana, 9/16/2023

Really good. Highly recommend! Great service, music and food. Also the prices are good for a beachclub with this level!

Casper, 8/28/2023


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