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Hyde Beach Miami

Photo credits: Hyde Beach Miami

50+ Best Places To Eat In Miami (2024 Edition)

Discover Miami's best eats with this top dining guide. Get ready to eat like you live here!

Written by Carlos Rivera

Updated on June 16, 2024

Ready to dive into Miami's amazing food scene? Our 2024 '50+ Best Places to Eat in Miami' is your key to discovering the city's best eats.

Get ready for a food adventure that's more than just eating. It's about feeling the heart of Miami through its dishes. Imagine dining high above the city with breathtaking views or finding a hidden spot that serves up authentic Cuban dishes that smell and taste like heaven. Whether you love seafood, barbecue, or global flavors, we've got you covered.

We're bringing you the ultimate guide to Miami's top dining spots. Our carefully chosen list will take you to the best of the best. Excited to taste what Miami has to offer? Let's start this delicious journey.

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Alt text: Tropical beach club setting with elegant outdoor furniture surrounded by lush palm trees and vibrant green plants, inviting relaxation under a soft, cloudy sky.

Photo credits: The Savoy Beach Club


1. The Savoy Beach Club

What it is: The Savoy Beach Club sits on Ocean Drive, Miami's peaceful spot. It offers stunning ocean scenes and the real Miami beach vibe. Think relaxed luxury and comfy decor. It's perfect for enjoying the sun and sipping cool drinks.

Why we love it: It's more than a club; it's a special experience. The Savoy is for everyone - romantic outings, work meetings, or fun times with friends. Enjoy live music, tasty snacks, and drinks, all flavored with Miami Beach's unique style.

425 Ocean Drive, 33139 Miami

Elegant outdoor dining at Jaya Miami Restaurant, featuring lit palm trees, a reflective pool, and a lively ambiance under a warm, glowing evening.

Photo credits: Jaya


2. Jaya

What's Jaya? It's a cool place in the heart of Miami Beach, on Collins Avenue, where you can enjoy awesome Asian food with a twist of Miami's fun vibe. They've got this outdoor area where you can enjoy live music and exciting shows while you eat.

Why it's great: At Jaya, it's not just about the tasty food. It's a whole adventure for your senses! The place feels cozy and lively at the same time. You can dress nice but comfy, and the menu is full of unique, yummy dishes. If you're looking for a fancy yet fun Asian meal in Miami Beach, Jaya is where you should go.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

2001 Collins Avenue, 33139 Miami

Vibrant nightclub scene at El Santo Don Diablo in Miami, showcasing an ornate bar with teal blue stools and dynamic lighting, complemented by eclectic decor and a lively atmosphere.

Photo credits: El Santo Don Diablo


3. El Santo Don Diablo

What is it? El Santo Don Diablo is your go-to spot in Little Havana for an amazing mix of food and fun. It's a special place that blends true Mexican and Latin food with the fun of a top-notch nightclub. Imagine eating in a place that looks like a colorful wrestling ring one moment and a beautiful old church the next. Every corner has its own story.

Why we love it: It's the perfect mix of fancy and fun. Relax in the lounge with unique drinks and friends, or find the secret Don Diablo speakeasy. This hidden gem celebrates the Day of the Dead with an amazing selection of mezcal and tequila. Dress up and jump into a night of delicious food and great music at El Santo Don Diablo.

Friday, Saturday

1618 Southwest 8th Street, 33135 Miami

Outdoor dining area at DiLido Beach Club Miami with ocean views, set among lush greenery and palm trees. Tables are elegantly set, ready to welcome guests under a clear blue sky.

Photo credits: DiLido Beach Club


4. DiLido Beach Club

What is it? DiLido Beach Club is a relaxing spot on South Beach, Miami. It's right by the beautiful sea and white sand. You can enjoy great food in a stylish place. It's a different kind of beach experience.

Why we love it: DiLido Beach Club is special because of its amazing view and cool vibe. It matches the energy of Miami. Everyone likes coming here, whether you're with family or looking for peace under the sun. The place is fancy yet laid-back, offering fresh food from the area. It's the best spot to enjoy Miami Beach in a cool way.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

1 Lincoln Road, 33139 Miami

Elegant dining area at Area 31, Miami, featuring chic round chandeliers, polished wood paneling, and neatly set tables ready for a sophisticated dining experience.

Photo credits: Area 31


5. Area 31

What is it? At the Kimpton EPIC Hotel in Miami, on the 16th floor, you'll find Area 31. This place offers amazing views of Biscayne Bay and the Miami River. More than just food, it's an experience. Chef Sezer focuses on fresh, local seafood.

Why we love it: It's the perfect mix of laid-back and fancy, great for celebrating anything. The seafood dishes are creative, and the drinks change with the seasons. Every little thing adds to the special vibe here. It's a place filled with fun people and great music, all set against Miami's beautiful skyline. Area 31 makes your moments unforgettable.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

270 Biscayne Boulevard Way, 33131 Miami

Vibrant outdoor dining at Rosie's in Miami, featuring string lights, lively crowds, and a cozy ambiance.

Photo credits: Rosie’s


6. Rosie’s

What is it? Rosie’s is a hidden gem in Miami, perfect for dining from breakfast to dinner. Open Friday to Sunday, this spot blends Southern comfort with Italian elegance.

Why we love it: Rosie’s is more than just a place to eat; it’s an experience. Cozy Southern vibes meet Italian style here, making it a peaceful escape from city life. The menu mixes flavors beautifully, turning each meal into a delightful journey. At Rosie’s, you get more than good food; you get a taste of different cultures and culinary creativity.

Sunday, Friday, Saturday

162 NW 73rd St, 33150 Miami

Charming outdoor setting of Mandolin Aegean Bistro in Miami showcasing white wooden tables, rustic decor, and vibrant bougainvillea.

Photo credits: Mandolin Aegean Bistro


7. Mandolin Aegean Bistro

What is it? Step into the charming Mandolin Aegean Bistro at 4312 NE 2nd Ave, Miami. This spot brings the magic of the Mediterranean to Miami’s lively scene with its genuine Greek and Turkish dishes and cozy, rustic decor.

Why we love it: Mandolin isn't just a place to eat; it's an adventure. Here, the warm Miami vibes meet the bright joy of the Aegean. Open every day until 11 PM, it's perfect for any get-together. Enjoy the beautiful outdoor area and real flavors that turn every meal into a joyful celebration of life and friendship.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

4312 NE 2nd Ave, 33137 Miami

Sunny rooftop lounge at Esmé Miami with plush seating, stylish wooden tables, and an inviting, modern ambiance under clear blue skies.

Photo credits: The Roof at Esmé


8. The Roof at Esmé

What is it? In the center of South Beach, there's a hidden treasure called Beach Hotel. It has an amazing rooftop place with stunning views of the city. Here, it's more than just eating; it's a peaceful escape. The place has a Mediterranean touch and invites you to enjoy beautiful, sunny moments with tasty food and unique drinks.

Why we love it: The Roof at Esmé Miami Beach Hotel isn't all about great views or cozy cabanas; it's about the vibe. With calming music and a mix of people, everything is set up for pure fun. It's where fancy and relaxed beach life come together, making every visit memorable and joyful.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

1438 Washington Avenue, 33139 Miami

Elegant interior of STK Miami, featuring mood lighting, stylish round tables and plush seating, with a sophisticated bar area in the background.

Photo credits: STK


9. STK

What is it? STK Miami shines at 2305 Collins Avenue with its bright decor and fun atmosphere. This place makes dining special with a new look and a menu full of exciting, tasty options. Enjoy everything from crispy fish and oysters to fancy caviar and lobster.

Why we love it: Beyond the cool dishes, STK Miami turns up the fun with live music, making meals an event. It's a spot full of energy, drawing in both busy young pros and curious tourists. If you want a memorable meal and a lively night, head to STK Miami.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

2305 Collins Avenue, 33139 Miami

Vibrant rooftop pool party at Highbar Miami with people enjoying sun, swimming, and socializing, city skyline in the background.

Photo credits: Highbar


10. Highbar

What is it? Highbar Miami is the top spot for rooftop fun in South Beach. Located at 1111 Collins Avenue, it mixes the cool of Studio 54 with the bright feel of the coast. Enjoy great Mexican food and stunning ocean views in a 70s-style setting, complete with an infinity pool.

Why we love it: Highbar isn’t just about the amazing views. It offers a unique vibe - chilled yet buzzing with energy, where dancing, live music, and awesome DJs are common. Dress up or keep it casual, and join a lively crowd for tasty drinks by the pool. Highbar Miami is where great nights happen.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

1111 Collins Avenue, 33139 Miami

Elegant dining area of Bourbon Steak Miami, featuring plush leather seating, ambient lighting from unique vertical fixtures, and a chic mirrored wall.

Photo credits: Bourbon Steak


11. Bourbon Steak

What is it? Bourbon Steak Miami is the perfect stylish spot at JW Marriott Miami Turnberry Resort & Spa. Here, famous chef Michael Mina makes American steakhouse food exciting with soft steaks, smooth truffle mac, and fresh seafood.

Why we love it: This place offers more than just a meal; it's a full-on experience. Picture yourself in a place with smoky glass and gold decor, ready for a magical night. With over 850 wines to choose from and live music in the air, it's more than just eating at Bourbon Steak Miami—it's a celebration of the good life, ideal for memorable evenings.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

19999 West Country Club Drive, 33180 Miami

Stylish interior of Los Félix in Miami, featuring a cozy bar with green stools, trendy hanging wicker lamps, and vibrant mural artwork, inviting a warm, welcoming dining experience.

Photo credits: Los Félix


12. Los Félix

What is it? Los Félix in Miami’s Main Hwy isn't just a restaurant; it’s a lively celebration of tradition and eco-friendliness.

Why we love it: Dive into a mix of old and new at Los Félix. Experience ancient cooking methods and a buzzing music scene. Enjoy tortillas made by hand and local crops that pay tribute to the region’s roots. As evening comes, the mood switches as DJs play great music on vinyl. It's more than just eating out; it's about enjoying a fusion of tastes and tunes that make every visit special.

Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

3413 Main Hwy, 33133 Miami

Elegant open-air restaurant terrace with stylish wooden furniture and vibrant, colorful decor, showcasing beautiful views under a sunlit sky.

Photo credits: Level 6


13. Level 6

What is it? Level 6 is more than just a restaurant; it’s an experience high above Miami at 3480 Main Highway. Located on the 6th floor, this stylish spot combines breathtaking city views with unique, exciting food.

Why we love it: It's the perfect mix of fancy and cozy. Picture dining next to huge windows showing off stunning city scenes, especially when Miami's lights start twinkling at night. At Level 6, eating becomes an event, with dishes that are both fun and a bit familiar, all set to music that changes from calm to lively. Here, every meal is a celebration.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

3480 Main Hwy 6th floor, 33133 Miami

Chic Miami restaurant with vibrant mural above the bar, plush green seating, and elegant table settings.

Photo credits: Leku


14. Leku

What is it? Nestled in Miami's lively art district, Leku Miami blends Basque flavors with a Miami twist. Located at 1100 NW 23rd St, this spot offers a unique dining experience.

Why we love it: Leku isn't just a restaurant; it's a celebration of art and flavor. Open Wednesday to Saturday, with shorter hours on Sunday, each meal here feels special. Art and food lovers enjoy creative dishes in a welcoming atmosphere. Every visit becomes an adventure in taste and culture, making Leku Miami perfect for those seeking a memorable dining experience.

Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

1100 NW 23rd St, 33127 Miami

Elegant dining room at Dirty French Miami, featuring zebra-striped chairs, white tablecloths, and glowing orb chandeliers under a golden ceiling.

Photo credits: Dirty French


15. Dirty French

What is it? Located at 1200 Brickell Ave in Miami, Dirty French Steakhouse offers a unique blend of New York bistro elegance and French flair.

Why we love it: It's more than a meal; it's an adventure. The restaurant features a stylish mix of Parisian decor and modern touches. The menu gives classic French dishes a fun twist. With its lively music and fashionable crowd, Dirty French has an exciting vibe, making each visit special. Perfect for a fun dinner out or a big celebration, Dirty French Miami stands out in Miami's bustling food scene.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

1200 Brickell Ave, 33131 Miami

Bright and airy beachside living room at The Bentley Beach Club, Miami, featuring elegant decor, a cozy sofa, and large windows offering a glimpse of the blue sea.

Photo credits: The Bentley Beach Club


16. The Bentley Beach Club

What is it? Explore luxury at Bentley Beach Club Miami. Located in the lively South Beach, this spot offers peaceful sea views and a relaxed vibe. Enjoy tropical music and cool down with a drink from our wide selection. It's perfect for everyone, alone or with friends.

Why we love it: It's not just a beach club; it's a piece of paradise. With its great location and friendly staff, Bentley Beach Club Miami is the best getaway. Every visit is a special experience, making you eager to come back.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

101 Ocean Drive, 33139 Miami

Cozy rooftop bar with elegant amber lighting, plush seating, and panoramic city views, creating an inviting and luxurious ambiance.

Photo credits: Sugar


17. Sugar

What is it? High above Brickell, on the 40th floor of EAST Miami, you'll find Sugar Miami. It's a rooftop spot that blends a jungle vibe with the style of a Bali bar.

Why we love it: Sugar Miami is more than a bar; it's a whole vibe. With stunning gardens and Asian food, it's perfect for relaxing or hanging out with friends. When the sun sets, the place comes alive. Cool music plays, and stylish people show up, making it the place to be. Remember, it's 21+ at night, and you'll need your ID. Book ahead; Sugar Miami is popular, and spots go quickly!

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

788 Brickell Plaza, 33131 Miami

Elegant dining at Cipriani Downtown Miami, featuring tables set with white linens and a couple enjoying a meal by the window overlooking lush greenery.

Photo credits: Cipriani Downtown


18. Cipriani Downtown

What is it? Cipriani Downtown is a special place in the heart of Miami. It's like a little piece of Italy with some extra magic. Here, floors shine, ceilings are high, and each dish has a special Italian touch but with a fresh twist.

Why we love it: It's not just about the tasty chicken ragout or the unique swordfish carpaccio. It's about the luxury you feel all around. With a great choice of wines and soothing jazz music, Cipriani Downtown makes every visit feel special. Every meal here is a celebration, turning even a simple evening out into something unforgettable.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

465 Brickell Avenue, 33131 Miami

Diners enjoy a warm, ambient evening at Baoli Miami, surrounded by lush greenery and lit by hanging lanterns.

Photo credits: Baoli


19. Baoli

What is it? Baoli Miami is where fancy and fun come together on Collins Avenue in Miami Beach. Step inside to find a place where stylish meets sweet, lit by soft lights and moving to great music. It's the perfect spot for a romantic evening or a fun night with friends.

Why we love it: It's not just the fancy setting; Baoli Miami shines with its mix of French style and worldwide flavors. The food is made from top-notch ingredients, taking your taste buds on a journey. Whether you're in the cozy dining room or enjoying the beachside glam on the patio, Baoli Miami makes your night special and fun – a visit here is something you won't forget.

Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

1906 Collins Avenue, 33139 Miami

Outdoor rooftop bar at Astra Miami featuring stylish hanging lamps and a modern wooden bar setup, overlooking a scenic city skyline.

Photo credits: Astra


20. Astra

What is it? Astra is a stunning rooftop restaurant and lounge in the heart of Miami, located at 2121 Northwest 2nd Avenue. This beautiful place blends Mediterranean warmth with the lively feel of Miami. It has a garden rooftop filled with greenery, offering outdoor dining with true Greek tastes and fresh local foods.

Why we love it: Astra is perfect for a stylish yet relaxed evening out, fitting for any event. It serves excellent cocktails, fine wines, and has a music vibe that changes from fun to mellow. Enjoying a meal here means unforgettable views of Miami’s skyline, making every moment special with the city's beauty around you.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

2121 Northwest 2nd Avenue, 33127 Miami

Final word

Dive into Miami's exciting food scene with our top pick of over fifty amazing places to eat. This guide is your key to the best tastes in the city. From tasty street food to fancy rooftop eats, we've got you covered.

Picture yourself enjoying the freshest seafood, exploring flavors from Latin America, and sipping on creative cocktails. Every place we've chosen shows off Miami's top food, ready to wow your taste buds and make your trip special.

As you explore Miami's food paradise, remember each meal is a chance to make lasting memories. Let our selected spots lead you to more than just good food, but moments that touch your heart. And when you're ready for more, we'll be here with new picks and hidden treasures in Miami's food scene. Your next great meal is waiting, and Miami can't wait to share it with you.

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