Where to Go Out on Thursday in Milan in 2023: The Best Nightlife Spots

Just Cavalli Milan

Photo credits: Just Cavalli Milan

Are you planning a night out on Thursday in Milan this 2023 and looking for the best nightlife spots? Look no further as we've got you covered. We've compiled a list of the top nightclubs, bars, and lounges that promise to give you an unforgettable night out. Whether you're looking for a high-energy club or a more laid-back lounge, we've got you covered. So grab your friends and let's get ready for a night of partying, dancing, and making memories.

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1. Hollywood Rythmoteque

Hollywood Milan Club

Photo credits: Hollywood Rythmoteque

For elite, stylish people who want to shake up their city in the best clubs around town- Hollywood Rytmoteque is your place. It's open 7 days a week and every single one of them has something different for you! There are dozens upon dozens of DJs spinning each night so there will always be hidden gems waiting when it comes time get out on that dance floor.

Hollywood has become a household name in the world of public relations and is constantly drawing attention from all media outlets. It's no surprise that one would find celebrities, sports stars or other well known figures dropped into Hollywood Rytmoteque!

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2. Just Cavalli

Just Cavalli Milan

Photo credits: Just Cavalli

Located in the uptown Parco Sempione at the foot of Torre Branca, one can find Just Cavalli club. This beautiful tower has been designed by Gio Ponti and houses a highly renowned designer: Roberto Cavalli! As its name implies, this world-famous Italian nightclub attracts people from all around with its bespoke interior design that creates an overall ambiance perfect for clubbing.

The club's stylish interiors are epitomized by the steel model with high-rise ceilings, walls covered in plate glass, and floors made from teak wood. This cutting-edge lighting & sound system ensures that guests have fun every time they visit! Make yourself a part of this elite crowd by booking advance table seating today

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3. 11Clubroom

11 Club Room Milan

Photo credits: 11Clubroom

Located a few steps away from Corso Como, 11Clubroom is the best place to be if you want an international nightlife experience. The music and clientele keep this club fresh with their eclectic taste in tunes!

11Clubroom is a stylish and classy venue, perfect for those that want to enjoy the ambiance while listening in on some good music. With its luxurious features such as elegant couches by leather- armchairs low poufs with crystal chandeliers it's not hard see why people keep coming back again!

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4. Armani Privé Club

Armani Prive Milan

Photo credits: Armani Privé Club

Armani Prive is one of the best VIP dance clubs in Milan. Located just downstairs from Armani's main compound, this exclusive location offers a luxurious and classy atmosphere that only close proximity can offer to its patrons who come here for an evening out on Saturday night! The club was created as part-of Via Monzoni headquarters where one could find high end brands like Prada; it still maintains those standards today with performances by top DJs such as David Guetta or Above & Beyond whenever they make their way through town!

The entrance to Armani Casa is glamorous, with an elegant staircase leading you down into the inviting lounge space. A long bar runs along one side of this area where guests can enjoy cocktails before stepping out on-stage for dancing all night!

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5. The Club

The Club Milan

Photo credits: The Club

The Club nightclub in Milan, Italy is considered one of the best places to be seen and heard.

With its location at The heart of the Brera district, it's easy for locals as well international club-goers looking for some live music or just an exciting night out on the town. It has hosted many events including DJ nights where you can always expect top sound quality from your favorite tunes while dancing under dim lights (or sometimes bright ones). Whether there'll be something mildly provocative up-beat like House Music playing through speakers overhead, someone singing sweetly about love gone wrong -everyone feels welcome here!

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6. LoolaPaloosa

loolapaloosa Milan

Photo credits: LoolaPaloosa

"Loolapaloosa" is an iconic nightclub in the heart of Milan, made famous by its frequent visitors and locals alike. Opened more than 20 years ago on the fashionable Garibaldi district street known for all-night partying with mixed audiences from around Europe or North America; this club never closes down because they're open 24 hours every single day!

The club is an informal, yet refined space. It opens for the after work crowd and then escorts you all night with selected DJ sets to make sure that your evening goes smoothly. The atmosphere in this venue always feels joyful and pleasant which grants freedom to let go of inhibitions while out on Milan's bustling streets!

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Final word

In conclusion, finding the perfect nightlife spot in Milan can be a challenge, especially on Thursday. However, with this article, you'll never have to worry about where to go out again. We have highlighted the best nightclubs in the city that are open on Thursday, giving you a comprehensive guide on where to go for a wild night out. Whether you're in the mood for a wild party or a quiet drink with friends, these clubs offer the perfect atmosphere and music to keep you going all night long. So, gather your friends, grab your dancing shoes, and get ready to experience the best nightlife that Milan has to offer on Thursday.

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