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A vibrant scene at Rumpus Room New York nightclub with a man in a white suit and a woman in red dress dancing under dazzling lights.
Man dancing energetically under disco lights at Rumpus Room nightclub, surrounded by cheering crowd.
Vibrant nightclub scene at Rumpus Room New York with a crowd enjoying under dazzling disco balls and dynamic light beams.
Vibrant nightclub scene at Rumpus Room in New York, featuring a crowd dancing under colorful lights and laser beams.
Vibrant nightclub scene at Rumpus Room in New York featuring a neon-lit bar, spacious dance floor, and stylish seating areas.

Rumpus Room New York

Photo credits: Rumpus Room New York

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Rumpus Room New York


Looking for fun in the city that never sleeps? Don't miss Rumpus Room, New York City's coolest new nightclub. You'll find it at 249 Eldridge Street. It's all about the 80s here, with bamboo walls, zebra ottomans, and a shiny copper bar. They serve the best Prosecco! It's the perfect spot to dance and have fun in a stylish place.

On Fridays and Saturdays, from 10pm to 4am, Rumpus Room is the place to be. The music mixes pop, hip hop, and 80s tunes to keep you dancing all night. You can even get bottle service to keep the party going.

What makes Rumpus Room special is its cool design. The walls have vintage wallpaper and burnt wood touches. Plus, there's amazing art everywhere, like a full-size Grace Jones mannequin!

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your friends and head to Rumpus Room for an epic night. The crowd is cool, the music is hot, and the fun never ends. Let's start the party!

Written by Jackson Turner - Updated on 6/16/2024

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