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Vibrant nightclub interior at Stafford Room New York with lush greenery, modern blue sofas, and a glowing purple bar, inviting a night of fun and dance.
Vibrant interior of Stafford Room New York Nightclub, featuring a spacious dance floor bathed in sunlight, surrounded by lush greenery and modern decor.
Elegant nightclub interior with a lush green living wall, grand white pillars, and stylish seating under a bright, glass-paneled ceiling.
Vibrant New York nightclub with lush greenery and modern decor, featuring plush seating and ambient lighting.
Spacious and luminous nightclub with tropical plants and wooden stage, elegant dining setup under a modern glass roof.
Interior of Stafford Room New York nightclub showcasing a vibrant dance floor, cozy seating areas with plush sofas, and lush green plants under colorful, mood-setting lights.

Stafford Room New York

Photo credits: Stafford Room New York

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Stafford Room New York


Ready for a fun and fancy night? Stafford Room is the place to be in New York City! You'll find us at 617 W 46th St on the 4th floor. Stafford Room is all about amazing nights you can't forget.

Walk into Stafford Room and step into a world of luxury and cool vibes. With a modern look and top-notch sound system, it feels both lively and special. The dim lights and flashing colors make for the perfect party setting.

The DJs at Stafford Room play awesome music that keeps everyone dancing all night long. You’ll hear the newest hits and the best tunes from all over. Whether you love EDM, hip-hop, or the top 40, there's music for you here.

Stafford Room is where lots of different people come to have fun. You'll meet locals, visitors, trendsetters, and professionals all ready to enjoy the night. It's a great place to make friends and have a blast together.

For a night you'll always remember, Stafford Room is the spot. It's got the best location, a fancy vibe, amazing music, and a fun crowd. So, bring your friends, put on your dance shoes, and get ready for an amazing time at Stafford Room. Don't miss the hottest club in the city!

Written by Jackson Turner - Updated on 6/16/2024

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