France: End Of The Curfew From This Sunday 20 June

The Prime Minister announced an adjustment to the end of the curfew and has also decreed that wearing masks is not mandatory anymore. The original date for this change was June 30, 2021, but it will be advanced by two weeks due to a clear improvement in pandemic figures.


The government has officially adjusted its measures following a clear improvement in pandemic figures; this includes ending on Sunday 20th an 11 pm curfew originally set for June 30 and lifting restrictions on outdoor mask-wearing beginning Thursday 17th - more than ten days earlier than expected!

"The curfew will cease to apply from this Sunday," said the head of government out of the Council of Ministers.

“We need to stay on top of this over the next few weeks. By the end of August, we need to have reached 40 million first vaccine doses, and 35 million fully vaccinated,” Mr. Castex said during a press conference.

We are living a happy moment, the return to a normal life, we have to thank everybody for it. We are on the right track, let’s stay mobilized”, he added.