The Best House Clubs in Paris in 2023

Cova Paris

Photo credits: Cova Paris

Paris is a city full of life, and one way to experience all the culture Paris has to offer is by visiting some of the best house nightclubs in Paris. These clubs are known for their exclusive VIP sections, and beautiful people who come from all around Europe and beyond. If you're looking for an unforgettable night out with friends or even solo then check out this blog post about the top house nightclubs in Paris!

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1. L'ARC

L'Arc Paris

Photo credits: L'ARC

Immerse yourself in luxury and sophistication at L'Arc Paris, the premier nightclub located in the heart of the city next to the iconic Arc de Triomphe. This renowned venue revolutionizes the Parisian nightlife scene with its extraordinary decor and stylish atmosphere, and offers a diverse range of music from house to hip-hop. Often frequented by celebrities during Fashion Week, L'Arc is considered one of the most prestigious clubs in the world. Book a table for an exclusive and unforgettable night out.

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Taboo Paris

Photo credits: TABOO

Taboo, the newest addition to Paris' nightlife scene, is located just a stone's throw from the famous Champs-Elysées. The club has been designed to bring new energy to the Golden Square, and it certainly achieves that with its unique and immersive atmosphere. Inside, you'll find leopard-print carpet, mirrors, neon lights, and leather sofas, creating a cozy and intimate atmosphere that feels like a luxurious apartment lounge. The club offers an electrifying program of electro and house music, featuring numerous artists who take the stage from Thursday to Saturday, perfect for those looking for a private and exclusive night out.

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3. Raspoutine

Raspoutine Paris

Photo credits: Raspoutine

Raspoutine Paris is considered an exceptional venue that hosts the most popular parties in the capital. Located just off of Champs Elysées and classified as a historic monument today, this chic club works its felt decoration with utmost attention to detail. Guests can enjoy high-end fashion week events or deep house music from Thursday to Saturday at Raspoutine Paris--a one-of-a-kind experience where you will enjoy the environment and leave with great memories!

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4. Boum Boum

Octavian at Boum Boum Paris

Photo credits: Boum Boum

Boum Boum is a new way to experience Parisian evenings: a carefully orchestrated acoustic and visual display combining the energy and fervor of a concert with the electrifying ambiance of a swanky club. The venue was designed by the architect Charles Tassin in a Neo 70’s decor supplemented by a trendy metallic design.

Designed like an extravagant Parisian apartment, the lounge bar and its terrace make an ideal place to sip a cocktail while listening to electro tribal rhythms. On Saturday Boum Boum transforms into a club featuring giant screens where to watch music videos, bursts of confetti, showers of glitter as well as guest DJs performing on stage. This participatory club, designed like an arena, features giant screens, bursts of confetti, showers of glitter, and special effects in a 1930's-style setting.

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5. Monsieur Cirque

Monsieur Cirque Paris

Photo credits: Monsieur Cirque

Monsieur Cirque Paris is a one-of-a-kind circus themed club in the heart of France. Combining the thrills of performances with music and other social aspects, this venue promises to be an exciting night out! If you're looking for something different to do on your next outing then Monsieur Cirque should be at top of list because they combine festivities such as confetti cannons, fire shows and more!

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6. Cova

Cova Paris

Photo credits: Cova

This hip new club is located in the heart of Paris’ Golden Triangle, just a few steps from Le Champs-Élysée. With creativity on full display with an industrial atmosphere and solid parquet flooring that pays tribute to New York Style brick walls and custom leather benches; state of the art sound and light equipment will offer you endless ways to enjoy yourself.

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7. Mirage

Mirage Paris

Photo credits: Mirage

A night at the Parisian Mirage is a story waiting to be told. There, you'll get swept away in the whirlwind of unbridled indulgence. You'll feel as if your feet are stepping into another world with French flair, and time seems to slip away from you—this feeling only intensifies when the music starts to play invitingly in the background. At Mirage, anything can happen and will happen for those who dare to enter its threshold. Don't miss out on this experience like so many others have before! Bring your senses here because they'll never return unchanged...

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8. Matignon

Matignon Paris

Photo credits: Matignon Paris

Enjoy the sophisticated and exclusive atmosphere of Matignon Paris during the day, but for an even better experience go at night! While listening to deep house music, enjoy cocktails because it's a well-known fact that they're served with our garnish fruits de Saison.

At night this spot is not only elegant and luxurious - one might say it's exceptionally energizing due to high turnover rates from its customer base who are too busy dancing all night long against the mirrors making them feel like they're in some kind of dreamy movie sequence.

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9. Sparta

Sparta Paris Club

Photo credits: Sparta

Join the party scene in Paris every Friday night at Sparta Paris, a legendary event hosted at the chic Boum Boum nightclub in the 8th arrondissement. With the best in hip-hop, house, and dance music provided by the city's top DJs, you'll be dancing the night away in style. The atmosphere is electric, with a trend-conscious crowd ready to party. Dress to impress, as the door policy is strict, but a VIP table reservation will give you a front-row view of all the action on the dance floor. Don't miss your chance to party like a true VIP with the city's elite and be a part of the legendary nightlife in Paris.

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10. Chez Moune

Chez Moune Paris

Photo credits: Chez Moune

If you're looking for a night out in Paris that combines history, elegance, and excitement, Chez Moune Paris is the perfect spot for you. This micro-club, designed by Parisian architect Jessica Mille, brings the aesthetics of the female cabaret to the present day with red velvet walls, neon lights, and signature cocktails named after famous female figures. The music is always on point, with an eclectic bias including weekly thematic appointments, 80's-90's style, latino and more. So come and enjoy a night of delicious drinks, great company, and unforgettable memories at Chez Moune Paris.

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11. MONA

Mona Paris Club

Photo credits: MONA

Elevate your Thursday nights with MONA Paris, the must-visit party destination at BoumBoum nightclub. Get lost in the immersive beats of Deep House and Electro, and let the diverse crowd bring the energy to new heights. Indulge in premium drinks while surrounded by a luxurious ambiance, and dance until the early hours of the morning under the stunning lighting and sound system. Be a part of the exclusive Parisian nightlife scene by reserving your table in advance for this unforgettable party experience.

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Final word

You can expect to find a diverse mix of music and an energetic atmosphere at all the top house nightclubs in Paris. Whether you're looking for something upbeat, sexy or just want to dance your night away, these clubs are sure to offer it!

If you're planning on visiting Paris soon be sure to check out our blog post about the best places to go clubbing this weekend.

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